Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Random Photos Part Four

This is Janice Ollsen. She had what doctors said was inoperable bone cancer, but doctors at The Mayo Clinic cut her in half, took out the tumor and then sewed her back together again. Amazing.
This is just all kinds of funny.
Hey, guess what? Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez are American Idol judges.
Ryan tried to make it seem like this was a surprise announcement.
I'm not sure who would want to kiss AnnaLynne McCord but she seems to think there are people who want to.
Congrats to Brianna Hendrickson who is 13 and the national texting champion. I would say it is a big waste of time until
I saw she got $50K. For texting!!
Blake Lively in a very odd dress.
Brigitte Nielsen is everywhere lately.
I think Britney's kids must think they live in a mall or a Starbucks.
Hmmm. Not as good as yesterday's picture.
The rarely seen on a red carpet, Dan Abrams.


Danielle said...

'Not as good as yesterday's pic' probably because she's there in yesterday's makeup.

Anonymous said...

well, looks like someone has their college tuition paid for!

brigitte looks great!

RocketQueen said...

Again: Courtney never looks good anymore - regardless of how much spackle they throw onto her face.

I'm pretty sure I would place in that texting competition ;)

And...for me that's the end of American Idol.

anarchi said...

If I had Britney's money and paparazzi following me and my kids all the time, I'd just build a mall inside my house, with a fully staffed Starbucks, of course.

And invite any and all friends to shop in private (and issue pictures, if necessary).

A BIG waste of time for the texting losers.

Majik said...

Brigitte looks fabulous...if I looked like her (at any age!), I'd be out and about too!

caydian said...

Royal Blue? Jewel Blue? Whatever you want to call it, my favorite color is being worn by the beautiful lady accompanying Dan Abrams. Gorgeous dress, BTW.

califblondy said...

What's the deal with the pony? I saw a picture of Snooki posing with the same lady and animals.

Dan Abrahms looks yummy.

These starlets need to quit the kiss-blowing. It's dunzo.

nancer said...

dan the man. that guy gets around.

lanasyogamama said...

Why would Dan Abrams be out? He's not a movie star or anything.

B626 said...

Still think FOX shoulda bit the bullet and Paid Howard Stern to replace the previous abusive a-hole, Simon.
Remember, Howard was a Music DJ in some very big radio markets long before he was ever a shockjock.

audrey said...

Has Blake Lively done something to her mouth/lips lately? She just looks odd in that area...and that is one fugly dress.

Mango said...

Steven Tyler and JLo officially smell of desperation.

Texting championship? What happened to spelling bees?

Shoeaddict said...

What do you have to do in a texting contest? Text quickly?

Blake Lively's hair is always so gorgeous.

PotPourri said...

Brittany looks all kinds of awesome! Super Healthy Fit like a fricking Stealth!


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