Friday, September 24, 2010

Random Photos Part One

Three parts today.

This is Garina Earon. She is a single mother of two kids. She used to be homeless, bankrupt, has been a robbery victim and assaulted at her job as a prison guard. She is now $54M richer thanks to winning the lottery. To make this all even more heartwarming, she meant to buy a ticket to a different game.
I have to say Matt Bomer wears a suit well.
Miley looks in a hurry. Must have run out of gum.
Matt Lanter from 90210 getting ready to film.
Maria Sharapova in Tokyo.
The evil ones hosted a RHDC viewing party and hardly anyone showed up. Love it.
Padma and her daughter.
Ryan Reynolds in Austin talking about Buried.
I have never understood why someone would want their body autographed.
Shakira Shakira taking pics in New York.
I love how the assistant to Sofia Vergara is also posing. I would too.
Last night was a performance of The Cleveland Show live. I wish I could have gone.
Some hand holding between Eva and Wilmer.
Zach Gafgafgafgaf and John Krasiniski at a party.


Anonymous said...

happy for the lottery winner, but remember anonymous is the way to go. gotta file it at the police station! i hope she moves!

califblondy said...

I think the lottery winner should have kept it quiet too. In the article she said that she plans to keep her job at Rikers. A NY Post commenter made the point that she leaves herself open to be sued by inmates.

Love, love, love the picture of Padma and baby. What's her name? Kirshna?

Would that D.C. couple please go away and take Jersey Danielle too?

Ice Angel said...

Matt Bomer is absolutely rediculously good looking!

RocketQueen said...

Eva looks like ass. Heh.

I like the lottery story. I was reading that an 18 year old in the province over just one a million dollars and was, "like, oh my god, can you, like, believe it??" 18 years old is too young to be a millionaire when there are plenty of people who have been beat down for years in jobs and could use the break. IMO.

jax said...

rocket- at least she's not the squealing biotch on the boat from the commercial.

uhok...Wilmer has the "I tapped that." face.

Anonymous said...

Padma's baby is so cute.

lol@tapped that

cageykiwi said...

"tapped that" - Jax, that's what I thought too; Eva's dress looks a bit crumpled - hem hanging down? Hmmm...

Eugenie said...

John and his boyfriend look gorgeous together - so happy ;)

I do love that you can cut or paste John out and you would never know what event or party he's at, as he only has a few "looks"

mygeorgie said...

Ahh, Zach :) Thanks for the reminder Enty, gotta go watch some "between two ferns".

ChasingHeaven said...

Zach Gafgafgafgaf? lol

lanasyogamama said...

I think Padma looks super bitchy in that pic.

Henriette said...

Man that is one white looking baby for Padma!

trouble bubble said...

Padma's nose looks so... over-operated?

Maidstone said...

Well now with the money the lotto winner won, she can fix her hair color. Just fix that hair period.

And Michaele (RHofDC) really needs to lose some weight. She looks HUGE in that photo. Girl - stop eating those burgers and fries.

i kid

awesome balla. said...

cant believe how light padma's baby is! beautiful though, as expected.

and enty, there's no way i'd do it for selena, but i know some people will get a tattoo over an autograph.


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