Monday, August 18, 2008

Anne Hathaway's Bulls**t Detector

Aaah, Anne Hathaway finally stuck her foot in her mouth. She has been traveling around the world doing press for Get Smart, and has never strayed much from, "I loved the role. Just a great cast. Great Script. Everyone got a long great. Wonderful experience and we all became such good friends."

Whatever. Finally though someone asked her a question which was unexpected and in response we got to see some of Anne, and why she is delusional. The reporter was talking to her about celebrities and people in their lives who only have use for them because they are a celebrity.

"I have a finely tuned bulls*** detector and I'm not the sort of person who trusts very easily."

Well you need a refund on it dear or the thing has been tampered with the past few years. Either that, or you just heard so much of it from Raffaello that you just can't tell the good from the bad anymore. So, is she telling us here that she believes everything Raffaello told her, because that's what it is sounding like to me. She is saying that he could never have got away with anything because she can tell when someone is using her and bullshi**ing with her. Please. If that is the case then, and she really can tell, to me, that means she was involved with him and knew exactly what was going on. She should have said she is really gullible and an airhead and has no idea of what goes on around me.

That would have been the route to go. Now, she seems like an evil genius, playing the puppet master. Not the key master, because that would be Ghostbusters. This is the puppet master.


mooshki said...


Enty, can I be the Gate Keeper to your Key Master?

Tea Lady said...

Unless it was Raffaello who caused her to have to fine-tune the detector.

lutefisk said...

Wow!--She is very WHITE!

Unknown said...

Let's not kick her while she's down, nor rub her face in this. she obviously knows she made one heck of a big mistake with that guy and right now she is trying to get through each day having to talk to the press.

Raffaello is the one is prison, not Anne.

mooshki said...

Grace, you're giving her too much credit. He was doing unethical and criminal things throughout their relationship, and if I knew about them, there's no way she didn't.

MISCH said...


califblondy said...

Isn't she a Lesbian? She probably sets off other people's BS-detectors.

AM said...

Ha! That was a VERY funny post--even though I do agree Raffaello is the dunderhead I don't think she should be bragging about the old BS detector.

Wonder how her gaydar is?

Did anyone else notice the "ripped from the headlines" Law & Order: Criminal Intent last night? Julianne Nicholson's character is engaged to a Belgian financier who ends up getting arrested by the FBI at the end of the episode. Of course Bogosian warned her he might not be on the up-and-up but Det. Wheeler's BS detector wasn't working, either.

Anyway, it was very Hathaway/Rafaello in the L&O way.

Unknown said...

Rather than making me think she's delusional, her answer re: the bulls**t detector makes me think that she's just admitted she knew, more or less, what he was up to. She accepted it and proly found it thrilling.

It's easier for me to accept that someone as girl-next-doorsy as her has balls enough to say "bulls**t detector" in an interview and trust it and mean it, than for her to just throw that out as a casual if delusional statement.


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