Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Random Photos Part One

Four parts today.

We start with Dominic Cooper embarrassing himself in front of Rosamund Pike.

Yes, he did pull out the air microphone.
Apparently the thing to do in country music is if you start to grow gray hair, just grow it really long. Marty Stuart does have Randy Travis beat. Oh, and just in case you
were wondering, Lib Hatcher did show up for the event.
Susan Sarandon tells Shia all about ping pong.
Three very lovely women. Sofia Vergara, Halle Berry and Julianna Marguiles.
Tyra Banks in her Wall Street look.
Tom Cruise in Prague getting ready for Mission Impossible 4.
Faith Hill & Tim McGraw - Sydney
Some of the Australian Next Top Model contestants.
Tony & Eva at an event in Paris.
Josh Brolin at the feet of Warren Buffett.


nunaurbiz said...

Marty Stuart has always had that glorious head of hair. Probably was born with it! ;-)

Lib's hanging on to the leash! (snicker)

califblondy said...

Marty Stuart still looks hot. I miss some of the old country artists like Tanya Tucker and Lorrie Morgan.

What's up with Tyra? That's the second picture I've seen of her from that event and she looks bad.

Jenn719 said...

What's up with Faith Hill? Is she hiding a baby bump?

Mango said...

Susan Sarandon looks as if she was shoehorned in to her dress.

Wow, Halle Berry looks tiny next to Sofia Vergara and Julianna Marguiles and you know those ladies aren't big by any means!

Oh Tyra, what are we to do with you...

Not a country fan however I do find Tim McGraw cute. But what's sticking out of his fly??

Anyone else amazed that Tony and Eva are still together?

brendalove@gmail.com said...

God, who hit Randy Travis with a big ol' doofus stick?

Meg said...

There is nothing better than watching boys dance...poorly. :)

Char said...

WHAT?! I went to the Tim McGraw concert in Melbourne and we didn't get an appearance by Faith Hill! Sydney got Tim and Faith?! Jerks.

PotPourri said...

God, who hit Randy Travis with a big ol' doofus stick?

how funny! He used to be really good looking.

PotPourri said...

Liv looks like hell, and anyways, isn't Randy gay?

Anyhoo, Faith looks pregnant.

MommaSaid said...

I'm shocked every day that I see the Parkers together. She's dragging him all over the place. Shouldnt he be training for the upcoming season? Poor guy.

Vergara and Berry---sheer perfection.

Oh, Tyra....

caydian said...

Is there only one nose available for Australian model-wanna-be's? All 3 of those girls have the same one!


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