Thursday, July 03, 2008

Van Damme Bigger Brand Than Levi's

Did you know that Jean Claude Van Damme thinks very highly of himself? Well, he does. In fact he has such a big head that he actually thinks his name is a bigger brand than Levi's.

"Comedy will be different in Europe or America, so my movies are very international. I’m a brand name. Van Damme is like Levi's."

Van Damme is like an idiot. I'm trying to remember the last time I even saw a film of his. Sure he was popular back in the 80's and early 90's. Hell back then even Steven Seagal and Arnold Schwarzenegger were famous. Hell we let anyone be famous back then as long as they could kick the crap out of someone or hold a gun.

Now though, Jean Claude just seems like he is trying to hang on to his past glory. The guy is 46, but at least he hasn't made Universal Soldier 7 yet unlike some action stars who should hang it up. Say, Sylvester Stallone. Yes, he's obnoxious, and yes he's been married like 5 or 6 times including I think twice to the same woman. He has lived with three or four additional women and allegedly slept with thousands, so I guess he thinks he is a bigger brand than Levi's. He probably takes his Levi's off more than just about anyone else so I guess he should know.

For the record Jean Claude feels he may have overacted in some of his earlier films. Umm, yeah. But you know what, I don't give a crap. I don't think people were watching Bloodsport thinking there was going to be an Academy Award nomination coming out of it.


what is eight past six? said...

Interesting that you pointed out Van Damme was last popular in the 80's and 90's, because I think that is about the the last time Levi's were actually a popular brand, too.* "I am a bigger brand name than a 90's-trend line of jeans." Okay, JCVD. If that is the kind of battle that you think is important to win now then by all means go ahead.

*(I know they're still around, but they're not Lucky or DSquared or whatever other overpriced lines out now. Hell, Sean John is more popular right now.)

OG Gossipmonger said...

i am totally not feeling that picture! it's grossin' me out!!!!!!!

Van Damme is like an idiot

hahaha that's hilarious.

i'm like jordache!!!

d said...

he might be an ass, but omg what a body. Every time Universal Soldier is on I watch until the air conditioner scene until I change the channel.

dee dee lefrak said...

He has to be taking hella drug cocktails (including his hiv meds).

MontanaMarriott said...

I was just going to go there lol
That has got to be one of the worst kept secrets in the industry, that and his lust for Trannies lol

califblondy said...

What's with the little lumpy/bumpy package? Becks needs to tell him how to smooth that stuff out.

MnGddess said...

You know how there's a positive and negative aspect to every astrological sign? JCVD is the negative side of Libras - obnoxious and waaaay kooky.

Gives all us fabulous Libs a bad name.

But he does have a kick-ass body.. (pardon the pun).

Anonymous said...

Montana what is that story on the trannies. I was about to say he looks very gay in that picture lol.

I used to like Van Damme until I read the stories about his abuse toward his wives. After that I don't care much for his movies.

Dianna said...

FYI: Sly Stallone was married 3X & is STILL married to his 3rd. He never married any of them more than once. Yes, he's had ALOT of GF's but like he said, it's not like he 'nailed 'em all'! He's finally settled down now. Lots of people think he's "obnoxious" but then lots of people respect the heck out of how he's overcome a rotten childhood, a birth defect, etc. His career may be pretty much pure MUSCLE but then again that's just the way us Sly fans like it.

As for Van Damme? Not interested and I agree with ^Sylvia.

Anonymous said...

i don't care what anyone else thinks. JCVD has always been one of my hollywood fantasy objects. He might have all sorts of diseases, but he had an amazing body. I particularly enjoyed the one where he was a pair of twins. ahhh... daydream time.

V McIntyre said...

To be fair, he said he was "like" Levis, not "bigger than" Levis.

Not saying it's a fair comparison either way, but there is a difference.

lutefisk said...

I love Vintage Levi's, but don't care for him much! He looks like he has a Depends on.

newsgrrl said...

I've only seen two of his movies back in the 80's... I always thought he had a great body, phenominal martial arts aura and no real acting talent.
But after read about his abusive temperment, I lost interest.

bionic bunny! said...

i'll keep my levi's, thank you, whoever wants HIM can have him.
and please don't let him run for office in california.


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