Wednesday, July 02, 2008

What's The Point?

A Friends movie? Come on. Do you honestly think the show would translate well to the big screen? Reports from all over the world all at once say there is going to be a Friends reunion and that everyone is on board except the jinxed one and that it will be a big hit because of SATC and blah, blah, blah.

Who cares? Honestly. Yes, it was something to do on a Thursday night, but has your life been empty since it went off the air? Do you really want to see more of it? Do you want to pay to see more of it? I guarantee you it will look like some Brady Bunch reunion movie they used to trot out on television every few years. Exactly like it. They are simple to write, and make the audience happy. If not the Brady Bunch format it will be like a very special two hour Love Boat.

The only difference is that people will use the f-word, and maybe Lisa Kudrow will get naked. The show wasn't that great people. You became used to it and so you watched it. Look, I didn't see the SATC film and I don't plan on it. Hell, I don't even know what it was about. I do know that from talking to several people that they enjoyed it, but the reason they enjoyed it was because they loved seeing all the familiar characters they had grown used to. As a film, it wasn't that great and was just an overblown episode.

Let me give you the plot of the Friends film. I will tell you right now this is how it will be. Monica wants to have a Thanksgiving dinner and all the friends live all over the world or are too busy with their own lives. Everyone is broken up except Monica and Chandler and he is in another part of the world on business. Jennifer Aniston will open the film in some fabulous place sleeping with some guy she doesn't care about. Joey will be working as a waiter and getting nowhere until this great film role which conflicts with Thanksgiving or he is a big star already and it conflicts. Whatever. Phoebe has her own record label and has to be with a band on tour and Ross is somewhere in the middle of nowhere looking at bones. Did you think it was going to be more involved than that? Did you think there was going to be some long, involved plot? It is going to be 80 minutes long.

At the end everyone will fall in love and be happy and blah, blah, blah. No more. Stop it. The next thing you know Seinfeld will be considering something like this. Courteney Cox, if you are reading this, don't do it. Dirt was a great show. You actually have talent. Find something else good and edgy. Don't go back to Monica. David Schwimmer, you're an ass, but apparently you are a decent director. Stay behind the camera. Don't do it. Hell, if you want to see or hear yourself just keep making those Madagascar films.


OG Gossipmonger said...

my dose of friends is found in the reruns showing on 85 different channels.

i don't think i would appreciate a movie very much............
friends was beloved & now it is gone. the end, people

captivagrl said...

a reunion movie joining the casts of 5 new york based shows would be interesting. (friends, seinfeld, mad about you, everybody loves raymond, king of queens,.....)by the way schwimmer said he'd never do ross again, tv or film.

Kristen S. said...

ITA's on elevnty billion times a day on at least 267 channels, so why bother? Other than to cackle when it's a huge flop.

Marnie said...

An "alternate universe" scenario like Felicity would be cool. Or they could jump way ahead in time and do background story like "One Tree Hill" did. Either of those would have great potential.

But will they do anything half that interesting? Probably not. I predict: a wedding and a baby. Maybe somebody makes it big in Hollywood or wins the lotto. Hijinks from Joey and Phoebe.

mooshki said...

"Monica wants to have a Thanksgiving dinner and all the friends live all over the world or are too busy with their own lives."

Yep, you hit that nail on the head. Now if they make the movie, you can say it was all your idea, and sue! :)

RobertInLB said...

It's official, Hollywood is bankrupt on fresh, creative, new storylines.

selenakyle said...



WTF said...

Never saw the show, hate Aniston, can't see this being a hit.

*Miss_P* said...

I don't see where the stoey can go. It was nicely wrapped up at the end of the series. At least SATC with Big and Carrie getting back together it was like a new beginining

lutefisk said...

I guess their post-Friends careers didn't work out the way they wanted.

Maybe Aniston is just trying to drum up some interest in her & her next flop I mean release coming out.

B626 said...

The only episode I look for on reruns is Monica and Ross doing the
dance on the New Years Eve show.
All the rest,yawn.


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