Thursday, August 21, 2008

Lily Allen Has A Problem

In an interview with Paper Magazine, Lily Allen talked about how she is a horrible person when she is on drugs, but loves them too much to stop taking them. So, to me when someone knows they are a completely different person, and someone they don't like when they take drugs, but are not willing to stop, then they have a problem.

When I was reading the article, I loved a section where she insisted though that when she found out she was pregnant last year, that she immediately stopped taking drugs. Despite that, she had a miscarriage. Hell yeah it had a miscarriage. What? Do you think you can do a boatload of drugs every night for years and years on end, get knocked up, keep doing drugs, find out you are pregnant, and then stop and everything will be fine.

Come on. You can't possibly think that. I'm glad she made the effort to stop, if this is in fact true, but if that kid had been born, it probably would have been really messed up. I don't remember the exact details but I think Lily had said she didn't find out she was pregnant until she was a couple of months along, so basically she had been doing drugs during that first two months or pregnancy before stopping.

Of course after the miscarriage she went right back to using. Hopefully she has found some more effective birth control since then.


mooshki said...

That is the exact relationship I have with caffeine, which is why I will never try any illegal drugs, and why I thank god I never picked up smoking. My off-switch seems to be missing. :)

sam said...

Another one hit wonder who's more famous for being repeatedly photographed stumbling drug or fighting in clubs. Do they do interventions in the UK? Maybe, Amy and Pete can do an intervention?

lutefisk said...

I feel the above is true for many celebs out there--they think they can clean up their act during the pregnancy, & that will be ok. They don't care or realize the long term genetic problems that can result from drug-use.

Maja With a J said...

I have two friends who both did hard drugs several months into their pregnancy - one of them even though she knew she was pregnant, the other didn't know she was pregnant until her second trimester (both used to be pretty f*cked up, as you can probably tell). Both their babies are healthy. But another friend of mine, who used to do a lot of coke, found out she was pregnant only a few weeks into it, stopped doing drugs, and then had a miscarriage in the first trimester. I don't know if it was because of the drugs, but the best choice is probably to not do them altogether. And if you're going to do them, know that there will be consequences, and you're not just hurting yourself.

*Stepping down from soapbox*

I'm eating a really good chocolate chip cookie right now. Like, really good!

mooshki said...

Harriet, I'll trade you my carrots for your cookie.

jax said...

i had a friend who did acid for the first 3months or her pregnancy (not friend anymore obv) and her daughter will be a healthy 16yo in the fall. pregnancies are not can be healthy and vigilant and still lose the baby.
and some can do the most fucked up things and still have a healthy babay (Frances Bean??).

its messed up but i cant blame Lily for her miscarriage, its not like she was partying AND trying to get pregnant that we know of.

just dont do drugs if you're effin without a glove.

Mother Campfire said...

"What? Do you think you can do a boatload of drugs every night for years and years on end, get knocked up, keep doing drugs, find out you are pregnant, and then stop and everything will be fine."

Ahem, how does your theory hold up to one Harlow Madden?

Maja With a J said...

Mooshki, while I appreciate the gesture, I am going to have to decline your offer.

Carrots = lame.
Cookies = Good for the soul.


Amber said...

She didn't say she loves them too much to stop taking them. She said that she's not going to make a promise to never ever do drugs again, because you never know down the road.

RagDoll said...

On a really WEIRD note: I had a friend who suffered from hyperemesis gravidarum during her first pregnancy. it was so horribly serious that she ended up taking nutrients via IV in the hospital. It was THAT. BAD. She was terrified her son would be born premature or underweight.

The WEIRD part of the story? She had totally quit smoking herb in order to "get healthy" while she was planning to become pregnant.

Second pregnancy rolls around, it's a total "surprise" pregnancy, and this time she DIDN'T stop toking on the V-Ripper. She didnt even become nauseous, let alone was she remotely affected by hyperemesis gravidarum. She had a normal healthy pregnancy, a normal healthy appetite and a perfect 7 pound 6 ounce daughter to show for it.

Both her kids are fine now, but her firstborn had a tough first year with lots of fevers and ear infections and colic and such. Her daughter, on the other hand, has always been of robust health, and has, since she was just a few months old, slept through the night without waking!

I'm IN NO WAY advocating the herbage whilst pregnant, but it was just a really strange phenomenon, since the only thing she did differently the second time around was smoke pot.

bionic bunny! said...

what we have to remember, is women have been told don't drink, don't smoke, don't do drugs (well, that one is iffy) only in the last 30 years. 50 years ago, women were encouraged to smoke cigs to keep their weight down. my first pregnancy, i wasn't told not to drink. my second one, i was actually told to have a stiff drink at night in my third trimester and remember being given a scrip for phenobarbital because i couldn't sleep or eat and had constant migraines and sciatic pain.
both kids were huge, and both of their problems were hereditary, not connected to anything i did.
oh, and the second one? only thing i could eat and keep down, swear to God, was raw tuna.
and, while i didn't breastfeed, i remember being told to have a glass or two of wine to relax and help the milk flow.
things change from decade to decade.
just sayin'. oh, and as y'all know by now, i'm a font of useless information!!

Murphy Brown 2020 said...

Awww. Bunny, I really love your useless fountains of info! :-)

You spin a good yarn, as the old-timers like to say.


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