Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hey Kanye? Just How Racist Are You?

So, while surfing through the various celebrity blogs written by publicists today, I came across Kanye West's site. Yes, and he makes a big deal of the fact that he writes EVERYTHING, including posting all of the photos. So, with that in mind, I hope he can explain to me how this headline is not racist.


He has this headline which in true Kanye style has the exclamation point permanently to the floor, directly above this picture of Scarlett Johannson. There were in fact an entire series of photos of her, but this was the top one.
Now, explain to me how Kanye can go around calling someone their favorite white girl, yellow girl, red girl or whatever and it is cool, and no one gets mad, but, if I were to ever put up a headline that said my favorite black girl or white girl or yellow girl I would have everyone coming down on me saying I was a racist. There would be a huge uproar to the extent that a blog can have an uproar.

In the same manner, I think it is disrespectful when people run around saying oh, he is my main gay. Why can't they just be your friend? Why do you have to predicate their relationship to you with an adjective like gay?

I think what Kanye said is shameful and racist. You would think that he would be mature enough and adult enough to see people without color or without qualifiers. Why can't Scarlett be your favorite woman, or better yet, your favorite person?

Does Kanye have a favorite Jew and Muslim person as well? Perhaps he has a certain Buddhist he holds close to his heart or that Seventh Day Adventist who really rocks his world.

When you have qualifiers, it sucks, and, Kanye, you suck. I don't need any kind of qualifier. You are not my favorite person Kanye, and never will be.


Unknown said...

well Ent, you're my favorite, um, lawyer. There. I said it!

Kid Chicago said...

I bet the word "honky" makes you cry, Ent.

jax said...

well the main gay you can blame Kathy Griffin for that..but i don't mind it and gays don't seem to either but my favorite white girl is a bit much...

selenakyle said...

hee hee, jewels--good one!

Kanye just plain sucks no matter what.

Unknown said...

I think he can probably have a favorite White girl in the same way that Steven Colbert can (audition for and) have an official Black friend. It's slightly off-color (HA!) but funny because you already know that there is not a racist bone in that person's body.

That's why Dave Chapelle, Sarah Silverman, and Lisa Lampanetti get away with with saying anything...

CDAN Mod said...

kanye's self-destruction will start in...10-9-8-7...

selenakyle said...

The word honky is funny to me. Has nothing offensive about it, IMO.

Maybe the N word would not offend us all so much if there were a worse word to describe white people, so the cut-down playing field would be have been more level this whole time.

Just a rambling OT thought...

allisonshine said...

my favorite black male?
definitly NOT Kanye.

He needs to go away.

Ayesha said...

Don't you know? Black people can't be racist. Or so I have read.

Honestly, Kanye calling anyone his favorite white girl isn't racist in my book. Just my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Maybe we all are just already aware of how racist Kanye is, so it didn't warrant much recognition. Color is obviously a huge issue with him. Maybe he has a favorite for every major ethnic and religious group, he strikes me as that type of douche.

Oh yeah, and he's fat.

mooshki said...

Yes, Kanye has a problem with this kind of speech, but if he didn't we would never have gotten "George Bush hates black people," so I'm not gonna complain.

Alice D Millionaire said...

I just think Kanye is an idiot. He talks big but he just looks foolish to me.

I think if snoop had a favorite white girl I would be ok with it, same for some other folks - snoop is just one example. However since it is Kanye I am not ok with it because I don't like him enough as a person to excuse him.

CynCamden said...

Well, at least he's not calling her a bitch or a ho.

I have no problem with Kanye. He does make me made sometimes when his self-entitlement issues get out of hand.

Maja With a J said...

I thought the same thing when I forst saw the blog in question, and I wondered to myself what would happen if, say, John Mayer (just an example) would post pictures of Raven Symone (just an example) with the headline "MY FAVORITE BLACK GIRL". I think there would be an outrage.
Then again, maybe I just get upset because I'm a white girl (actually, one of the whitest. My caucasian-ness is almost ridiculously stereotypical). I'm not sure what it is that gives some people the right to constantly play the race card. I never can. I can't play the gay card either. I have several male friends who happen to be gay. I love them. They lovingly call me their fag hag. But I can't call them "my gays". It just doesn't come out right. I hear it all the time from other women but it just doesn't work for me.
I have a couple of jewsih friends and people always make jew jokes around them and it's fine. But I could never...I would sound like a nazi bitch. They jokingly call me "shiksa" though, and it's fine. I can't figure it out. Maybe I'm just not funny.

califblondy said...

Did anybody see the pictures of Kanye shirtless?

We need to show the man a little compassion. Let's all hold hands, bow our heads, and laugh like crazy.

Molly said...

cuz political correctness has left us with double standards and self serving hypocritical racist leaders like jesse jackson and al sharpton get press being the media whores that they are. i hate kanye.

Murphy Brown 2020 said...

I'm sick and tired of people pretending that black folks can't be racist. They absolutely can. Kanye's blog post was also overtly sexist, but given Scarlett's dumbass media statements about how important her tits are, I doubt she cares about being objectified in such a way.

Anyway, when Kanye bitched about George Bush's non-response to the Katrina devastation, I also cheered, but I thought it was kinda shitty that he made no mention of the fact that whites, Asians, Latinos, etc. were also displaced and devastated by the hurricane. Also, I'm not calling Dubya the poster boy for racial harmony and inclusion or whatever, but he also appointed Condoleeza Rice and Colin Powell to extremely high posts in the earliest days of his administration. I think a more correct statement would have been: "George Bush doesn't care about POOR people." Because he fucking doesn't. But Kanye is rich as hell, so what the hell does HE care? What sorts of charities and shit does HE support, besides the Short and Whiny Little Bitches Who Throw Pathetic Public Tantrums When They Lose Awards Foundation?

What's WITH Kanye? In my opinion, he's THE most vastly overrated performer of our time. I mean, would ANY of you honestly call him a good rapper? A wordsmith? We're talking about the same egomanical moron who rhymed "klondike" with "blonde dyke." That's not fucking POETRY. That's something a twelve year-old shits out in his junior-high creative writing class just to get a reaction from his teacher.

Oh, another thing. Isn't "dyke" kind of a hateful word? You don't hear, say, Tegan and Sara or The Indigo Girls tossing out the n-word in THEIR songs, do you?

I can't wait until this racist fuckwad packs up his sweater vests and moronic eyewear and just vanishes into total irrelevance.

Maja With a J said...

Dear Ernestine,

I like you.


Anonymous said...

You have a good point, Ernestine. Kanye's attitude in that statement was more racist than he claimed George W Bush to be, because it made it very clear that the only people that matter to Kanye are other black people.

Molly said...

not long ago i read an article about six black kids beating the shit out of a white kid and it wasn't called a hate crime. white people are discriminated against in ways that are accepted by society and none of the white people are protesting any of it. by 2024 white people are going to be in the minority so they better speak up now.

Anonymous said...

No kidding. Its so acceptable to rip on white people just for being whtie, that people thinks its racist just to say that you feel you're the target of racist hate if you're white.

Murphy Brown 2020 said...

Dear Harriet,

I like you, too. And I LOVE your name. If it's not your actual name, you need to change it so it is. Especially the Hellfire part.


Ernestine (not my real name)

Murphy Brown 2020 said...

Okay, OKAY. See, now I think we're delving into dangerous territory with the whole "white people are going to be the minority" thing.

The fact is this: who are the people who clean your hotel rooms? Who collects your tolls on the interstate? Who are the folks who work in various gas stations into the wee hours? Who are the people who wash dishes in restaurant kitchens? Who are the people who perform these and other typically-undesirable tasks?

Not white people. Not usually.

I bristle when I hear the Caucasians as minorities argument -- partly because I think it's a hateful, Republican-generated idea geared towards ostracizing Latinos -- and the HARDEST-WORKING people I've EVER encountered are Hispanic -- but also because even I can admit that we've had it waaaaay easier than other ethnicities in this country for a longass time. It doesn't mean that Kanye still isn't a racist douchebag, but come ON.

SmokeYourselfThin said...

Haha ayesha, I came here to say exactly that. Of course black people can't be racist, that "privilege" is only reserved for evil whitey! I guess all us uptight white assholes should loosen up and be cool with racial slurs like cracker and honky, because after all, WE DESERVE IT. Right? I can't tell you how many times I've been called "white bitch", "white *insert hateful name here*", yet I've never called anyone a black/hispanic/asian/etc. bitch, nor have I called them any of the derogatory racial slurs. But it's perfectly OK to do it to us, and we're not supposed to be offended either. Yeah, everyone else can scream racism, but when we are the victims (and if you think whites can't be victims of racism, then you are just plain stupid and must not live in the real world), it's perfectly OK, and even justified! The double standard is disgusting.

Also, if you're white and NOT offended by honky or cracker, then sorry, but you're a fool. Especially if you are one of those people who flip the hell out over anything that could possibly even be perceived as racist towards any other ethnic group. Racism is wrong, even when it's towards evil white people, and either you fight ALL racism, or you just need to STFU. Besides, allowing hateful racist slurs towards whites isn't helping anything, it's not changing the past, and all it does is cause MORE racism, hatred, and resentment.

On topic, I absolutely 100% HATE Kanye. He is a racist, white-hating piece of crap, and because of that, he'll never get a penny of my money. Yeah, he can hate whitey, but he sure loves our money, especially when it's going into his pockets so he can buy more stupid sunglasses or whatever. I cannot understand why anyone who hates racism would support him. He's a disgusting piece of garbage.

Unknown said...

"You would think that he would be mature enough and adult enough to see people without color or without qualifiers."

There is no such thing as 'people without color'. To say you don't see someone's color or race is denying that person the right to their culture, heritage and a big part of who they are. A better mindset is: "I know that you are White, Black, Native American, Asian etc. but I like/don't like you as A PERSON because..."

Historical knowledge, acceptance, tolerance and understanding of a person's race/culture/heritage are some of the ways we can combat racism. Someone claiming that he/she sees 'people without color' is just a new way to be racist.

BTW, I'm not calling you a racist, ENT, but I had to post my thoughts because I just had this discussion with a friend a couple of days ago. So weird.

Molly said...

uh excuse me but a study i read the other day said white people are going to be the minority. you can't make this stuff up so get off the high horse.

SmokeYourselfThin said...

Oh yeah...since I didn't display the appropriate amount of self-loathing and white guilt, how long will it be until someone calls me a racist? That's another thing we are not supposed to do, we're not supposed to be proud of our heritage or skin color. To be a "good" white person, we have to be constantly ashamed, and apologizing for the past. Everyone else is allowed to be proud of their heritage and skin color, but not whites! Oh no, not us. So...I'm giving it maybe 5 comments at most until I'm called a racist.

lutefisk said...

Just another reason for me not to like Kanye.

Murphy Brown 2020 said...

As usual, Molly, you've displayed your inability to regard anything rationally or intelligently. Good job.

Molly said...

ernestine you need to get a life and start journaling about it. you pointed to my post and i responded. fucking deal with it.

kimi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
SmokeYourselfThin said...


Yeah, and wait to see how whites are going to be treated when that day comes. You think we'll get any of the coddling, special privileges, affirmative action, or even the platform to scream about how everyone is so racist to us? HELL NO! It's going to be nothing but payback for the past, you wait and see. Then we'll see just how racist other races can be.

Molly said...

smoke, my heritage includes whites, blacks and hispanics and i have to agree with you. i think white people are really being apathetic about this stuff and i think that's a big mistake.

Murphy Brown 2020 said...

Molly, if you were to suddenly prove that you're capable of expressing your thoughts in a logical or articulate fashion, it would floor me. This is just another instance of you expressing something in an audaciously-ignorant way. So, in the year 2424 or some shit, white people are going to SUDDENLY lose ALL of their political heft, their control over the corporate realm, dominance over the mainstream media, and the general ease we've experienced since this country's conception?

Please. You're just another uninformed xenophobe among many. And do you think your pitiful little retorts are going to chase me away from CDAN? Good luck with that.

I don't suffer fools very well. Fortunately, this blog happens to attract very intelligent people, and you're just (to use YOUR favorite word) a minority.

SmokeYourselfThin said...


It's ALWAYS our fault. ALWAYS. No matter what we do, no matter how much we try to atone, it will never, EVER be enough. Is it any wonder why people get sick of trying? Why they get sick of hearing about how fucking horrible they are because they don't spend every single second of their lives hating themselves for being born white? You're right, black people here have it way better than they do anywhere else in the world, ESPECIALLY Africa, but that doesn't matter. No matter what happens, we will always be hated, and nothing we do will ever be enough. So with things being that way, is it any wonder why whites are sick of this crap? It just gets really, really old to be constantly called racists whenever we don't automatically jump to put every other race's demands before our own. Things aren't perfect, but at least we're trying to do something about it. Too bad that no matter what we do, it will never be good enough, and we will always be hated regardless. So is it any wonder why people are like, "fuck it, why bother"? We can't win, no matter what we do. Lucky, lucky us, huh? Yeah, "white privilege" is so grand! *rolls eyes*

Guess I really need to work on that whole self-loathing thing, huh? Don't want anyone on the internet to call me a racist! LOL

Molly said...

geeze do you always have to write an epic? a study shows whites will be in the minority in 2024. that's all i wrote. get over it and quit putting words in my mouth. and save the diarrhea mouth for your own personal journal.

Anonymous said...

The other day someone on my blog said a comment I made about "Oh, I'm sorry, I forgot its only racist if the victim is black" hurt their feelings a bit. I did apologize for offending them personally but did not back down on my stance that I feel that attitude is pushed off on me a lot. I don't think its racist to say "Hey, I'm a white chick, and I too know what it feels like to be hated, disrespected, and not taken seriously because of my race. I know what its like to walk into a room and have every eye on me and feel I'm about to be ripped to pieces just with a person's glares." I don't disregard that particular reader's feelings or opinion, I just don't share it. I don't wish to offend anyone, but I'm no longer going to let others feel better about themselves at my expense jsut because its supposed to even the score.

jax said...

wow...i stepped in a pile in this room! LOL.

i live in large Indo Canadian area outside Vancouver and I have been run down and called "dumb white slut" by more indo canadian males than any other race ever.
it boils my blood that i have to be the smart one and not reply a racist slur, or even make a peep or i'll be labeled racist for daring to stand up to Indo Canadians yet i've never received the same treatment back.

if i'm a bad driver call be a "shitty women driver!"
if i act a fool call me a "dumb slut"
if i cheat on you then call me "that cheating whore"

but don't you dare call me out for my race cuz i sure as fuck aren't going to do the same to you.
i am not ignorant, racist or naive.
use your fucking brain and call me out for being a fucking PERSON, not a colour or persuasion.

its 2008 and if we want to end racism once and for all,we need to recognize it is a two way street and not a 'white' problem.

kimi said...

Barack says we need to have a conversation about race in America.? I strongly agree with him. But this time, it has to be a two-way conversation.White America needs to be heard from, not just lectured to.

We have all heard ad nauseam from the Rev. Al about Tawana Brawley, the Duke rape case and Jena. And all turned out to be hoaxes. But about the epidemic of black assaults on whites that are real, we hear nothing.

Rev Wright- if any white preacher had spoke like that we would never hear the end of it or if we had a whites only award show.

The blacks can say whatever regarding race but whites can't is getting old. I did not enslave anyone, neither my parents nor my grandparents. People drive me crazy when they say blacks can't be racist.

Molly said...

it's easy to manipulate people through guilt or charges of racism so the problem isn't going away anytime soon, esp. since white people seem apathetic to it. nobody is boycotting, picketing, etc. i'm glad to see so many are actually recognizing the problem but what are you going to do about it? seriously.

Anonymous said...

Good to hear from you Jax. Its nice to hear from our Canadian friends on this because I know its a whole different pool of ethnicities involved.

The first time I ever felt discriminated against as a white person was when I was a child. My father's best friend was a black man, a preacher named Jason Martin, and they were evangelical musicians together, traveling all over and performing on Christian television and such. I grew up with his eight kids, and we all loved each other dearly. Where I felt the racism, though, was everytime we went with Daddy to church with the black folks. I've never been so deliberately ignored and shunned in my entire life. I felt hated and as if they purposefully made me invisible. And these were church goin', God fearing people. Not that it was always that way--the encounters I had years later at an inner city San Francisco church in the Tenderloin, where I was doing ministry on a missions trip, were much more favorable. But I can remember those people back then just hating me and my little sisters for even being around.

jax said...

gee Molly why don't you make some more friends.

in case you haven't noticed we try to keep the finger pointing on the blog and not at each other. its all opinion.

learn to scroll.

Murphy Brown 2020 said...

Well said, Kimi.

Molly said...

jax when someone points out my post to criticize then i get a chance to respond to it. funny how you missed that she pointed to my post first.

jax said...

no sweetie im talking about you coming here and telling everyone to go 'journal'.

so go JOURNAL if you dont like what you're reading or the amount of it.

Molly said...

that was my response to her criticism. if you dont like it tell her to pass over my posts. easy isnt' it?

BlahFrickinBlah said...

Shit, no one in my family owned slaves. My peeps are from Ireland and Scotland. We were fucked over when we first got to the US. "Irish need not apply" and all that shit. I don't see anyone campaigning for my reparations or making it up to my people. However, I don't give a fuck cause the people I live next to, work next to and friends with had nothing to do with that bullshit.

I used to be a private investigator. I worked mostly in Philly. Most (not all) black people treated me like shit no matter how nice I was to them. I had problems with white people too but the majority was from black people who thought that if they raised up against the innocent looking white girl, she would back down cause all white people are scared of black people. Nah, fuck that. I'm nice to you, you shit on me, so then I shit back on you. I don't give a shit what color you are and everyone I dealt with found that out. I have friends that play on that 'white people are scared of blacks' shit all the time. They think it's funny cause they get over on a stereotype that should offend them. It sure as shit would offend me. You can't have it both ways. Use the stereotype when it suits you and cry foul when it doesn't. If you judge me as a person on my looks alone, then you are an asshole. Assholes come in all shapes, sizes and colors. On the flip side, if you let another person intimidate you cause of your looks, then you are an idiot too. You are buying into the stereotypes as well.

If people have a problem with that they can kiss my fat, drunken, bar fighting, potato pickin'/eating, lily white, Irish ass.

Murphy Brown 2020 said...

Jax, let's just ignore her. She's obviously still in high school. It's not even worth it.

jax said...

oh get a fucking clue, you're telling people to stop the verbal diarhea etc. dont play fucking innocent now missy.


BlahFrickinBlah said...

Oh and I forgot...Kanye is a tool but I thought that long before he started the racist crap. He's an attention whore who is doing shit like this for publicity.

Unknown said...

It's racial not racist. Figure out the two.

Unknown said...

This has been a cathartic moment, hasn't it? Let's all take a step back and take a deep breath.

There, that's better.

Despite all the racial problems we have, I must say that on average the majority of ALL people are decent citizens who respect one another.

Let's remember that. Let's remember the goodness in each of us, no matter the background.

Allison said...

Wow. These comments make me really sad. What started out about Kanye West has turned into how most black people are racist and how hard it is to be white.

The example of attending the black churches struck me in particular. That sounds like a horrible way to be treated. Ignored as if you were invisible. Hated just for existing for no other reason than because you are difficult.

You should have a bit more compassion having felt that. That was just when you were at church and in the minority. It wasn't a daily occurance almost everywhere you went, because you were not in the minority most places you went.

I think people are being a little simplistic and the level of rage I've read here shocks me. Like I said, it's sad.

I agree with the poster above that says Obama was right that there needs to be a conversation about race. I also believe that the frustrations of whites who have felt racism need to be heard as much as blacks, Latinos, Asians, etc.

I'm black and I have experienced racial hatred against me because of it, but it doesn't make me angry at all white people for example. From the sound of some of these comments, people have a hard time separating one person from the group.

I like Kanye's music, but the favorite white girl comment is just dumb. I also think it's been blown out of proportion here.

Allison said...

Also, forgot to add. Right on, grace.

And good joke about ENT being your favorite lawyer, jewel. :)

Anonymous said...

By all means, Allison, it does make me more sympathetic to how they feel...my point was, it goes both ways, big time.

Anonymous said...

Oh and by the way, you'd be wrong about not being in the minority everywhere I go. I live in a big city. I'm in the minority a lot of places I go, and often one of the only "white folk" on the public bus. And that church wasn't the only place a black person treated me like shit. And if you notice, I didn't only have negative experiences with them, either.

selenakyle said...

Please, please, please, please, please dear Jah, God, Allah, Yahweh, Krishna, Buddha, Dalai Lama--whomever is up there hearing my prayers--

PLEASE let Barack Obama win in November.

The U.S. needs to MOVE ON as a country. Remember, the "melting pot" and all that.

Unknown said...

Hey, Allison -- Love ya right back!

I think for most people here they want to get some personal experiences off their chest. That's okay -- let's use this as that forum.

But let's not hate an entire racial group based on a few bad apples.

Let's use this to get together and be a people as one, not divided.

I am of a certain racial persuasion married to a person of different racial persuasion.

I don't see myself as a victim even if someone has said something derogatory to me.

And don't give me grief with my "cumbaya"!!

We can accomplish more with one mighty fist than a bunch of whiners who are not looking for a way to work together.

Murphy Brown 2020 said...

AMEN, Selena. AaaaaMEN.

selenakyle said...

Amen, Grace. And this is long but I have a point:

Human nature breeds an "us vs. them" mentality that we all have to fight.

It doesn't need to be skin color-based. Hell, it happens within the same racial pool.

Some of my lighter friends make fun of other blacks who are darker. Talking 'bout how black the palms of one dude's hands are.

And this example might not sound like much but it still hurts and illustrates my point--

We have couple friends who are usually nice, country people from the south, as I am (but not country).

My husband is from PA but chose to make his life and raise his kids down here in the 70's and never looked back.

When wife of the the couple gets too shitfaced on her brown "lickah" she calls my husband a Yankee and rides him.


It feels like the stinging slap of racism when it happens to you or your loved one directly--it's still pointing out another's differences in front of others like the person somehow doesn't "count."

Like he'll never "belong" no matter how long he's been in the south. F-ing morons.

That shit really hits home when it's done in front of people and the place quiets down to a hushed cricket-hearing level.

And my husband holds his head up proudly and ignores the cunt bitch with the husband who can't get it up.

Which I came pretty GD close to blurting THAT back at her last time, too, and probably WILL one of these days she hits me wrong.

My point is--this stupidity is ALL AROUND us every f-ing day.

We have to rise above it, somehow.

Thanks, that's all.

Unknown said...

Hey, Selenakyle -- a shoutout to you!! Hugs and smiles!!

Hey, this stuff is painful, no doubt. Terribly so.

I don't forget those from the '50s and '60s who forged groundbreaking work for all people. And let's not forget Cesear Chavez. No matter our skin color, we are their legacy. They endured pain and sorrow with such dignity and yet they did NOT give up!!

We must continue this legacy.

So Kanye started the conversation, then... maybe that's not such a bad thing.

The Adventures of... said...

ohh, how this blog got nasty :-(

I think Ent has a point, and it seems like we all agree there needs to be less 'qualifiers' like Kanye used describing ScarJo. As much as I get what he was doing, in his position he didn't need to. Btw, he WAS distinguishing her in her 'category'- white, as opposed to saying 'my favourite black girl, for which he'd likely have say 'favourite girl'. For me, it's just speaking from a perspective.

Non-whites are always 'qualified' in mainstream media- newspapers and magazines. I'll use the UK as the example here, because it's where I am, and everytime they discuss a black person or indian person, it is by their race. When they refer to a white person, it isn't even mentioned. I guess the reason they do it IS to diffrentiate! It seems to me, Kanye was just doing the same thing. Maybe ScarJo just IS his favourite girl...who is white???

selenakyle said...

Hugs back to all!

Yeah, it's funny how what Kanye said wasn't really all that bad but he's such an arrogant pussy personality-wise that we jumped him.

Gotta say, he does break down some barriers like his Daft Punk affinity, etc.

Even tho he's a dick, his (as Ent surmises, "publicist-written") blog did start a lil' ol' CDAN tempest.

And it's a good thing we talk about it openly. Blogs are good for that: safely-anonymous venting that can OPEN EYES.

I know I'm ignorant. No one recognizes anyone else's hurt. We are all caught up in our own thang.

God bless everyone, and let me go cook my poor man some dinner.

Unknown said...

I think I'm making shrimp tonight -- I usually like it with linguine but I don't think I have any. Maybe just some rice served with green beans. Got the green beans for .69 cents a pound!

Hey -- can't blame Kanye for liking ScarJo -- most men do...

Jazz Hands said...

My two cents...

I'm white; I'm not offended by his "my fav white girl" comment.

I'm a lesbian; I think it's hilarious to name check a Klondike so you can rhyme it with "blond dyke."

So, that's MY perspective. The key, as some of you have pointed out, is not to think it's the only perspective.

To listen in a discerning yet non-judgmental way is exhausting.
Which may explain why we all prefer the celeb gossip website over SeriousNewsandIssues.com

Unknown said...

Ooh -- I wanted to add one more thing -- men and Woody Allen are obsessed with ScarJo -- duh. The New Yorker has a review of Vicky Cristina Barcelona and here's what was said:

"Scarlett Johansson, who is still only twenty-three, has appeared in an amazing number of movies. There’s no mystery why: she’s charming and also pliant and openly sexual in a way that obviously pleases male directors.

She’s at a stage in which her sensuality is more developed than anything else in her personality, but that configuration works for her this time. Going to bed with an attractive man is not going to tell Cristina all that she needs to know about herself. Allen has successfully captured a spirit of restless indeterminacy."

Allison said...

Badfish, I want to apologize for singling you out. Your story just stood out to me after reading through all the comments. I should not have implied or assumed from your comment about being a minority in a black church that you lacked compassion for others who have to deal with racism.

You're right that it goes in both directions.

I realize most people are just venting because it's a terrible thing to experience racism. Unfortunately, almost all regardless of which race share those kinds of experiences.

brendalove@gmail.com said...

I watched the race last weekend. It was boring as hell. Lots of cars making a continuous left-hand turn. Woo woo

bodashush said...

Well I have to echo Alison's sentiments because these comments are just sad.  You know black people are always told that they use racism as an excuse to dislike white people, but by reading some of these comments, it seems that white people are as hung up about race as you accuse black people  of being.  I guess I don't understand taking a comment that is silly and using it as a rant against black people.  It seems that in your haste to portray Kanye as a racist and Whites as victims of racism, some of you have exposed yourselves to  be anything but tolerant.

Unknown said...

Good points, bodashush! I think the reason why people are venting is because everyone knows racism is WRONG!! And that we want to live in a better world.

Really, isn't that what this is all about? Readers expressing anguish, hurt, and anger over this?

And we all want to heal.

The most famous quote is still most relevant all these years later-- can't we all just get along??

Noa said...
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Noa said...

Kayne doesn't care for black people.

Also, what's with the language they use on the blog, do you need a secret key to read it?

[i]this chick is so beautiful, i didn't even relize it...i would definitely eat her on the grass in the sunlight. she's devil plated,like a breathe of fresh white girl air...yea i said it ha. and im gonna still promote mayte garcia weather she makes the cut or not. kanye nothing to do with this but you should hop on the plies song (plz excuse my hands)make a remix or something. it sounds like something you'd hop on.[/i]

Mrs. Howell said...

Let's not forget about Alicia Keys lovely comment:
Alicia Keys claims that gangsta rap was actually created by the US Government. Asked why the government would do that, she replied it was designed to “convince black people to kill each other”


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