Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Random Photos Part One - With Several Reader Photos

Surprising for the top spot you may say, but I think they are right where they belong. Why you ask? I want you to stop what you are doing and imagine Sandra Bernhard and Rosie Perez having a conversation. In one 15 minute period they probably abused the English language to such an extent that it will probably never be recognized again.
Amanda Peet. You know that I love you Amanda, but as a friend that can tell you anything, I think we need to talk about the hair. I feel like I'm watching Square Pegs.
The hippie, Axl Rose, beaded head band has got to stop. It just does.
Bootsy Collins - Milwaukee
David Guggenheim and the always lovely and never get to see her anymore Elisabeth Shue.

Happy Canada Day everyone!!
Ahh, can you feel the love that Chris Daughtry has for his wife. "You go wait over there baby. Away from the photographers. I'll be over when I can."
Who thinks Courteney Cox is drunk?
"Left foot, than, ummm. Right?"
I would be smiling my ass off too if I thought I wasn't going to have to see Madonna everyday.

I feel so bad because I skipped Frida Reuss yesterday. Forgive me.
Ahhh, have to love those vacation photos.
Damon Wayans doesn't age. He looks great.
DJ Jazzy Jeff. Still playing second fiddle to Will. Will is making out with Charlize, and Jeff is in the corner...alone.

I hope they are telling a Tom Cruise joke. I like to imagine they are. I hope it is about Spanxx.

Ian Thorpe is one hell of an athlete, but this is why he shouldn't dress himself.
This was at the same party as the one attended by Ian Thorpe above. By the way, this woman is a stylist. Nice.
I just seem to have this huge crush on Idina Menzel. Can't help it.
Congratulations George on the marriage.
I know it won't happen for a few months, but I want to go drinking with Minnie Driver.

I can't read Italian, but I think the Milan City Council has banned Marc from ever coming to town again.
Lou Reed - London
Contrast this with Chris Daughtry. Kevin James knows he married waaaaaaaaaaaaaay up.
"Ummm. Jennifer, I noticed that you have worn this many times. I am Domenico Dolce. You need clothes, you come see me."
For a world class athlete, Ronaldinho seems to be a bit overweight.

"Where did the rabbit go?"
You win the Euros and Our Princess just starts getting all rebellious. Notice that everyone else is wearing pants.
With the numbers of blind people declining in the world, the people of New York decide to change that by all staring directly into the sun at once.
Monica looks amazing. Where has she been?
Our lovely reader photo #1

#2 (no FFF for him please)
and #3. Our reader is on the lower right.
When I saw Rolf Harris with this award, the first thought that came to me was the fusilli Jerry episode of Seinfeld. A one in a million shot doc.
Richard Gere on the set of his new film.
Steve Kilbey. Oh, come on. The Church people. The Church.

Sinbad is looking. umm fit.
This is the happiest Rachael Ray has looked in months. She must have found a new way to keep her husband locked up at home.
we.tv had one hell of a promotion in NY this morning.

I don't know what to think of the suit.
I do know what to think of Valerie Bertinelli. Love her.
And have been missing Tatyana Ali. It is great to see her.
One last Charlize Theron and Stuart Townsend photo. No more for awhile.


OG Gossipmonger said...

sandra behhardt - unfortunate about your face, sweetie!!
amanda peet - i just watched her as Judith Fessbeggler last night... hilarious!
ashlee simpleton - does she think she is ariel or somehting?
Bootsy Collins - HIS headgear is acceptable, but you have a problem with ashlees?!? LOL
elizabeth shue - word, ent. where has she been?
courteney cox - i'll go with stoned when she walked in, & a combination of both stoned & drunk when she left.
guy ritchie & madonna - i'm sorry does anyone really care if they get a divorce or if they don't?!
dj jazzy jeff - lmao, thats all
stylist with no shirt - uuummm.....thank god for double sided tape!
idina menzel - wheeeeere do i know her from?
george takei - live long & prosper, buddy!
minnie driver - who's the daddy, ent!?
kevin james - sexiest fat man ever...

reader photos - LOVES IT! you are all BEEEEYUtiful!!!!

richard gere - how YOU doin'?

surfer said...

Cool picture of Parliament inside a Maple Leaf. Stock photo?

What has happened to Ian Thorpe? Definitely looks better in a Speedo.

mooshki said...

Square Pegs? Yep, Ent's a girl. ;)

I know what to think of the suit, and it ain't good.

badchick272002 said...

I think the Ellen and Portia photo is the answer to the blind item about the Lesbian couple who throw a man in the mix when they go on vacation. I would assume that Ellen is the one that makes Portia be with a man...or maybe it's Portia's idea. Who knows. Anyone else remember that blind item?

lutefisk said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
lutefisk said...

I was in Target the other day(no--not looking for clearance wine) & I actually had Square Pegs in my hand--almost bought it, too.

Richard Gere is starting to show his age--boo hoo.
and how do celebrities color their hair when pregnant?--that is one of the worst things they could do in early pregnancy.

Anonymous said...

Helloooo Richard Gere... skinny sexy man in uniform.

I'd have a smile that big on my face if I had my arm around Carter Oosterhouse, too. The man is all sorts of pretty.

The princess looks super skinny.

I actually like Thorpy's outfit... it's his nose that's the problem.

Ellen looks so incredibly happy with Portia. Good for them.

What did happen to Elisabeth Shue? Adventures in Babysitting is one of those movies that if it's on TV I will watch it.

Kristen S. said...

I would never recognize Bootsy WITHOUT his massive hats. That's Bootsy being Bootsy...Asslee is a poseur.

califblondy said...

Richard Gere could almost make me get over my fear of cops.

That guy with Rachael Ray puts the ooooohhhh in yum-O.

Ms. said...

well said, Kristen s., well said. Bootsy is the real deal. Asslee isn't.

kellygirl said...

Ashley - the red dye in the baby's developing system
not such a great idea

not like her baby isn't already fighting the DNA pool

Anonymous said...

Oh god that stylist looks... terrible. No wonder so many people in Hollywood look fug. Hey, if you can't dress YOURSELF properly you shouldn't be dressing others. Golden rule right there.

OG Gossipmonger said...

yea, i referred to her as ashlee simpleton. i never said she was the real deal. & i never said bootsy wasn't.

although, I am totally jealous of her 80's prom birthday pictures.

Jazz Hands said...

Damn it, I've never felt the Richard Gere thing until this picture.

I like Ashlee's headband thing.

Watching season 5 of Nip/Tuck right now, and Portia is so boring. Hope she gives a little more sizzle to my Ellen.

Be Adequite! said...

Never been a fan of Richard Gere but DAMN! He should just walk around in a cop uniform everyday. HOTNESS

ms_wonderland said...

Is Elizabeth Shue the answer to the blind about the woman who rarely works now? Trying to remember the rest of it.

Unknown said...

Richard Gere makes one heck of a sexy copy. Wow! I love that he and George Clooney have allowed themselves to go salt and pepper, because that's hot!

jw12 said...

damn, I wish Gere would show up to my bday party with his cop uniform.

dnf- Carter is purrrrfect.

I miss Elizabeth and her brother.

the readers here are toooooooooo cute.

lutefisk said...

It must be me-- I like the young Richard Gere--like around "An Officer & a Gentleman". This picture reminds me of Henry Winkler.
^sigh^ I must be missing something.

what is eight past six? said...

Is Daughtry an answer to something? I know En'ts posted AI people before, but that was so random. I remember hearing a vague rumor about him and his wife having problems about a month or two ago. I say vague because more concrete details would have required the people passing it on to care.

Monica! She does look good, especially since she just had a baby a few months ago. Now stop with the 'hood chick' bull you've been attempting the past few years and get thee to the 'grown and sexy r&b' corner, PLEASE.

@ ms_wonderland: I believe the way it goes is, a man from a supposedly very virtuous, well beloved family is having an extremely secret affair. Therefore the woman he is having an affair with is only 'allowed' to work occasionally, lest people start asking questions. She puts up with it because she thinks what they have is going to be 'forever' but his eye is already wandering to someone new, and who also looks just like her. It was a Lainey blind, I believe.

I still have no clue who it could be but I always felt that whomever the actress is must have some previous, well known connection with the man already; why else would her merely working bring on questions about him? I imagine it would start off as "Do you still talk to _____ often? Do you two plan on working together (again)?" etc., etc., and that he fears it would snowball from there. Or is it simply because if she works more that increases the chances of paps trailing her whereabouts?

Reese said...

When you consider how everyone else in Hollywood who is the same age as Richard Gere looks, Richard looks pretty damn amazing. He's always been thin; that makes a huge difference. He looks very nice in his cop uniform, but I preferred his Armani suits from American Gigolo.

jw12 said...

gayla, I read the lainey blind and someone said Sienna Miller and Bathlzar(sp?) Getty the oil heir were the answers to that one.

RagDoll said...

Minnie Driver: the baby's daddy is probably Colin Farrell, but she's going to pass it off as this musician's...the dude from San Fran who popped up on the radar suddenly (and conveniently)

Courtney Cox looks less drunk than stoned. "Drunk" would have her fair skin flushed red, red, red clear down to her chest.

Monica looks beautiful! And I agree about the de-thuggifying, and the grown-up diva-ness being a better fit...

Readers! Readers! Readers!

#1 Cute, cute cute!! I can picture Mariah Carey running to her surgeon with your picture, but you can buy those looks. Sorry Mariah.

#2 Double the cuteness cute!! Future CDANner on her arm...heh heh!!!

#3 Wooo!! Babe! Santa was the one whose Christmas wish came true THAT yea, no? Whatta babe...

Ashlee Wentz's's headband vs. Axl Rose's: That's probably Ash's real hair. Well, more so than Axl, anyway...


c17 said...

This was at the same party as the one attended by Ian Thorpe above. By the way, this woman is a stylist. Nice.

Seriously? Are you sure? I know it's not Rachel Zoe....

Steve Kilbey. Oh, come on. The Church people. The Church.

No, Thank you. I lurve The Church!!11!!

junglekitten said...

ENT, your readers are undenyably lovely!! I wish YOU would bless US with a surprise post of YOUR lovely mug!!! Now, I'd take THAT over a weeks worth of BI's!!! BI's......, yes! FFF............., I don't think so!! LOL!!!

allthesun said...

Could the Minnie Driver drinking reference Colin Farrell's penchant for drinking? That would be awesome.

The stylist looks like Cojo and Tara Reid.

Elisabeth Shue is tots my girl crush, has been so for decades, she is so gorgeous.

Rachel Ray looks skinnier, perhaps she has stopped drinking?

DetroitRocker said...

Yep Richard Gere can handcuff me anyday.

Please, please frisk me....


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