Friday, July 04, 2008

Blind Items Reveals

May 2, 2008

#3 - So why would you leave a hit show and a great part? Well if you ask this actress/model with a unique role on that hit show, she will give you a completely different reason than the producers. She will say to explore new opportunities. The producers will say that someone in a supporting role shouldn't be the diva who thinks the show revolves around her and when she can fit work into her schedule.

Rebecca Romijn


Teresa said...

I think everyone thought this was her the first time around.

jax said...

"No Rebecca i do not want fries with that. you were great in Betty btw..ciao!"

farmgirl said...

This is too bad - I really like Jerry O'Connell. His send up of Tom Cruise was priceless.

catherine said...

off subject, Christine Applegates boyfriend was found dead this week at age 26. No trauma was found. I think she was a blind about someone unstable but the strike prevented anyone from knowing. Sad.

Well off to play
Happy 4th everyone!

selenakyle said...

yep, y'all called this one too

bionic bunny! said...

whoa, that one surprises me.
okay, now everybody take back every mean thing they ever said about john stamos!!!


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