Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Random Photos Part Two

Joseph Gordon Levitt after a long day of filming.
Joel Murray wins the pants most likely to arouse John Daly award.
John Rich hanging out with his fans.
Jason Taylor at an event with his wife Katina. Also there was the soon to be arrested for DUI
Braylon Edwards.

One of my favorite actresses, Krysten Ritter.
Keith Urban riding solo to a red carpet last night.
The sole reason Crocs has not gone into bankruptcy.
Mischa Barton moving fashion backwards a few inches at a time.
Michael Douglas on the red carpet with Catherine Zeta Jones.
Ron Livingston and a guy who brings a Chanel bag to a workout. Interesting.


chopchop said...

Is that THE Joel Murray, from the 1980's classic film, "Moving Violations"????

Enty, you made my week!! :-)

Robert said...

Hey, is that guy next to RL holding Paris Hilton's bag? I think we've found the guilty party! Paris must have taken the fall for him...whoever he is.

Mango said...

That's one big boo boo on Joseph Gordon-Levitt's shin.

I love Mario Batali, but what's he doing shilling for Apple?

Zeta Jones looks gorgeous in that pic. Not a big fan of Michael Douglas but I hope he rallies.

Ron Livingston will always be Peter Gibbons from Office Space to me.

kimmypie1 said...

No wonder Braylon Edwards got a DUI, in both pics he is double fisted!!

Meg said...

JGL is becoming one of my favorites.

Crocs are really, really awful. I do own a pair but they don't make their way outside my house.

That isn't the most tragic thing Mischa's worn.

CZJ looks really good there.

LMAO @ Chanel Bag Workout Boy comment.

katie said...

The guy with the Chanel bag looks like David Guetta.

Lledra said...

I hate to say it but when I saw Keith Urban I immediately thought of a skinny Kevin Sorbo... I blame the hair and the way he's wearing his shirt.


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