Friday, August 22, 2008

Random Photos Part One

The top spot today goes to Jack Johnson. Not because he is great, which he is, but because our very own jax took the photo of Jack last night at his show in Vancouver. She either had the biggest lens possible or was right up on the stage being pinned by security guards when the photo was taken. Either way, great job jax.

So, we had Guy Pearce yesterday and Don Cheadle last week, so really the only left to do was to combine the two. Can't really go wrong with that.

What I like to call a tennis train. Start off with some Andy Roddick.
Move on to James Blake
and then James Blake begat John Mayer. Hey, John likes tennis so it isn't like the tennis train just abruptly ended. I think he would let you dress him as a tennis player if that is what you wanted.

First time appearance for Jesse Williams. I'm sure it won't be his last.
This is totally new side to Jason Statham.
You know somehow, I think that someone would have been happy to take their photo.
See, I think Hilary Duff is thinking about 40 years of grocery shopping.
Uh oh. Ed Westwick is a biter.
It just would not be a Friday without Snoop Dogg. Just has a special place in all of our hearts. Well, my heart. Probably somewhere else for many of the rest of you.

Its kind of like Elton John in the 70's, but with better teeth.
Matt Walten is yet another first timer.
Max Mirnyi missed the tennis train earlier, but he seems to be popular enough to be invited aboard.
Kid Rock & Johnny Van Zant - New York
Both Will and John borrowed sport coats from two of the journalists there. Can't tell can you?

Unwritten Law - Adelaide
The Whip - Leeds, UK
Smashing Pumpkins - Boca Raton, FL
I guess everyone knows where Sienna Miller lives now.


Emma31 said...

Andy looks a little crossed eyed...

selenakyle said...

Reveals, right up front. At least Roddick & Statham (*weep*, crushed)

Then I gather the rest are supposed to be gay (but not necessarily violent) except for Heidi/Seal, H.Duff and Snoop?

mooshki said...

Nice shot, Jax!

Twofer! That's a great pic, but it reminds me I saw a preview for "Factory Girl" last night, and they made Guy look like crap. I guess they didn't want him to make Sienna & Hayden look any worse by comparison.

"Tennis Train" - I think a few of us may take that in a direction you didn't intend. (Or maybe you did? :))

"This is totally new side to Jason Statham."
-There's a hidden meaning there, right? I'm too sleepy to figure it out.

Okay, ditto for the Hilary comment, but YAY for Trader Joe's!!!!

I'm sorry, but Snoop ain't gettin' that thing anywhere near me.

Reese said...

Nice picture Jax. Were you six inches from Jack, or do you have some kind of monster lens?

Love the Billy Corrigan picture.

I wish that was Sienna's actual domicile. If it was it would likely also have a warning sign on the door from the Department of Health.

Andy Roddick's eyes always look just a bit too close together.

irishstayc2 said...

Man i just love Jason Statham... he makes me sigh with lust!!

Loved the last pic - too funny, wish it was her house

kris said...

JAX, nice pic!!

jax said...

thanks guys. EL you rock!!!!

no i was a wee bit back from the stage and this was a complete fluke. ill be doing a review tonight on my blog and you'll see.
damn it was a good show!

Kristen S. said...

Andy Roddick always looks like the dumbest dumb jock from high school. James Blake, though....mmmm.

Amber said...

Jason Statham looks different from every angle!

lutefisk said...

If Hillary brought her own bags to Trader Joe's, she wouuld get a chance to win $40 in free groceries, & be green.
I am still waiting to win.

mooshki said...

People, that IS Sienna's house in London. Someone tagged her specifically.

Sinjin said...

Hmmm. Seal has the same camera as I do. Enough with the Jason Statham is gay stuff, I don't want to hear/believe it! The day he hits oh my brother and not my sister is the day I'll believe it. (*pouts*)

cinephan said...

Seeing the Ed Westwick pic, I guess now we know what Chace is into.

BlahFrickinBlah said...

LMAO @ Slut's house..pwned!

I just have to say ENT, for you to utter Elton John and Pete Wentz in the same sentence is blasphemy. You do know that is grounds to go to Hell ? I'm totally telling Jesus on you.

Baseball and doobage is why I <3 Snoop.

Jason Statham is one of the very few men in the world that can be going bald and still make it sexy as hell. mmmmmmmmm

John Mayer had potential when he was on Dave Chappelle but now he is just an asshat.

Great pic Jax!

Jillian S. said...

What's with all the bald dudes in random pix today?
And Andy Roddick ALWAYS looks cross eyed. I think he has a fly living on the end of his nose.

jax said...

i see Sienna is a brand now.

mooshki said...

LOL, Jax. "'Slut.' When you've just gotta bang someone besides your wife."

Reese said...

"I see Sienna is a brand now."
Best post of the entire week, Jax!

I hope you're right and that really is her house, Mooshki. So richly deserved.

Adrian, I've been waiting forever to win my Trader Joe's groceries; I always take my own bags. I'm convinced it is all rigged against me.

mooshki said...

Hmmm, Reese, I went to look for a link to the story, and they've all been pulled, so either it was a fake or Sienna's sleeping with a really talented married hacker.

Maja With a J said...

Why is it that every time I see a picture of Kid Rock, I think "date rape"?

jax said...

oh no its correct,saw it on...tmz maybe the other day? they had a shot ofher coming out of the door for comparison.

bionic bunny! said...

i was gonna guess for sure that jax was being detained by the local constabulary as we speak...
love ya, jax!!!
and i didn't know trader joe's had made it to the east coast, much less the $40 thing! day-um! they are THE best for "special" dieters. guess i'll have to pay more attention!
okay, guys, i was spooked at a very young age by a very explicit copy of playgirl (only seen 3 real peens in my life!) so i don't look at FFF. what's the deal with snoop? 'cuz otherwise, i love him.
and, enty, my love, if you want to compare whasisname with elton in the 70's, then you obviously did NOT see elton in the 70's!! BAD enty!!


Anonymous said...

Andy Roddick isn't crosseyed, it's just that his eyes are VERY close together.

Statham. Yum-um.

Chace clearly has better technique, I guess Ed must be the top then.

Beth said...

Y'know Smashing Pumpkins are old when they are playing Boca Raton.

J said...

guy pearce. just sayin' it because I know it's going to be a long while before I get to say it here again.

mooshki said...

Bionic, Snoop is SCARILY hung. It's a monster. So, you can still love him, as I do, you just don't ever want to love him, if you know what I mean. :)

sprinkles said...

Thanks for the Kid Rock photo. I know I'm the only person on earth who still likes him so the picture is much appreciated!

mooshki said...

Glitter, my brother mostly likes classical music, but for some odd reason he's very fond of Kid Rock. So you're not completely alone. :)

bionic bunny! said...

thank you, mooshki. that brings an interesting element to the game!


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