Thursday, September 23, 2010

Random Photos Part Four

Jamie Lee Curtis and Sigourney Weaver get the top spot. Both amazing in their own right and now in a movie together.
Ali Lohan is now modeling.

In other startling news, Brittny Gastineau is now calling herself a jewelry designer.
Look at the love for Betty.
Cate Blanchett at some event.
I put Christine Lakin in the photos because anyone who still has an acting career after starring in a movie with Paris Hilton is obviously good.
Not as good though as one of my favorites, Christopher McDonald.
A little grey now in Dave Annable's hair. Must be the wedding details with Odette Yustman.
Randomness. Danielle Staub and Lance Bass.
Donnie Wahlberg takes photos of the paps while
the rest of the cast of Blue Bloods joined him later.


Tenley said...

So were Jamie Lee Curtis and Sigorney Weaver someone's bridesmaids or are those costumes?

Cecilia00 said...

Oh, Lance. *sighs* Pick better people to pose with. Love him though.

audrey said...

I am sick of seeing that freaking ugly face of that supposed real housewife.

Ali Lohan needs to sit down and watch some America's Top Model. She will learn that that her look is neither amazing nor flattering, and I can't believe who ever shot these pictures didn't blast her on her one big pose.

And Betty White deserves all that love and more.

chopchop said...

*sigh* I still love Donnie Wahlberg.

califblondy said...

I love that Jamie and Sigourney wore the same dresses. That's funny. I hope to catch the movie this weekend with the Mum.

Run, Lance, run!!

Tom still looks good.

Robert said...

I hope that's just a bad angle in that Christine Lakin photo, because it makes her head look huge!
Maybe Lance doesn't watch much reality television...?

Anonymous said...

Ali Lohan is HORRIBLE! She has one facial expression, and what's with those eyebrows?

mazemerizing said...

I'm convinced Dina took those photos of Ali. Grek-i-tude.

Elle said...

So in love with Tom Selleck... *sigh*

mooshki said...

"So were Jamie Lee Curtis and Sigorney Weaver someone's bridesmaids or are those costumes?"

Yes. The movie is about ex-enemies reuniting for a wedding.

Basil said...

I love Jamie Lee Curtis. (And Sigourney too!). She could have fallen into the typical spawn of someone famous self entitlement that so many kids do (Tori Spelling, Rumer Willis), but she has made a career on her own and worked damn hard at it since she was a teenager while the rest of us were out getting stoned. She is the one actress I can say that I have seen every movie and TV show she has been in. I loved Operation Petticoat! LOL

PotPourri said...

What the hell happened to Lance Bass' face? It's all wonky, bloated and misaligned.

Love Selleck.

skeeball said...

Tom Selleck is gorgeous and one of my favorite guys!

skeeball said...

Tom Selleck is gorgeous and one of my favorite guys!

Captain Angrypants said...

Cate Blanchett appears to be at the Wharf Restaurant at the Sydney Theatre Company, so it was probably a launch of some sort.

"At some event" is first-class journalism, though. :o)~

Fabulous! said...

gah! doesn't my husband, donnie look handsome here?! lol i'll never stop :)

the first shot of ali does look good, but i hope that's not the only pose/expression she can make

__-__=__ said...

I'm sure Ali got blasted. Just sayin'. And her pimp Dina didn't take those pictures, guaranteed! Don't you guys have those "modeling" businesses scattered on access roads along your highways? We do where I live.

Borg Queen said...

Brittany Gastineau - puhleeze. Did anyone see her in Bruno when he tricks her into critiquing babies and fetuses. She's such an idiot.

Lynne said...

Tom Selleck = Rug Wrangler. Sorry to rat you out, dude.

RocketQueen said...

@chopchop - me, too. Donnie forever!

I think Curtis' face looks recently "tightened" here. Hope I'm wrong.

Love Christoper McDonald! Can't decide if I love his character in Grease 2 or Thelma and Louise more?


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