Friday, August 22, 2008

I Watched The Hills

I did it. Last night I finally broke down and watched The Hills. OK, I was in the mood for My Super Sweet 16 so turned it over to MTV hoping against hope that I could get a Sweet 16, or at the very least a True Life involving some kids who spent all their parents money on drug addiction or something.

But, what I got instead was The Hills. Now, of course I know some of the cast of characters, because hey, lets face it they are characters. And, I am not completely ignorant because I did watch Laguna Beach, back in the day. Not that that day was that long ago. It was more like back about a half day ago rather than a full day. I mean you really need to save that phrase back in the day for something, well, back in the day.

Honestly, it was like being in the dentist's office. You thought you would rather face death than to go, and when you were there you were not enjoying it, but when it was over you liked that really clean feeling on your teeth that your tongue can't stop plying with.

Well, all I can say after watching it is that Spencer needs to cut back on the X, Heidi appears to be getting meth face and this guy Doug who took out LC on a date really needs to have that tic of his checked out.

My favorite part of the show, other than wondering if Spencer can in fact actually open his mouth, was the date.

Lauren: I'll have a fuzzy dragon
Doug: What kind of beer do you have?
Waiter: Stella Artois
Doug: Oh, stop right there. I'll have a Stella
Lauren: You can tell a lot about a guy from his drink choice
Doug: And what does me having a beer say?
Lauren: That you are a guy's guy.
Doug:You are so beautiful

The camera then cut but the ended up doing it under the table because any guy who orders a Stella is worthy of doing. Of course if he had ordered a Schlitz he would have only got a hand job.

For some reason every person on the show has the annoying habit of saying a sentence and then jerking their head up. Saying a sentence and jerking their head up. It is like they have it timed to coincide with the camera of a photographer.


Anonymous said...

I don't watch the show for some reason it doesn't appeal to me.

LOL@a the show has the annoying habit of saying a sentence and then jerking their head up

Molly said...

sylvia, i'm glad it's not just me. i've seen 20 minutes of it and that was plenty.

Emma31 said...
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Emma31 said...

LMAO,.... "Heidi appears to be getting meth face"

That show stinks and that LC girl has a creepy smile.

mooshki said...

Enty, I am worried about your masochistic tendencies. Have you seen a shrink?

kris said...

lol mooshki...couldn't agree more Ent...I think you might need help.

Have never watched the show and don't believe I ever will.

Jackson Griffith said...

Nice corporate beer placement. As some of you who know business might be aware, American brewer Anheuser Busch (aka Budweiser) recently was acquired by Belgian-Brazilian überbrewer InBev in a hostile takeover. Stella Artois is InBev's top global brand, and now InBev is using its Budweiser marketing muscle to foist this heretofore little-known in America brew. Think of it as Michelob for waffle-eaters.

So when Stella Artois shows up on The Hills as a cool beer choice, you know there's a reason that has nothing to do with aesthetics.

jax said...

'atta boy.
lol..seriously i'd rather watch the faux reality than any of the cheesy coma inducing shit being written out there.

Grey's? SUCKS.
sitcoms- corny as fuck
drama- been there done that.
new 90210? dont insult me.
gossip girl- dawsons creek in NYC yawn.
CSI- yes you catch the guy, shocking.

i think reality has ruined my tv habits for life. nothing scripted can ever compare. sigh.

Marnie said...

Dudes who drink Stella are not "men's men," unless you mean it in a not-dating-girls way.

irishstayc2 said...

hahahah Marnie - not that there's anything wrong with that!

I must admit - I do watch this show. It's like smoking - you know it's a nasty dirty bad for you habit but something keeps making you light that match.!

Oh and I spit on the tools known as Speidi!!! -

MontanaMarriott said...

Just when I thought you were the coolest, I am sooo dissapointed in you right now, :P

mooshki said...

"i think reality has ruined my tv habits for life. nothing scripted can ever compare. sigh."

"Nothing scripted?" Um, Jax, sit down my dear, we have to have a little chat. ;)

Ashlae said...

I hate The Hills. I've seen some episodes here and there, it's awful. Plus I'm getting sick of reality TV. As much as TV sucks crap now, give me CSI or Grey's any day over the Hills!

Maja With a J said...

My husband drinks Stella. And so do I *L*

I have never made it through more than 4 minutes of this show. You know, it SEEMS like something I woiuld enjoy watching, but I just can't bring myself to stick with it through an entire episode. Everyone is so dumb, and shallow, and completely useless, and it's not even in a funny way. It's just tragic.

bionic bunny! said...

give me survivor and probst any day of the week.
and house. i also really love sci fi's "eureka", colin ferguson is just yummy enough, and the show is fun.

Murphy Brown 2020 said...

Um. I think I need to find a new favorite beer. I just can't have anything in common with these fucktards.

Jackie said...

I love LC but when this dude ordered a Stella, how was she ok with that?! She didn't even flinch. She seemed to approve of the drink choice, actually. Maybe if she was going to order a beer it would of been a Stella and so she was secretly pleased that he chose that too, but 'cmon - a man should not be ordering a Stella. Had to get that out. Bothered me the whole dinner scene!

Also, I know LC probably thought it was cute and sexy to order a "Fuzzy Dragon" but that kind of thing is going to go right over a guy's head. He will not be picking up on any innuendos there so the coyness is wasted. Order that drink with your girlfriends or with a bf who doesn't care what you're drinking anyway. Kinda lame on a date. Especially with a guy who is drinking a Stella. Geesh,


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