Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Random Photos Part One - With Several Reader Photos

Sometimes the top spot just goes to people I like. Congratulations to Andrew G and Noa Tishby on their wedding this past weekend. Andrew, she is way too good for you, and Noa, please do something about the clothes he wears.
The belt just makes that outfit doesn't it?
The Chanel show kind of makes all those tents in New York, look like, well tents.
Good God Cynthia Nixon looks like crap here and the idiot to her left is responsible because he designed it.
Dario Ripoll is shown here at the 35th Anniversary of The Godfather DVD release in Mexico City. Me thinks he is taking the whole concept just a touch too seriously. I don't think the invitation mentioned automatic weapons.
Gibran Soul - New York

I would love to know what Goldie Hawn is thinking. Hell, I'd like to know what Lance Armstrong is thinking by involving himself with someone who obviously only cares about herself. Oh, that's what they have in common.
50 Cent - New York
So, the guy on the left is Efrain Medina, and he is the Latin American Idol. I guess they just combine all the countries who speak Spanish and say, "hey, one Idol per region."
Dweezil Zappa - Milwaukee
I don't know why the other photo didn't load, and honestly, I'm too lazy to load it again because it is a big pain to move all the photos around. Anyway, for those of you who are a certain age this is what Koo Stark looks like today. For those of you who are wondering if she owns Koo Koo Roo, the answer is no. Instead she is the woman who I honestly thought would drive Queen Elizabeth to an early grave.

The perfect couple of the day goes to Kelly and Mark. Damn my life sucks.
***Tila Tequila Spoiler Coming***
Now, I haven't forced myself to watch that Tila Tequila show, but apparently Kristy Morgan here was the winner in more ways than one. She won the show, and she didn't have to be Tila Tequila's girlfriend.
Hugh Jackman and his lovely wife. This is the first time that I can remember that I have posted a photo of Hugh where he was actually wearing a shirt.
A first time appearance for Gaspard Ulliel.

"I can assure you. I have seen the sonograms. Angelina Jolie is not giving birth to the son of God. Maybe a nephew and niece, but not a son."

Mary J. Blige always looks spectacular.
Happy Birthday Missy Elliot. Go on drink it. And while you are at it, have 20 or so for me.
Lindsay Price on the set of Lipstick Jungle.
The always lovely Kerry Washington.

Hopefully Ronaldo checked to see if in fact this woman was actually a woman.

How about another Princess? This one from Thailand and a long name contest nominee. Princess Siriwanaree Nareerat. From what I can tell she went to each runway show in Paris and had a front row seat at each. Must be a big spender.
Want to know what it is like to be turned away at the door at a Jay-Z party? Just ask Peaches Geldof here.
I'm guessing Patricia Arquette is pregnant. I really can't keep up with who is and who isn't anymore.
Michelle Yeoh pulls a Salma Hayek.

Our first lovely reader photo of the day and her son.

and #4

I figured what the hell. It has been awhile since I had Vanessa Hudgens photo in the blog, and it has now been almost 3 weeks since I got a threatening letter from her attorney. That has to be some kind of record. He must be on vacation.

Guess who? Hmm, since his feet don't quite reach the ground and he looks like a big ass face, I'm going to guess Tom Cruise. Ding, ding, ding. What did I win? A copy of Losin' It.
This photo was taken in Prague about a month ago. It is Sienna Miller and Balthazar. I'm sure them meeting on the street like this was just an accident. Fate. Chance. Nothing happened he screams to his wife. I never saw her off the set.


OG Gossipmonger said...

andrew g - looks fake or something, i don't know, there is something waxen about him.
wino - at least her shoes are clean!!
chanel - drool
cynthia nixon - forget the satin sheet, what is with the bird hair?!
kate hudson - who effing cares
goldie hawn - i almost knocked her to the ground at the sugarloaf cafe in pinyon, ca. it was surreal.
dweezil zappa - i miss that game show on USA he & ahmet had, with the celebs
koo stark - WOAH! nice boots!
kelly & mark - barf.
tila tequila - hahah i don't watch that fake show
gaspard - maybe next time, not so much grease in the hair. ladies, would(could!?) you run your fingers thru that?
mary j blige - she does not look spectacular, what is with that HIDEOUS blonde wig she's always wearing, ugh.
missy elliot - where has she been, music wise?
patricia arquette - aw, a baby? cute
michelle yeoh - she's not going anywhere!! look at that strongarm hold he has on her wrist!!!
readers! LOVES IT!!!! beeeyutiful!
identify yourself!! :):)

dvd copy of losin' it - hey at least it came with 'Say Anything' :):)

OG Gossipmonger said...

haha, maybe i should clarify, i made it sound like i tried to punch her or something hahaha. goldie hawn was coming out the same door i was trying to go into. i was in a hurry & she was taking her time & i almost knocked her right down, it was amazing to look up from apologizing & see miss goldie hawn. she owns a house in palm desert ca, in the bighorn golf club. one time, after the cafe moment, my bf at the time worked on her cabinets & woodwork in her house & he stole me one of the little stones sitting on her towels in her bathroom...i keep it in my car. LOL

lutefisk said...

Koo Stark--now THAT'S a name from the past.
Any Winehouse looks like a zombie from "Dawn of the Dead".
Hugh Jackman looks like Steve Carell in "Little Miss Sunshine".

Mother Campfire said...

SHUT UP! Did he act like the carpenter in Overboard? That would've been cute. :)

And Hugh J and his wife look like they're in loooooooove. *snort*

Anonymous said...

hugh jackman should only be pictured with his shirt off.... unless he's having sex. sex with clothes can be good. sex with hugh jackman in clothes even better. drooling...

daydream over.

Gaspard has good days and bad days. This is an intermediate day.

Kelly and Mark are amazing. She's a little too perky for me, but they've kept it together for a long time.

mooshki said...

"Lipstick Jungle" was renewed? Weird.

With that skirt, it would've been pretty darned easy for Ronaldo to check.

Cheryl said...

Who is Gaspard Ulliel? He is pretty.

califblondy said...

Dang, Sienna stole my walk the dog outfit. Doesn't everybody go backless when they're out innocently walking the dog?

I saw a cute picture of Kelly and Mark kissing at the same restaurant on another site.

I'm bummed to know I'm old enough to remember Koo Stark. She looks pretty good.

I think Cynthia Nixon looks amazing. The hair is strange, but when isn't it?

I don't know why, but this Lance and Katie thing gives me the creeps.

jax said...

thank god it was renewed!
Cashmere Mafia was soooo bad.
good riddance.

mazemerizing said...

Are Tom Cruise's jeans hemmed???? said...

For a second I thought Amy Winehouse was on a treadmill. It's like, wait a minute, something is seriously unbalanced in the universe.

How can Mark Consuelos have such WHITE teeth?

Anonymous said...

Efrain is not the latin american idol, he only made it to the top five.

d said...

re: Tom Cruise

Is this him really? Or just some short guy who has eyes like him.

Cruise has all that money yet he's wearing an Arai helmet and his pants don't fit right. And if he was trying to stay anonymous, why is he wearing a clear visor with no sunglasses?

I'm not buying it.

selenakyle said...

Koo still has gorgeous hair.

Isn't the Sienna pic from their movie together?

HAHAHAAAA, looks like Tom's feet don't even reach the ground!

Taylor said...

Thank you for Gaspard.
Now how about some Robert Pattinson?

Unknown said...

Is that really Tom Cruise on a motorcycle? What kind of girly pants are those?

RagDoll said...

califblondy: yeah. backless = bra-less, doncha know? Gawd, even her own dog won't come within two feet of her.

Amy Winehouse: that's what I would look like as one of the "28 days later" zombies.

Tom FRIGGEN Cruise has a Desmodesedici RR, Keanu Reeves has a Norton Commando. THIS IS NOT FAIR!! I can't even afford a P.O.S Harley! If Lindsay Lohan gets a Triumph X75 Hurricane, I'm going to do a swan dive off the Chrysler Building, I swear....

Mary J. looks GORGEOUS!

T.Hil's clothes only work in theory, on the hanger. Poor Cynthia.


#1 Your SON?!?! How old were you when he was born, 12? I seriously had to look twice. That ain't the waist of a lady who has had kids!!!

#2 WOW, you're beautiful. I mean, yeah, WOW is the only word.

#3 Pretty face, absolutely the loveliest, most genuine smile ever! And I'm extremely jealous of your PERFECT skin!

#4 I'm stealing your lipstick. And your flat iron. And your eyes. And your cheekbones. Damn, you're HOT! Do you know what people pay surgeons for cheekbones like those? Sleep with one eye open. I'm coming for them Heh heh heh!

Kerry Washington is so so so so so pretty. I mean, is she ever NOT pretty? JEAL-OUS!

My ex-boyfriend Christian dated the Thai Princess above. I have stories.....

Judi said...

Noa, make your husband shave his 70s porn 'stache. Horrible.
Wino looks like a statue.
Karl L has shown a bunch of collections at the Petit Palais. Impressive surroundings.
Koo still has a gorgeous face and great hair.
Hugh, did you two stop by on your way back from the beach? I love your wife but she needs to make more of an effort.
Don't know who Lindsay Price is but she's lovely.
Princess Siri, you look cheap. Ebola is NOT to be emulated by royalty. Shame on you.
I don't think Patricia A is p.g.
Michelle, Michelle - you have your own money. You don't need to do this.
Reader #1, you look gorgeous and could be his sister! Can't remember how the stripes go: is he a Staff Sergeant?
Am still SO hoping that the Getty/Miller think is bogus. Please. Still naive about a few things.

califblondy said...

Ragdoll, don't tease (that's Ent's job), give us some stories about the Princess!

Lindsay Price is in "Lipstick Jungle" with Brooke Shields. I think she used to be on All My Children years ago. The first time I watched Lipstick Jungle, I didn't like it, but with nothing better to do I gave it another try and now I'm hooked. The men in the show are really good. I'm glad it was renewed. I remember not liking SATC the first time I watched and now I've got the DVD collection.

plot said...

d, yeah, that really is tommie. Why would he want to be anonymous? His career is sinking, he needs adoration.

Tom has put on some weight lately. I bet those jeans fit him about 2 years ago, and he refuses to go up a size to compensate for his new thickened body.

d said...

ragdoll: I just looked up the price on that Ducati.

Yeah, that's gotta be Tom Cruise.


c17 said...

Wow - Koo Stark! THAT'S a blast from the past!

Ummmm...I like Sienna's outfit (don't hurt me!)

Aren't Peaches & pal like, 13, or something? They shouldn't be getting into grown-up parties anyways.

blankprincess said...

Re: Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos...

OK--I've admitted my great and shameful love for soaps before during the blinds (Days and Another World as a kid, Days in college, GH shortly thereafter and ever since, and now even Port Charles in Soapnet reruns!). I went through a deep, dark depression while writing my M.A. thesis one summer, and I seriously started subscribing to one of the weekly soap mags/rags just so that I had a reason to get off the couch and go outside once a week to go check the mail for it. At the time, both of these crazy kids were on AMC (which I've never really watched), but they gave the cutest interview that summer. They were interviewed together because their characters were a couple on the show, but in real life they were both dating others. However, their Q&A and the sweet, sweet things they said about each other made it clear that they were on the fast track to becoming "more than friends." Pretty soon after that, they were no longer dating the former bf and gf and had become a couple. I have never watched her on anything except one epi of that show she had with Corky Sherwood Forrest from Murphy Brown (Faith Ford?), but I hear she can be pretty annoying. Mark Consuelos I have only seen on that awful "cougar" vs. "kitten" dating show with the horrid Aussie tennis player Mark Philipoopie, and he seemed OK—even with the impossibly white teeth. The point is, no matter how annoying or excruciatingly happy (or fake) they may be, I always remember that adorable interview from way back when. There was no impression that they cheated on their SOs, but rather that they got together after a long period of mutual admiration. So, regardless of what people think they are like today, I like to think that they at least were--and hopefully still are--very much in love with each other. I'm not even a naive person, either!

Judi said...

Thanks, CalifBlondy, for the info on Lindsay Price. That's not a show I'd watch.

Monalicious said...

Hi! I'm Mona, the lady from Reader Photo #1. And yes, that is my 17-year-old son with me, at his J.R.O.T.C. banquet this year. And funny thing is, I had him at age 17. So, I guess what comes around, goes around.
Thank you everyone for the lovely comments. Ya'll know how to make a gal feel good.
And may I say, I am proud to be in such good company!!! I am always amazed at how pretty the CDAN readers' are. We look better that a lot of the so called "celebrities" we read and gossip about!!! And I know we are smarter as well!!!
Can't wait till friday's reveal!!!! Ent, can't say enough how much I love CDAN!!!!! It's one of the only ones I go to. One of the only places WORTH going to!!!!
Love and good times to all...........

RagDoll said... your waist measurement and your son's age are basically the same number, huh? I'm still blown away, can ya tell? You really do look amazing!

lutefisk said...

Mona--you look more like his date than his mom--that is a beautiful photo.

msangelicka said...

thank you, ragdoll, i'm #4. the lipstick is revlon colorstay in stay currant. go out and buy your own, don't need to steal mine!

Emma31 said...

wino looks like she's doing a "thriller" inpression!!


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