Friday, September 24, 2010

I'm Sparing You The Biebs

I was going to post a compilation of all Justin Bieber's scenes from CSI last night, but it is too painful for anyone to have to sit through. I managed once, but it was a struggle. I know why the producers did it, but no ratings boost is worth the torture that was The Biebs. Oh, and why is it that Canadian singers with a B gets the s treatment? The Biebs for Bieber and The Bubs for Michael Buble.

Anyway, I found something much better. A Swiss cabinet minister who was supposed to be giving a speech on cured meats but could not stop laughing.


mooshki said...

Thank you for sparing us, Enty. I just saw a commercial for the show and that was too much Bieber for me.

New Life and Attitude said...

I wish I had a translation to figure out what made him crack up in the first place, but it's okay it was fun to watch him crack himself up. = ) And thanks for sparing us the Bieber. I'm glad my DVR messed up last night and didn't record the new CSI.

lanasyogamama said...

I love when people laugh like that, and I love when I laugh like that!

aena said...

He cracked up because he had to read a detailed and very formalistic response to the question how it is determined which spiced meats are subject to a higher import tax than others. He admitted that he laughed because even he struggled to fully understand the legalese;)


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