Tuesday, July 01, 2008

DNfromMN - Movie Review - Hancock

Release Date: 7/2/08

The Story: Reluctant and alcoholic superhero John Hancock (Will Smith) wreaks havoc whenever he does something heroic. After saving the life of PR man Jason Bateman, he is given the opportunity to change his image. With the aid of the PR man’s wife (Charlize Theron) and son, he finds it in his heart to be a little more of a traditional hero.

Watch which reviews you read for this movie, because many contain a major plot point (which you may or may not be able to figure out earlier, but it’s a good surprise when it happens). I will not spoil this part of the movie.

Will Smith plays a wise-cracking smartass with a chip on his shoulder, and his heart buried underneath a bullet-proof skin. That is nothing remarkable on its own, but it does give you a taste of someone else’s take on Iron Man (which I think is still the action movie to beat so far this summer).

Bateman is full of heart. When he’s introduced he’s trying to convince a drug company to donate their drug for tuberculosis to those in need for a program he has developed called All Heart. If you’re not a Bateman fan after Arrested Development you will be after this movie.

Charlize is there to look pretty and add some artistic merit to Hancock. She’s great, but she’s got the thankless role of being the happy housewife and there’s not much to it. She does seem to be Peter Berg (the director) and his director of photography helped her look amazing.

What it’s Worth: $9.00. It’s worth seeing full price. I left the movie feeling satisfied and entertained. It’s funny, and sweet, and there are about 3-4 good action pieces. As for letting the kiddies in, Hancock hates being called an asshole, and he’s called it a great deal by kids under 10. If you don’t want your kid to pick up on this habit, avoid the movie.

DNfromMN’s take on what’s out there for the 4th of July Weekend

Wanted – dumb fun. Personally I thought McAvoy looked horrible throughout the whole thing, and I normally find him attractive. Check your brain at the door and go for the ride. $9.00
Get Smart: $7.50, review here
The Incredible Hulk: $6.00, review here
Indiana Jones: $5.00. I was disappointed, it didn’t have the fun of Raiders or Crusade.
The Happening: $5.00. I was entertained and disturbed that I was entertained. Watching people off themselves for 2 hours isn’t something a mental health professional typically considers entertainment. The twist is lame and Mark Wahlberg was painfully wooden. I’m talking Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars: Episode 1 wooden.

Wall-E: plan on seeing it over the holiday, I’ve heard good things

Zohan, Love Guru – not my cup o’ tea, I’ll try and avoid.

Artsy fartsy stuff:
The Fall – $7.50. Stuntman (Lee Pace) is wounded in an accident in early 1920s. Tells a story to a young girl in the hospital with him to convince her to do things for him. Just watch it for Lee Pace and the phenomenal visuals. It doesn’t make much sense, but it sure is pretty.

Savage Grace - $5.00 for the first half, walk out before the end grosses you out. Seriously, the entire audience twitched and was audibly icked out by the last 20 minutes. The story of Barbara Baekeland, who married into money and her rich life in Europe in the 1960s.

Roman de Gare -$10.00. A twisty French thriller. It’s fantastic. See it when it comes to town.

Tell No One - $15.00. Probably the best movie I’ve seen so far this year. Another French thriller. A man whose wife was killed 8 years ago receives an email and sees his long dead wife, alive and 8 years older on a live webcam. He chases and is chased around Paris. It’s beautifully made and definitely worth trying to find. Opens in NYC this weekend.


Unknown said...

We just went to see Wall-e as a family on Sunday.
We all LOVED it!
One of the few movies I didn't mind paying to see at the cinema.

CynCamden said...

I want to see Wall-e. It looks good. I was skeptical about Hancock, because the previews are too good to be true. I will see it based on your review.

I agree about the Indiana Jones movie. It did all of the right things, but it lacked heart.

Ellen said...

Thank you so much DNfromMN. I love love love your reviews and am so glad you liked Hancock. I'm psyched!

My two cents:
- Wall-e is worth the money
- Agree that Roman de Gare is most EXCELLENT. Tell No One I haven't heard of but will seek it out.
- I thought the first 1/2 of Wanted was 4 star stuff...but it fell apart in the 2nd half. Still, great great action (esp. car) sequences.

Thanks again!

Ellen said...

Oh, and I thought Zohan was the worst movie I've see in recent memory and wished I walked out. But, I heard it has the niche with some viewers.

And, dare I admit, I kinda liked The Love Guru...sorry!

mags said...

Thanks for the reviews!

I'm interested in Tell No One and Roman de Gare now.

I appreciate the heads up about Savage Grace. An American Crime, another true story has been playing on Showtime and I did not sleep well for a number of days afterwards.

The Happening hasn't been liked by many of the people I know who saw it.

Anonymous said...

I saw Savage Grace very strange movie. Very dysfunctional family.

Anonymous said...

I really want to see Tell No One now but I can't find a theater for it in the Seattle area.

JMS said...

Zohan is great ... with a great message. How everyone is listening.

JMS said...

^^ How s/b Hope

Production Girl said...

I had a blast with Hancock!!!

Wanted was also fun. Def a popcorn movie.


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