Monday, September 20, 2010

Random Photos Part Three

Carla Gugino, and a seemingly unaffected by his arrest, Russell Brand.
Meanwhile Katy Perry, Rihanna and the Olsen twins celebrated Katy's stagette. Oh, wait, sorry. Not The Olsen twins. They are performers in Cirque de Soleil.
Christina Hendricks relaxing this weekend.
Tonight is Dancing With The Stars. Should be interesting.
Ethan Hawke and Cara Buono playing poker for charity while
Phillip Seymour Hoffman contributes by signing his name.
Emily Mortimer and Alessandro Nivola.
It's great to see Elisabeth Shue back to working more often.
Have Sharpie, will travel. George Clooney visits Elisabetta's hometown.
Heidi Klum in LA this weekend.
Julia Roberts and Javier Bardem promoting Eat, Pray Love.
A first time appearance I think for Jim Sturgess. Not so for Ryan Kwanten.


Mango said...

Jeez, Julia Roberts = total frump.

That is all.

BigMama said...

I just don't get why anyone would find Russell Brand attractive..

anyway, I am glad you cleared that up because I thought those two were dressed WAY too normally to be the Olsen Twins.

RocketQueen said...

Oh Jim S. I'm NOT liking your hair there. Not at all.

Rare fashion misstep from Heidi!

Pookie said...

eeep...r-brand really isn't attractive at all. love really must be blind.

anarchi said...

I wonder if KISS ever knew they'd be stuck with that makeup into their 60's? Would they be accepted without it (never a fan)?

Paris looks better without that trademark smirk.

PotPourri said...

Julia Roberts is still overrated.

Javier Bardem needs to find a better counterpart.

0 said...

Russell Brand has a face that only a Geico Caveman could love.

Lissette said...

WOW! I never thought Christina was attractive (sorry!), but this clears it! Makeup really does do wonders.

SallyTomato said...

Jim Sturgess, I so heart you...

lanasyogamama said...

I disagree with Lissette! I think Christina is beautiful and looks great in regular clothes!

Moonmaid said...

Heidi, that dress is "sad" and boring. I am sorry, you are "out." Auf weidersen!

nunaurbiz said...

Emily and Alessandro look ... like such a normal couple HOORAY for them!

Is Julia wearing a garbage bag split in half????? Yikes! That's awful!!!!!!

awesome balla. said...

yeah! i heart jim! he's so adorb.


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