Thursday, September 23, 2010

Random Photos Part Two

Kate Gosselin and the twins.
Katherine Heigl doing what she does best. No, not showing off her cleavage, but helping out dogs.
Lourdes and her dad who were together
with Raccoon Girl and Madonna to show off the Material Girl line.
Rocco was also there showing off his moves.

Keanu with a smile and a smoke.
Laura Dawn & Moby - New York
Lindsay was actually invited to show off jewelry. I hope they kept a close eye on her.
Michael Shannon and James Franco.
Naomi Campbell and her mom.


Tenley said...

Please, just put Rocco in a film with Will Smith's kid already and throw in Maddox Jolie-Pitt while you're at it. I want all this celebrity spawn contained in one place.

looserdude said...

One of the other blogs refers to her as Raccoon McPantless. AKA Raccoon Girl.

chopchop said...

I would love to slap that smirk right off that Taylor's face. said...

Good heavens, Lourdes' daddy (can't remember his name) sure has aged since I last saw him! Oh well, I don't know anybody that's getting any younger.....

califblondy said...

Carlos Leon is looking awfully thin and the girl he walked in with was a stick. I used to think he was nice looking.

For being such a strict Mom, I'm shocked that Madge allowed Lourdes to wear so much make-up. I guess she's willing to pimp out her kid if it makes money? Dlisted has a funny comment about the picture with Taylor.

mygeorgie said...

It kills me to say this aloud, but Kate Gosselin has great legs.

I work with a girl who wears that raccoon make-up. I gasp every morning she walks in.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the James Franco, although there is something really strange about his suit, isn't there?

mooshki said...

It figures Madonna would think that Taylor is an appropriate companion for Lourdes. Because they're both such great artists. Puke.

PotPourri said...

Lourdes is supposed to be a stylist? She looks like crap. Suri Cruise dresses better.

__-__=__ said...

Lourdes is fine, leave her alone. She does look so much like Madonna. Carlos Leon does not look good here, agreed. Maybe they will all be a good influence on Taylor. **cough**cough**

Naomi's mom looks great here. She is beautiful!

RocketQueen said...

Kate's legs look really great.

Love Heigl for the work she does with animals. Won't comment otherwise ;)


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