Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Random Photos Part Four

Except for Emilio, all the cast of The Breakfast Club reunited last night for the 25th anniversary of the movie.

Kate Winslet showed off her boyfriend at an event for the first time.
A first time appearance for Aimee Garcia.
Ashley Judd was invited to the 5th Important Dinner For Women. Why?
Amber Rose and a bunch of dead animals around her neck.
I bet you can get all of the clothes Bai Ling owns into one drawer. I have never seen someone wear less clothing over a longer period of time.
Brad Pitt filming his newest movie.
Apparently one kid didn't get the memo. Either that or he thought they were playing rock paper scissors.
For an actor, Colton Haynes looks very fast.


RocketQueen said...

Winslet's new man looks greasy to me. He may be perfectly nice, but something about his hair...I don't know.

Ms Cool said...

What happened to Ashley Judd's face?

delilah said...

i was going to say the same thing Ms Cool-YIKES!

looserdude said...

Ashley Judd does look scary. But I understand she works for women's rights in Africa so good on her.

califblondy said...

I thought Ashley was Dita when I first glanced. I wish these ladies would leave their faces alone!

I think Kate's new fella is hot.

Brad looks so much better now that he's shaved.

Mango said...

What, Emilio too cool for a Breakfast Club reunion?

I think Kate Winslet's boyfriend is hot, for a model. Usually they leave me cold but he has that thin, arty look (like Damian Kulash) that I find attractive. But I bet Kate's new toy is as thick as a plank. *sigh*

Ashley Judd: Makeup and clothing FAIL.

I think that Bai Ling and Tila Tequila were separated at birth and share a brain.

chopchop said...

The Breakfast Club cast look amazing.

MnGddess said...

Someone please direct looserdude to the message where someone wo was in Africa with her said she acted like a monster diva.

That being said - why the hell would you touch her face? It's gorgeous!

And a white dress with black stockings and red shoes? Um, no.

strawberrygirl said...

Ashley Judd used to be really pretty. I don't know what she did to herself. She is only 42 or so. Also, She really needs to stick with shorter hair. I think it suits her.

Mango said...

Ashley Judd is alleged to be one of those actors who have the film makers enforce those ridiculous "do not look at or address the star" rules on the lowly crew and extras. She also claimed to be a graduate of the U of Kentucky and left before graduating. The school later granted her a degree without requiring her to finish her courses. She recently "earned" a master's degree but who knows how she skated by if that's her modus operandi?

And I read somewhere (CDAN maybe??) that when her husband won the Indy 500 one would have thought it had been Ashley behind the wheel they way she threw her weight around afterward.

She's a big ol' pretentious fake.

Meg said...

Kate's Bf is an upgrade...

Dislike the pantyhose/shoes w/ that dress. I think it was on here that someone posted about how horrible Judd was whilst in Africa.

strawberrygirl said...

Just ran across this article about Ashley Judd. It's about four years old, but it's a very good read of how great she thinks she is.

parissucksliterally said...

I've met Ashley Judd on more than one occasion. She is a world class BITCH.

I used to love KW until she blatantly lied about her plastic surgery. Her face is DIFFERENT than it was in Titanic, and it ain't aging. Her nose was done.

MISCH said...

I think Brad had some work done and the beard well it was a "beard".

__-__=__ said...

I agree Misch! He had his neck tucked and sculpted. So obvious in that pic.

I like KW BF. He's hot!

When will we get the details on Amber Rose's sex change???


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