Friday, July 04, 2008

Reader Photo Special

This is every photo I have received over the past few months. I want all of you to know that whether you sent in a photo or not; comment on the site or just lurk; agree with me or not, I really appreciate you all. It is only because of all of you that I post every day. I posted them by numbers so you can identify yourself if you wish and for making it easier to comment.
















#16 Happy Birthday Christopher! From Ann


















































Julie said...

we really are some sexy bitches!!!

horror said...

as a stone cold LA gal
you are so kind and sweet to publish these cute reader photos

d said...

Anybody going to say which number they are?

Murphy Brown 2020 said...

Sorry. Y'all are lovely, but #44 gets a big, fat blue ribbon from me. Glamour Shots 4EVR.

Julie said...

i'm up there, but i'm going to lurk to see if anyone says anything about me :P

lutefisk said...

needs MORE men!!!

CDAN Mod said...


i must know which reader are you?

is #3, dnfrommn?

jax said...

holla for 32! its me and my bro on a photo shoot for spanish designer estanis lao.

thanks're more than a're my friend and i owe you so much for everything you've done for me! maybe dinner should be on me in LA? lol.

Julie said...

There are a couple cuties (men) up there! Trent Reznor back in the dayyyy
and i love that pic with the lipstick thats cute haha

d said...

What's the kitty's name?

Unknown said...

im 42!

mooshki said...

I dunno, a couple of these folks look a little young to be at a site with FFF. ;)

Love the '80s flashback pics. Plus, pyramids!

Not only are they a gorgeous group, but they look like they'd all be a hoot to hang out with!

Abaddon said...

Wee, I'm up there.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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pusssykatt said...

You've got some great looking readers...and some with a great sense of humor! Love the photos!

bflogurl said...

Ah bummer... I sent in a funny picture of my dog, but I guess she doesn't count as a reader.

Oh well, maybe next time!

ChasingHeaven said...

Thank you Ent! Love, LOVE, LOVE all the photos!!!!

Anonymous said...

i love #30 you look like rock stars hehe

Julie said...

I want to guess whos who, but I'm REALLY bad at it LOL
some people just by their name I can't tell if they're m/f

Carte Blanche said...

I'm #55

I think I was posting under "kara" then when Ent put my pic up the first time, but then another kara came along and, well, I caved and changed my name.

Someone thought I looked like Robin Wright Penn! Never thought of that, but I'm flattered and love it :D

Cute Little Redhead said...

You are a gorgeous bunch of people!

LOVE #38.......that's awesome!

LOVE the little girl in #15!

:::sigh::: I just love people pictures.

Jim said...

Damn #15, you are beautiful!

Cute little girl too.

budford said...

everybody looks good

junglekitten said...

Mos Def. the best looking readers EVA!!! Now we have to all come together and protest for ENT'S LOVELY mug to be posted!!!! Not only do you all look gorgous but........., you all look like you'd be a hell of ALOT of FUN!!!!!!!

catherine said...

Thank you for all the work Ent, and please please will everyone name who they are..and thanks to the ones that did and sent in a picture. (even though I didnt send in a pic in time myself)

junglekitten said...

#15 is tooooooo......cute for words!!

junglekitten said...

Ok,ok!! I suppose I'll start!! I'm #26 on the left w/ my best friend Jennifer!! How do you love her purple hair??? K, your turn........................................

Carte Blanche said...

I love #40!

Unknown said...

#63 kinda looks like the Miley's YouTube cohert.

Abaddon said...

I love all the photos. But there's nothing like lingerie and firearms.

bookstalker said...

#15 could be in a parenting magazine or commercial--so sweet.

ChasingHeaven said...

Agreed! Defending Ent from Scientology gets my vote for best photo ever!

jax said...

lol the bebe with the gun is Brendalove i think..Jewels is blowing up the puffer fish thing and Bad Fish is the cute one reading on the couch. too lazy to check numbers.

and how do we know the real Enty isn't in any of them? hmm..

kris said...

AWESOME pic Jax!!!

ChasingHeaven said...

I'm #43 with the beached whale (beached whale on LEFT, me on Right, ha) If you think one dead fish would smell bad, try multiplying that by thousands of pounds. Stinky! I haven't smelled anything that bad since
#38's pit! Teasing, only teasing, all in good fun! :)

junglekitten said...

Who's #3???

JJ said...

Great pictures! We do look like a fun loving bunch. Imagine the trouble we'd get into if we were all together.

I am #29. The breast cancer survivors walk on the Philly museum steps, a la Rocky. Blubbering tears of joy.

Thanks Enty.

ThoughtElf said...

Can we get the guy in #21 for next week's FFF?

JJ said...

My top 5 fav:


BTW, #13 (the lady in pink) totally looks like me! I did a triple take wondering who took that picture.

mandjo said...

Thanks for adding my picture!

Jam...previously Jeb... said...

#24 here with my life/my son Emmanuel

califblondy said...

Wanna hear something weird? Sure you do... my number is also my age. #51. I'm sure Ent. planned it.

Great pictures, every single one. It's great to see everyone.

Happy Fourth of July and Jax, btw, at our house we're flying not only the American flag, but also the Canadian and Quebec flags too.

Hey, I just saw the trombone player from Chicago during my sixth trip to the grocery store today! That's my big reveal today.

Mr. T said...

The pictures are awesome!!I was going to list my favorites but my my list ended up with nearly 2/3 of them (but special, special props to #44 and #53).

I'm #3, eating a delicious slice of pink cake at La Mexicana Bakery in South Austin, TX. I don't live there anymore but always make time for pink cake when I visit.

Julie said...

I'm #60.
I was so nervous AND falling in that picture and Malcolm MacDowell was actually holding me up.
He's seriously the nicest celeb I've ever met.

Whos going to Monster Mania XI in august...Cherry Hill, NJ!
The Coreys will be there hahahaha

Abaddon said...

my mom and I are the Pyramid chicks.

jax said...

awesome Calif..merci!

thanks Kris!

you're all hot! mmm pink cake.
who is #20??? he looks like Jason Mewes.

Kara said...

Nature girl - I'm sorry! I didn't even know that I would show up as Kara. I had problems posting and have no clue how to change the name. Oops.

I think everyone's picture is fantastic, but I think the first 2 and 3 are my favorites.

Unknown said...

This French girl is #47, the puffer fish luver, as Jax mentioned. ;)

My personal fave will always be Ent's protector in her finest lingerie. Rrrrrrrrowrrr!

Califblondie, flying the Canadian AND Quebec flags, that's AWESOME! Merci beaucoup, eh? :D

newsgrrl said...

Where was number 23 taken... what city. Love the view :)

plot said...

Jam, I love you pic with your son. I was about to post it as one of my faves.

I love photos that catch babies by surprise, when they are too young to pose and look shocked and amazed by everything. Your boy is SUCH a cutie. Lucky you!

mandjo said...

I'm #19. Oh, I hope everyone tells who they are!!!

Ms. said...

Yes, great photos. Obviously, many readers have a terrific sense of humour. Love the creativity and joy in all the photos. Several photos, including #38 & #40 made me giggle. Always nice to have a good giggle.

Ms. said...

And yeah, I know, I've got to shut up about Chan in #21. That photo is one of the best I've seen of him. Trust me. I looked through lots of photos today.

He' smouldering in that pic. It's as if he's saying, "in 15 seconds, I'm going to tear your clothes off and...." Jeez. I've gotta calm down.

Jokerista said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jokerista said...

no offense to any celebs, but this is by far a better looking lot than i have ever seen in any random pics in this site.

dbfreak said...

I'm #54, on the right in the green dress. I agree, CDAN readers are shockingly sexy!

Jam...previously Jeb... said...

plot--thank you. I love him with all my heart.

Anonymous said...


I've got to say, the whole group is pretty damn awesome. said...

Jax already outed me - I am #53, at the Lingerie Party From Hell.

ENT, you got one hell of a blog here. Everyone single one of us is hot, bringing both the sexy AND the snark. We're unstoppable. And I am going to comment them all! Because I'm high on muscle relaxers - I hurt my damn knee again.

#1 - who I am assuming the grown lady is the reader, is wearing one fabulous gown.

#2 looks like a princess getting ready to lose her virginity.

Is #3 the elusive DMFROMMN?

#4 looks like he's getting ready to put that pipe down and tell us a good story from the Twilight Zone.

#5 - not sure who the reader is here - but they look like they would be fun to smoke a joint with.

#6 has the most striking eyes. Yowsah!

#7 - I am assuming the reader is the girl with some pretty auburn hair. If its colored hair, I wish she would tell me what color she uses cuz it looks fab.

#8 - looks like she found love underneath my umbarella, ella, ella, eh, eh, eh.....

#9 is dreaming about all the men that are in love with her.

#10 is one of the Gossipmongers. She looks so sweet and innocent but we know the real truth about her....

#11 - an exotic beauty in an exotic place.

#12 - looks like she knows some Hollywood gossip that we need to know!

#13 - not sure which one the reader is! Both of them look like they're up to some kind of fun that could probably get them arrested.

#14 looks like the All-American (Canadian?) girl. But can she bake an apple pie?

#15 - that better be a little sister with her, because the reader is certainly not old enough to be a mommy. And if she is, she's going to be loving life when she's 50 and still looking 25

#16 - Happy B-day Christopher! And Ann looks like she's the happiest girl on Earth.

#17 - drinking brew outside the local T-shirt is good.

#18 - good things come in small packages. Your hair is beautiful

#19 - I especially like #19 because she reminds me of my sister. Plus her eyebrows are the hotness.

#20 - is probably STILL sore from his motorcycle accident. Hope there is something in the red party cup to relieve the muscles.

#21 - did we ever figure out who that stud was? He looks like he's lovin' our lovely reader!

I'm still lovin' our #22 reader with Trent. She wins my vote for best celeb photo.

#23 - Don't do it! Don't jump! You are too beautiful to end it now!

#24 wins most beautiful profile! And her baby is hot! The baby will end up marrying one of Angelina's kids.

#25 - Not sure who the reader is here. Could it possibly be SANTA that's the CDAN reader?

#26 - I remember the one on the left is our reader - she looks like an actress. And I'm feeling her friend's hot purple streaks too.

#27 and the other "gingers" - we have a lot of lovely redheads on this site.

#28 just looks plain ol' cool.

#29 - an inspiration to us all.

#30 already knows she's hot. I remember she said her hot male accomplice has passed away. I am sure this pic is a wonderful memory for her. (and she's got great abs)

#31 has flawless skin. She glows.

#32 - we want to see a pic of you in that fabulous dress, Jax. We love you! And your little brother too.

#33 cracks me up with that crazy expression. Another beautiful ginger-haired reader.

#34 is stylin' and profilin' This picture just screams "WARM AND FRIENDLY PERSON"

#35 - Guess which one of these ladies is the sober one?

#36 is young Marianne Faithful, I don't care what anyone says.

#37 looks way too sweet to bring the snark like she does....;-)

#38 wins the most humorous picture award. I wanna see what she looks like when she's not being a class clown!

#39 is stacked. Boobage alert.

#40 - I wonder what she did with that hot ass man after the picture was taken? heheheh

#41 looks like a much younger prettier Claire Danes.

#42 - reminds me of a younger and slimmer Jenna Bush. Just make sure you stay away from the cocaine, reader!

Speaking of cocaine, why is #43 messing with her nose? Has she been hanging around Denise Richards and her chapstick again?

#44 is sooooo 80's-tastic!

#45 - not sure which one is the reader, but if its the one on the right, I'm loving that neckerchief. HOT!

#46 is so elegant looking, like a doll or something.

#47 - I bet all the men wish she would practice those blowing skills on them! ;-)

#48 is so blue! and his date is fabulous.

#49 - I hope all of these party animals are readers!

#50 is Sexay with a capital S

#51 - being near all that man hotness makes our girl smile so wickedly!!!!

#52 - best Myspace photo ever! And I remember her saying she's a mother too! She looks like a model

#53 is a fucking idiot!

#54 - I remember our reader is on the right with the fabulous hair and jade-colored gown.

#55 looks too pure and angelic to hang around this site...

#56 is getting ready to do something naughty with the other person. Something about this picture defines "Before the foreplay"

#57 has the sweetest face and smile. I bet its all a big lie and she's a wild child underneath it all

#58 looks like a movie star

#59 is loving life.

#60 - the beauty is with a very hot older man. Is he famous?

#61 reminds me of Courtney Love with those light blue eyes and red lips. That would be Courtney from back in the day when she was still pretty and not all "cracked up"

I want some of what the sweetie in #62 is smokin' - she's got those pretty glassy eyes! ;-)

I don't want to piss off #63 - she might kick my ass!! That's a chick that's not going to take a bunch of BS from anybody.

#64 - still can't believe that gal is the guy's MOTHER!!! Can you say MILF?

Julie said...

hey Brenda :)
Thats Malcolm MacDowell of A Clockwork Orange fame.
He was most recently in Halloween (Rob Zombie version), and he's on that show Heroes from what I hear. I've never watched. Can't get over my intense hatred for Hayden Pannetierre (sp?) said...

OMG Julie! I totally recognize him now! I had no idea he was still alive. I bet he wanted to give you a little of the ol' In and Out. LOL!

lutefisk said...

califblondy--we just saw Chicago last week. You should see him play & twirl that trombone like it was a baton.

RagDoll said...

#34 is me! AND my age, too! See that's GOTTA be Ent's way of telling us that his pics and their comments in "random pics" are studded with little clues if we look, right?

Heh heh. I actually am warm and friendly. Unless I'm hungry. In which case, nobody speak to me unless I've eaten at least a burger. or some pizza. said...

Ragdoll - I should have figured you were Ms. Warm and Friendly. You are one of the reigning queens of this site. If we CDAN'ers ever meet up, I'll make sure we keep you in burgers and pizza so the beast within doesn't try to come out to play! ;-)

The reader pic that is conspicuos (I know that sh*t CAN'T be spelled right) by its absence is ANON. Come on, ANON - do a reveal here!

Graveyard Rabbit said...

I'm #2, but I don't think that's because I'm two years old. I'm another gingerhaired reader but you better believe I spent an hour and a half prepairing my waist length hair to fit under that little Louise Brooks wig. I was at a 20's themed party and took the photo inside a giant inflatable ball. Seconds later the heal of my shoe went through "the floor" of the giant inflatable ball and started to deflate it. That's when me and my drunk companion calmly walked outside and pretended that nothing unusual had happened. La-de-da.

I submitted that picture (only last night- whoa!) because it looks nothing like me. In reality I look like #14 only with longer hair and more freckles.

it's good to see what everyone looks like! said...

Flora, I think you look just like royalty!

Julie said...

I was seriously falling over, no intoxication or anything haha I was just like bubbly and all *-*
He also offered me some of his food, which was kind of endearing. He asked me if I'd ever had the cheese he was eating and if I had, what was it. I was like "Lucky for you, I worked at a cheeseshop for years, its Havarti Dill"

I framed the Clockwork Orange poster for my husband for fathers day. Wellllll actually, I'm kinda LEARNING how to frame, so its not quite umm perfect. and I don't know where to put it in our room because it could be considered as inappropriate for a living room... People in our playgroup will NOT approve :P

Robin the Mad Photographer said...

As the happy fangirl in #22, many thanks to brendalove for labeling Trent & me the best celebrity picture. :-) (Gotta say, I do love the one of you, though--I wouldn't mess with you, that's for damn sure! And yes, we ARE a damn cute bunch, aren't we?

Maja With a J said...

I'm # 36, and I can't believe how many of these I missed! I just got back from vacation and I'm reading all the reveals right now...good to be back, indeed.

Whoever said I look like young Marianne Faithful...that is probably the best compliment I have ever received :)

bionic bunny! said...

geez, i'm # 49 and i'll be 49 in oct.! crafty, crafty ent!
actually an old pic... my family and best friends ever after a jimmy buffett concert (me lower right). i remember when ent first posted it, somebody said i looked like i was about to pee my pants, darn close!

i don't belong in such a group of beautiful people!!
and yes, def. brendalove wins the prize! said...

Julie - put that thing up in the living room. The movie is a timeless classic, and if someone complains, just look at them like they are totally backwoods hillbillies. You know, the same look you would give to Britney Spears.

Robin - that is so awesome you got to meet him. That is going to raise your coolness factor 100% when you tell your grandchildren about it one day.

Harriett Hellfire - she had the sweetest face when she was young.

And she still looks really good, considering all that she's been through.

H.A.L.O. said...

I'm a bit of a lurker, but I'm #28. I'm a little late to the party since today is my wedding anniversary and my husband and I were out most of the day. Thanks for all the compliments! And I agree that CDAN definitely has the hottest readers ever!

lutefisk said...

first!!! said...

Bionic Bunny - I know you had to be feeling the Margaritas if you just came from a Jimmy Buffet concert. And if you weren't, you might be the only person in the history of the world that left a Jimmy Buffet concert sober. said...

h.a.l.o. - isn't 16 a little young to be having a wedding anniversary? You look YOUNG!

Adrian - that dress is breath-taking and you wore it like a true fashionista!

lutefisk said...

thanks Brendalove-- I didn't want to do a formal picture, but my husband downloads all our photos on his computer, & erases the memory cards.

I only have access to the pictures on cd's, so CDAN got the whole family. But, my daughter goes on and even posts once in a while, so 50% are readers. That photo is 2 years old--each kid is about 5 inches taller now.

lutefisk said...

I hope eventually the photos will all be labeled--it is hard to scroll back & forth between the photos & comments to see who all these knock-outs (guys too!) are.

ChasingHeaven said...

lol...BrendaLove, #43 here...I'm plugging my nose because to the left of me in the pic is a beached whale which stunk to high heaven...although, I love your explanation much, much better so I'm gonna go with that one going forward!

That Guy said...

Dang, with all these beautiful people, I'm not sure whether to send in my picture to woo you, or keep it off and not scare you.

libby said...

hey! I'M 38! Thanks for thinking it's funny, I'm terribly un-photogenic and took this picture of myself years ago (I dyed my hair dark for like 3 months).

But I'm only 37 years old, so Enty aged me a bit.

If you click on my name, you can go to my blog. I used the same photo, because I'm too shy to show my "real" face. said...

Libby, I read some of your blog. I'm bookmarking you.

Monalicious said...

Hi!!!! Number 64 here....... And like I said the other day, it's amazing how lovely our readers are!!!! I think we look better than the celebs we gossip aboout!!! And, it is nice to be able to finally put faces to names on here.
Enty....... THANK YOU for giving all us readers "our day in the sun", as well as for this awesome web site!!!
And, I would like to tell ya'll(sorry, from Texas) about my date in the pic, my amazing 17-year-old son, Jeffrey. He has had to overcome so much in life, including being diagnosed with Tourettes Syndrom when he was 13. And, no, it's not the type where he screams and cusses. Just has had, at one time, over 100 facial and body "tics" a day! At 15, he was almost crippled by it because the tics were so strong it would cause blinding pain in his neck, arms, chest, and back. He had to give up so many things he loved because of the TS, like football and theater. But, J.R.O.T.C. was always his first love, and his instucters were so supportive, they helped him through. Now, at 17, he is in remission from the TS, and a lot of it is due to him being hit by a truck while crossing the street last November. It blew his right knee all to Hell, but his tics have almost stopped.So, he's also recovering from knee surgery, and going to have another one to do more repairs. But, looking at him in that pic, you would never know. And the funniest thing of all, he wants to be a proffesional Wrestler some day. In the WWE. And I bet he can do it. God help me on that one.

Anonymous said...

i was busy all day and wanted to read all the reveals at once. :)

I am not the elusive #3, I'm thinking that one is Richard. I chickened out. no photo. I am one of Ent's facebook friends, and the only male from MN (although you'll have to find me before August when I move)

You're all beautiful (ladies) or handsome (dudes).

calsyrial said...

looking at the reader photos always makes me realize how beautiful us "everyday people" we've got that going for us PLUS we are not as crazy as most of the celebs are! Everyday people ROCK!

H.A.L.O. said...

Brenda: HA! Thanks! I wish that I was 16 again! That was a fun age. I'm 27 for a few more months and I love being carded for everything! I see people throw a fit about being asked for ID and I want to shake them and tell them to be thankful for it!

Anonymous said...

Second time breaking the lurker oath, but I just found Brenda's comment on my pic to be funny.

Did you know I was an attempted novelist?

califblondy said...

Adrian, I saw Chicago with Earth, Wind, and Fire, on the bay in San Diego a couple of years ago. In fact, I even bought the two disc set of the concert when they performed at the Greek. I will always miss Peter Cetera, but it was an awesome concert.

lutefisk said...

califblondy--we just saw them with the Doobie Brothers. We figured it was family-friendly, & my son plays the trombone. I thought he would enjoy seeing some classic music. He LOVED it, my daughter was "bored".
I have been listening to Chicago since I'm about 8, so it was amazing that the majority are original members, and in their 60's. James Pankow blew me away. He is in some shape for a guy over 60. And I was never a fan of Peter Cetera's style, so I didn't really care too much--they still covered most of his stuff, & had the bass player fill in.

Sydney in Wonderland said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sydney in Wonderland said...

So, I'm way late on the comments. If anyone comes back, I'm #33. At the time, I pointed out that it's an old shot and I've lost about 55 (was 50 when it was first posted!) lbs since then. Maybe I'll give you guys a more recent shot some time.

Yay for us gingers! A few of my favorites: #1, 2, 3, 4, 15 (so cute, little one), 19 -- you look so much like a friend of mine, it's creepy --, 29, 30, 32, 60. Ok, more than a few, and I had to cut myself off. I love you guys.

PS. I might be the only one in the photos that is part of a blind Ent has posted . . . Teehee.

Sinjin said...

I'm #23, the photo was taken about 3 or 4 years ago from the Gibralfaro Castle on a hilltop in Malaga, Spain where I was vacationing. Huge fountains, marble sidewalks, colorful buildings, palm trees and bird of paradise plants blooming in January. Didn't want to leave!

mandjo said...

19 here! Brendalove, Thank You!
You and Alpine Summer have me curious about your Friend and Sister.

mandjo said...

Brendalove, hope your knee feels better!!

Jesse D said...

#4 you're pretty hot - I had to stop looking and find out who you are...

I'd also like to agree with the comment about this lot being better looking than most random photos. Ya'll rock!

Jesse D said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unplugged said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unplugged said...

Im the guy in #17, you all are some good looking people.

thanks ent for posting this

Unplugged said...

#55, 46, 35, 28 and 39


TheGoldenSockPuppet said...

#55, I love you

Kelwolfen said...

#6 here. Long time lurker, first time poster. You all are beautiful :)


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