Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Denise Richards Goes Bollywood

Someone finally hired Denise Richards for a film. Apparently some guy in India who has more money than sense has hired Denise to be his love interest in the film. Denise loves the role because it is all about the sex without any of the kissing. Just like old times.

Anyway, the film is called Kambakht Ishq. I know, I know, but trust me it's gold in India. Well it would be gold, but then this guy Akshay Kumar saw Wild Things and decided he had to get some of that and so now he is infesting India with Denise. Sorry India.

Well we know that Denise is still cheap or at least works cheap. The film's budget, which is one of the most expensive in Bollywood history is just $5M and that includes all salaries and 45 days of shooting in Universal Studios. Yep, they are making a Bollywood film in LA. Wow, the next thing you know, Hollywood will be making films in other countries.

So, $5M for 45 days and Denise will be working 10 days. She only has one line, but they know that she might need all those 10 days to get it down. Actually I don't know how many lines she has, but am curious if she will try and memorize the script in Hindi? Maybe she will speak English and they will dub it. If they do dub it, I hope they get Harry Shearer. The guy is gold and I bet he would learn the thing in Hindi to do it.

Kareena Kapoor is another crucial role. Whatever role she is doing, I am going to watch. Goodness she is stunning. Man, I can't believe Denise is doing Bollywood. They must have needed some filler for her show. Seriously, I love Bollywood films, and I wish they had chosen someone else. I hope the guy doesn't think he is going to get laid or something because a $5M budget isn't going to get him that far.
Thanks Surya.


Anonymous said...

Most of the Bollywood films i've seen are primarily in English with Hindi spoken occasionally.

I think it might be a good fit for her since most of the performances are over-the-top.

Unknown said...

It's the India Tony Montana!

"Say hello to my leetle friend!"
(dancing commences)

Anonymous said...

Anyone with Denise is worth not watching LOLOLOL.

OG Gossipmonger said...

damn, I thought this post was gonna be about her MOVING to India. Which would be much better news. Ugh....ent, please don't make me read such long posts about denise richards, I really dont care. lol.
I have only seen preview clips for her show, & the thing that sticks out the most is when she was walking in the trailer & said "people LIVE in these?"
omg, denise, PUHLEEZE. SHUT UP IT'S NOT THAT COMPLICATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

califblondy said...

Ent, no more Denise crap. Please!

Jokerista said...

oh, and the hero is bisexual :)

lutefisk said...

hopefully dnfrommn will review it for us!!!

Anonymous said...

Hmm I read somewhere that the budget is actually 20 million.

RagDoll said...

India has had their ho inoculation. Liz Hurley got married there a while back, no?

Amber said...

I love Bollywood, can't believe Kareena Kapoor is in it too. This movie is going to be huge!

Maybe we will get our wish, and she will move to India.

K said...

My darling Akshay! He's repsonsible for getting me into Bollywood big time, and I love him for it. (though that pick is disgustingly leery, hmmm)

He obviously didn't have a choice with Denise Richards, but I think Stallone is in this film too, if it's the one that Aki plays the stunt man - methinks it's being filmed in LA, peeps!

(Oh, and Snoop is doing a video for Aki's new film, Sinng is Kinggh, apparently)

Kareena Kapoor - she's brill. Love, love, love Bollywood.

Babydoll said...

Akshay Kumar and Kareena Kapoor(with her size zero body) are currently hot property in Bollywood...Out of 10 million viewers hardly 50000 ppl will recognize Denise Richards(Eg. Ali Larter acted in some random movie called Marigold which flopped..youngsters recognised her from Heroes...otherwise ppl just saw her as just another blonde from Hollywood)
Point is...its a waste of MONEY and a waste of screen time...Kareena Kapoor will steal the screen with her looks and Akshay Kumar will wow everyone with his yummy looks and stunts though I feel the movie, storyline will be crap...


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