Monday, September 20, 2010

Random Photos Part Two

Jessica Simpson and the guy who follows her around.
KISS last night in Frisco, Texas donating over $400K to Wounded Warriors. (Thanks Monalicious)
Three people one seat. Lily Allen, Nick Grimshaw and Pixie Geldof.
Lindsay is due in court on Friday. Maybe she figures 2 days in jail was worth the party.
The national texting championship.
Paris Hilton in court this morning. Wonder if she was Tweeting or maybe
just wondering when she could leave and score some more coke.
Pete Burns on the right with a bunch of new face piercings.
Robbie Williams wearing his dog.
Selma Blair in Malibu this weekend.
Sarah Jessica Parker crying?? at the Alexander McQueen memorial.
Meanwhile, Kate Moss gets her smoke on. No memorial service is going to get in the way of her nicotine.


RocketQueen said...

Only 2 days for Lindsay failing TWO drug tests?! Please tell me you're joking.

Pete Burns' face looks painful.

califblondy said...

Paris and Linds need to share a prison cell for a year with a live video feed. Now that's a reality show I'd watch.

MontanaMarriott said...

UGH Pete, not only did you kill your lips but you added those hideous cheek implants ugh

trouble bubble said...

Does anybody else think that SJP looks better in her 45+ than Kate Moss in hre 35+? Don't mind SJP's hands, though

bella said...

Pete Burns was rather good looking back in the 80s, now he just scares me.

Pookie said...

what a cool things for the kiss guys to do. go them!

2 days, that's it?! i so want her to make a comeback...and i'm rooting for her...but seriously, even the legal system is enabling her.

audrey said...

Paris looks like she is wondering if she is showing enough cleavage to dazzle the judge, and then is pondering her choice of bras. I'd like to see her tossed in a dungeon for life. It doesn't matter what for...just throw her in and lose the key.

weezy said...

WOW Paris wears a lot of makeup product.

PotPourri said...

Paris is loaded with makeup.

SJP looks awesome and classy. Funny about Kate Moss smoking a ciggie, probs in honor of McQueen.

chopchop said...

I never noticed how bad Paris' skin is. The caked-on makeup doesn't help.

hotchacha said...

Sorry, I disagree. To me, SJP looks witchy and severe. I always feel like I want to make her over to look soft and dewy and youthful.

Meg said...

@hotchacha - I think she does when she has her hair pulled up. It makes her face look to severe.

Is Paris wearing pigtails to court? Yeah, that should sway the judge. Every time I see one of these twits going to court, I think about how "Cher" in Clueless had to choose her "most responsible outfit" for her drivers ed test....

Smoking at a memorial service = TACKY!

kathrynnova said...

one thing i cannot figure out is why is the american judicial system responsible for cleaning lindsay's life up? cause that is what it seems to be.

i say let her do with her life what she wants. if she wants to kill herself with drugs and alcohol and bad behavior, it is her life and these are her decisions and actions. i am tired of this being a news item.

if she wants to break the law, use illegal drugs, whatever - let her. i don't care if she gets special treatment because she's a celebrity. i don't care if she gets better. i don't care if she gets worse. i don't know her and she has given me absolutely nothing to continue my interest in her life of bad and unfortunate choices.

really, i am tired of hearing about her. this is getting pathetic - not because of her, but because we continue to follow her and "care".

Mango said...

Priceless pic of Wonky playing with her extensions and checking out her own cleavage. Shows just how vacuous she is.

That's one big ol' bun that SJP is sporting. I think that look ages her.

Kate Moss doesn't eat. She does coke and smokes cigarettes. It was either light up a smoke or do a couple lines and she chose the legal vice to do in public.

lanasyogamama said...

The Jessica wording almost sounds like a reveal of the stalker boyfriend from the other day?

Linds.... whatever, kill yourself, we're over it.

I had always wondered how Paris stayed so thin.

Enty! Not niceto post SJPs hand!

Kate Moss might be a horrible person, but she is endlessly glam to me.

Do You Come with the Car? said...

ALl I can think of when I see pics of the McQueen memorial is the funeral scene in Zoolander. Wonder who gave the "yougoogley"?

Meg said...

@Do You Come with the Car? LOL

cincinnatikate said...

really, where did Paris get her boobs? When.. she was darn near inverted in the chest area..


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