Thursday, August 21, 2008

Random Photos Part One

The top spot today goes to some of my all-time favorite people and, as far as I am concerned, one of the best bands ever. The Germs.
Shane West didn't get his photo taken with the band, but he is just as much of a part of them now, and he sounds great.
Garrett Morris would have got the top spot on any other day. I love him and I loved when he did the news with Chevy Chase.
You know it must suck when you are the only face on the poster of a nationally released film, and yet everyone is screaming out "Bruce, Demi, Ashton."
You can always tell when people are not used to flipping someone off. Bijou Phillips definitely needs some practice.

She might not still be the most beautiful woman in the world, but Aishwarya Rai still looks great.
"Move it along people."
"Demi. Demi. Demi. Pull my finger."
Amber Heard is actually looking decent here. I like this look much better than the cracked out, weigh ten pounds look.
It has been awhile since I had Devon Aoki in the photos so I will spare you the photos zoomed in on her face where she looks completely whacked out.

"Where's Catherine?" Yes, I understand it is a funeral for her grandmother, but sometimes you need to lighten things up. Did Michael Douglas not show up?
Charlize Theron does her best Meg Ryan impression from When Harry Met Sally.
"So, Carmen. We have an idea for a photo shoot that will appeal to 12 year old boys. We want you to ride around on a low rider bike." I'm sure this all makes sense to someone, but unless she is selling the shoes or the bike I don't get it.
Did Bruce Willis get really old really fast?

I'm going to have to knock Eva Mendes from the top spot. Maybe I just want Entourage to start again.

Yeah, yeah, I know you love him. I'll be quiet.
Anyone want to take a guess what Demi is looking at? Or who?
When Dave Grohl is in the photos it is always with Foo Fighters so, I never have a chance to make witty comments. Not going to be any today either though, because I don't know what else to say. Mentos. How is that? Would that have worked?
I think from now on all celebrities who are on the cover of a magazine should have to pose next to said magazine so we can see if it is really them. Actually Delta Goodrem looks fairly close, and besides, I think it is an album cover and not a magazine.
You get the feeling that Justin Long is scared the camera is going to take a piece of his soul? Yeah, probably just posing.

Want to know something sad. The Longshots had its premiere at the same time as House Bunny. Ice Cube and company had two photographers show up, and House Bunny had approximately 100. Which film do you think will make a bigger profit?
Guy Pearce has been in the photos before right? Can't find him.
Not a big fan of Fred Durst, but he looks good.
It must suck to be famous because of your character and to always have to wear a mask. This is El hijo del Santo. Of course he could just be wearing it because he had a breakout of zits.

That is a lot of legos. Hey, but $400, it will keep your kids busy for about 30 minutes. Then they will realize they can never do it and start throwing them at each other. But for $400, that seems a small price to pay for their enjoyment.

Kevin Smith gets an award and still does not dress up. But, I love him anyway.
The other Tisdale. I always love when Jennifer shows up because you can just see how excited she is to be let out of the house.
Get well Jean Reno.
It worked. John Lithgow wore a crazy hat and someone noticed that he too was in the same play as Katie Holmes and took his photo.
Rhys loves Kim until Sienna calls him for a booty call.

R.E.M. - Mannheim, Germany
A first time appearance for Paige Davis.
At the Sex And The City premiere in Japan, I think this was either Madonna's house boy as a special guest star or a typical Tom Cruise party. I'm not quite sure.
Hey, they must love each other. They are wearing the same clothes. Later they will switch like Tom and Katie.

Now how is Will Smith supposed to get that home?

The puffy shirt is back.
A man who should get more respect than he does is Tyler Perry. Genius.
Lesson #418 on when you have had too much to drink. You start taking your clothes off in the club.
Wow, Robin Thicke just looks completely cheesy here.


a full circle said...

please more will arnett/amy poehler/wamy baby!

Molly said...

Did Bruce Willis get really old really fast?

no those 20 year olds he goes with make him look old.

Mother Campfire said...

Um don't kill me for saying this, I'm truly hoping it's just a bad photo but...

I have never seen someone not glowing as much as Amy Poehler. She actually looks weathered.

Anonymous said...

The only person skankier than Bruce Willis is Demi Moore. They both look old. The only difference is she's shot her face full of Botox.
I'm shocked that she hasn't rushed Rumor to the plastic surgeon yet. Didn't Demi have her jaw shaved way back? (In addition to myriad other procedures?)

lutefisk said...

Bruce's head is shrinking--he needs Botox to puff it up agin.
Dave Grohl's Hair FINALLY looks washed,
& what kind of outfit did SJP dress her SON in?????

Emma31 said...

WTF happened to Fred Durst!!!

Graveyard Rabbit said...

Is Jean Reno sick? I haven't heard!

And I know I should know, but no bells are ringing: who is the disheveled, pregnant person?

Graveyard Rabbit said...

D'oh! That's what I get for sitting on a blogger comment for almost thirty minutes before submitting: the question has been answered a few times over by now! Sorry, y'all!

mooshki said...

That is dressed up for Kevin. :)

Jean *sniff* :'(

Okay, who rebounds from Sienna Miller to Kim Stewart? He's gotta be on some serious mind-f*#(ing drugs.

Oh, close call, I almost typed a REALLY bad Will Smith ass joke. :(

"You’re all puffed up! You look like the Count of Monte Cristo!"

Don't worry, Enty, Tyler Perry is definitely going to have the last laugh.

Molly said...

flora, i just read on eonline that jean reno had heartburn and not a heart attack. either enty is late in getting the news or he's getting so soft he's sending get well wishes for heartburn. anyways she'll be fine.

blog hopper said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
cinephan said...

Poor Garrett Morris was so wasted on SNL. About the only thing of his I really liked was the "News for the Hard of Hearing" bit he did on Update.

IndigoBlue said...

Um, Enty, I don't really know anyone who really digs David Spade in that way. I do remember his stand up act from when he first started where he talks about shouting the wrong lyrics all the way through a U2 song in concert to the point that Bono stops the song and corrects him. It was really funny. I also loved his SNL Hollywood minute commentary. The one on Cindy Crawford's singing "Charlie" commercial was classic. "And they call it 'Tone Deaf!" I'm lol at my desk right now!

Kraymond19 said...

Who is that in the puffy shirt? One of Sean Penn's kids? Whoever it is, they look a hell of a lot like Spicoli.

Kraymond19 said...

Oh... and f*$k yeah! The Germs! How many teeth does Don Bolles have left in his head? One of my all-time favorite nutbars. :)

IndigoBlue said...

I'm with Kraymond, but who the hell IS in the puffy shit -- oh I mean shirt?

Anonymous said...

Guy Pearce AND Dave Grohl?

Is it my birthday????

Thanks Enty - lovely surprises!!

jax said...

so i read the blind items b4 scrolling down to random photos and came accross this:

I'm going to have to "knock Eva Mendes" from the top spot. Maybe I just want Entourage to start again.

interesting tidbit there...knocked up?

jax said...

ps fred durst looks older than Bruce!

Molly said...

puffy shirt -

initials are 'tps'

so it really could be a Spicolli!

kimi said...

Wow, when did Fred Durst get so old!!!! Look how far Demi and Ashtons hips are from each other. Interesting body language.

Unknown said...

Ashton looks all lurchy and puffy. Was he instructed to fug it up so as not to show up Rumer?

Eeny Beeny Meeny said...

Poor Amy's face is sayin' "Get this dang baby outta me! Now!" She's way past the glow stage.

I think Mr. Willis is still lookin' mighty fine these days. I wouldn't kick Bruno out of bed, or anywhere else the mood struck him...

And I don't know anyone who still likes David Spade. His schtick has worn thin. Move along, little man, move along.

Finally, Demi is definitely checking out Chinmor's new b.f. - Ashton's getting a bit long in the tooth (30!), time to shopping for a new boy toy, I guess.

Jungle007 said...

who is puffy shirt? seriously!! At first i couldnt tell if it was a male or female but i'm gonna go with maaalllle....

and hey SJP's son looks like he's wearing something that was handmade for him by his Irish granny or something..think it's cute in that 80's kinda way...

I'm a little lost on the "lesson 418" person. who is she and what is this about taking clothes off? she looks dressed to me...

lmnop123 said...

Bruce Willis looks older because he is letting his hair, beard and mustache grow out and it is all very gray. If he shaved it off again he'd look much better with that younger woman that he's dating.

Murphy Brown 2020 said...

I just wanted to say that my 37 year-old boyfriend wants that Lego Taj Mahal more than ANY child could possibly desire it.

trashtalker said...

molly: I think "tps" stands for "the puffy shirt." I checked Getty Images. The kid is named Shane Kaufman.

Kevin didn't just not get dressed up, he didn't even put on a clean t-shirt.

Justin Long is thinking, "Oh wow, someone wants to take my picture? You know I'm not with Drew anymore, right? Oh, but you still want a photo? OK, sure!"

Beth said...

Please, please, PLEASE do not post any more pictures of Delta Goodrem. It's bad enough that we have to suffer through her singing career down here in Oz. Don't let her become famous in the US. She is terrible!

crichmond1000 said...

"I have never seen someone not glowing as much as Amy Poehler. She actually looks weathered."

I belong to that club.

I tried to hide as much as possible because it was tough when people would audibly gasp when they saw me. I became paranoid thinking about what people might be thinking about me. It was was not a good time.

Then they would say, "How are you feeling?" I should have just said, "Fine, whatever..." and be polite. Sometimes I would say, "How do you think I feel? Look at my ankles and my huge head." I think the retained water was putting pressure on my brain. I had to apologize to many people. It's a sensitive time.

But I have really great kids.

Stacy said...

More Dave Grohl!! Dave Grohl every day!

You weren't messing with him with that Mentos comment were you EL? Cause I seriously don't want to have to come over there or nothing.

bionic bunny! said...

okay, i'll go on paper as officially still loving david spade. he's cute in a squirrely, but not quite rabid kind of way.
and i love, love LOVE kevin smith-- it's not my fault, i fell in love with "silent bob" in "dogma"!!
i do also have warm fuzzies for bruno. in spite of the ex and the kids.
i also have a lot of love for john lithgow, goes back to when he played transexual roberta in "garp".
and the masked guy, is anybody else on here old enough to remember "the unknown comic"?
guy with a paper bag on his head, bad sport coat and bad jokes. but somehow hysterical all the same, back in the seventies.
wow, good pix today, enty!!
can i say again how much i LOVE kevin smith, and i DO adore spade!

Wil said...

I never have known what to give Jean Reno for his birthday! Now I do .. Prilosec! Seriously though, the first time I ever got heartburn I, too, thought I was having a heart attack!!

Very, Very Glad Jean is fine .. and I hope he stays that way for a long long time. I just bought "Ronin" on iTunes because my two favorite crushes are in it .. Jean and Stellan Skarsgard. Sean Bean and De Niro aren't hard on the eyes either!

Oh my!! It's Friday!! Only a few short hours to FFF!!! Jean's fine and it's Friday .. life is good!

Molly said...

trashtalker, you're right! enty was being really sneaky with this one. thanks!

poor shane kaufman did nothing to deserve all of this criticism. for all we know that's part of a costume.

mooshki said...

Wil, it's good when it happens that way. A long time ago, my dad thought he had heartburn, and it turned out he was having a bunch of mild heart attacks. :(

Ernestine, I used to be obsessed with Legos. It sucks that the d*mn things are so freakin' expensive!!!

Chrichmond, my sympathies. My friend went through hell being pregnant. Her son just had his first birthday, and she's actually thinking about having another baby now. It's amazing how nature makes moms forget just quite how awful pregnancy was so they'll keep reproducing. :)

Anonymous said...

love the germs! can't wait to see "what we do it secret" this weekend :)

Kraymond19 said...

nicckie... i'm so jealous! I haven't seen a listing for Austin yet. I keep looking though.

J said...

guy pearce - the only actor i would love to have a dinner conversation with.

bionic bunny! said...

i remember another site (pajiba?) had a question, what star would you like to hang out with and what would you like to do.
i remember thinking i'd love to hang with kevin smith and TP tom cruise's house. maybe the flaming doggie ding dong!
is that so wrong?


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