Monday, April 13, 2009

Chris Brown Finds A New Victim

It didn't take Chris Brown long to move on to another woman. According to the NY Daily News, Chris Brown is spending time with an ex-girlfriend named Erica Jackson. Now, I don't know who is more stupid. Chris Brown or his new girlfriend. Chris Brown has Rihanna on his side enough where she is not going to testify against Chris unless she is ordered to which means the prosecution's case isn't as strong as it could be. Sure, they have the statement Rihanna gave that night and the photos, but it isn't the same thing as having Rihanna up there saying it. You know Rihanna is going to be ticked about this so why push her buttons about it now? Wait until after this is all settled.

As for his new girlfriend. She is an idiot too. Did she see Rihanna's face? Does she think Chris won't be that way with her? Does she think she is special and will never make him mad? Does she think she can take a few punches? Also, Chris cheated on Rihanna every damn day, so she must know he is going to cheat on her, probably beat her at some point and yet because he is Chris Brown she is willing to deal with that and date him.

I hope she has health insurance.


J said...

But honestly, life goes on

Is he supposed to sit and pine for her? They are over

More power to the woman that's now dating him, she's a fool

I'm thoroughly sick of this situation

He f*cked up, will he ever be allowed to move on?
Not denying the obvious, but shall we crucify him? This has to stop...

Nosey Parker said...

I hope the woman in the pic is his new gf. She looks like she can kick his a** if he gets out of line.

J said...


Lady J said...

Who cares who he is with now. This situation is so tired, let the guy move on. How is he supposed to get passed the situation if everyone in the media keeps harping about it. He is not with Rhianna he has moved on, so has she, it is time for everyone else to do the same.

BlahFrickinBlah said...

If she dated him before, chances are that he beat her ass pre RiRi anyway. I doubt RiRi was the first one he jacked up. I hope Rihanna gets bent and blasts him in court. If this is what it took to make her speak the truth about this little shit, so be it.

mooshki said...

Ugh, I think Chris and Rihanna are still together, but now he has an easy excuse to cheat - he can say he's just trying to keep their cover going.

lmnop123 said...

Blah, I agree with you, the ex has been down this road before and didn't learn her lesson. Hopefully Rihanna will get angry enough to testify and then move on with her life.

ms_wonderland said...

You don't 'move on' from a crime by ignoring/denying it. Chris Brown has to acknowlege his actions, take responsiblity, take his punishment and find a way to deal with his anger without hurting someone. Then he can move on, and so can we.

r said...

once a woman beater, always a woman beater, until either the law or God intervenes. Yeh, he can "move on" alright, move on to the next victim.

Anonymous said...

Agree with what Rebecca wrote.

J said...

I understand that, but if the victim can forgive him, what is the problem?

I hate when people say "once this, always that". God, can anyone change? I'm clearly not the same person that I was when I was his age, mistakes and all. He is in counseling, he made amends with her, what more do people want? His scalp?

So many people do waaaay worst. Im always curious as to why he receives such an intense venom. He is certainly not the first abuser to come thru Hwood and he is still young. Everyone can change. He did something wrong, TERRIBLY wrong, yes, but is his life just over? It's like people want him to die, pure hate.

Not a CB fan, but I am really sick of this topic and it looks like people are taking their own frustrations out on him, why are people so involved? All of the celebs giving advice to "strangers-CB & Rih" and adding their two cents, when they are no better

Some people are just ridiculous

r said...

If a woman who is raped "forgives" her rapist, should the law say, well, ok you get a pass, we'll all move on now?

People are involved because EVERYONE has a woman like this in her family. In my case it was an aunt who was beat on her honeymoon and continually until she left 20 years later. We never understood why she stayed. We never understood why she never called the cops.

Really, it's "ridiculous" to hold people to standards of behaviour, as in don't beat the fuck out of your girlfriend? REALLY?

You know damn well if there wasn't so much outrage, the law would go into "celebrity mode" and make the fuss go away, because the record cos need more money.

I think it's ridiculous that we let celebrities get away with this shit. Or anyone.

palealebrew10 said...

You know, in a way I agree with J.

What Chris Brown did was inexcusable and disgusting and extremely extremely serious.

But..people do change. I doubt that Chris Brown has changed already-he needs serious counseling, but the once a ___, always a ___ isn't always true. I am in no way defending Chris Brown, but I know that I've made some dire mistakes in my past but I learned from them. It took me a very long time to cope effectively with certain issues but it is about understanding and self-control. I don't think people can just snap out of dire issues just like that, but I think it's time to shut up about Chris and Rihanna. Let them deal with it, not the world.

J said...

By no means am I saying or implying that what he did was right. I feel that he should be fully prosecuted and held accountable for what I saw in the pics

What I AM saying is, should he just die now? Does hating CB solve anything? Does it remove the bruises? People feel that he isn't worthy of living anymore. I think that's rather extreme. We should all weigh our own sins first when we invest so much contempt and hate into something that has nothing to do with us. I'm not sympathetic, I just view the venom as an exercise in futility and you confirmed my other theory that people are taking their frustrations out on HIM. He didn't beat your aunt.

One of my great-uncles was lynched by whites. I don't hate all white people as a result.

I just think that this situation is being sensationalized further and at the expense of two very young people. The level of contempt is just so weird.

I often wonder what people's reaction will be when/if they reconcile.

J said...


Couldn't have said it better myself

We live and we learn

jax said...

J you are forgetting he has not gone to trial or been sentenced?
why should we move on. no one is suggesting he die, just take it like a fuckin man and own it.

if we excused every crime that its victim forgave, especially domestic violence, we'd have empty courtrooms all accross the land.

to me what is ridiculous, is the scores of people coming out to STILL defend this rat bastard, like we should all just get over it and move on.

Hey Roman Polanksi moved on, let out the Manson Family!

nancer said...

sounds like the same guy who said the other day that rape can be funny.

as for people 'changing', yes they can---but only if they own their actions and really want to. that doesn't mean they don't need to face the music for their actions before they 'changed.' that's the fucking law.

J said...


Im not defending him, but I see less contempt for murderers

We are in full agreement, I think he should man up

I just can't invest hatred into this situation, regardless to how wrong he is, he is still human
And yes, I've seen things to that affect on various blogs

I don't get the comparison between battery and rape, but I digress

I'm not even a fan, nor am I totally familiar with his work, but I can remember what it felt like to be 19 & 21. Its obvious he has issues that he needs to work on, he really needs to work on breaking the cycle, considering that as a child he experienced the very same thing. I feel that even the poor, pathetic, wussy Chris Brown deserves redemption, all God's children(you too Mel Gibson & Imus, lol)

And realistically, if Rihanna does not want to testify or pursue the matter, what can anyone do? She has to want her attacker to be prosecuted. This entire situation is just a circus. Its funny how you said "like we should all just get over it and move on", Sorry, but I gotta move on! Chris and Rihanna both have...

Sporky said...

Once he gets a beat down from someone, he can move on. :)

Pookie said...

J, excellent points.

jax said...

"And realistically, if Rihanna does not want to testify or pursue the matter, what can anyone do?"

oh i don't forced to testify?
It's out of Rhianna's hands now, she doens't have a choice, a crime was committed.

i'm not trying to pick on you, but this isn't about public opinion.

Anonymous said...

If CB does not get charge for what he did or gets probation probably the worst thing to happen to him is that people will stop going to his concerts, buy his music, etc..... This will probably be the best punishment for him. Just imagine losing all that money and popularity.

mooshki said...

"I gotta move on! Chris and Rihanna both have..."

Ever heard the phrase "those who forget history are doomed to repeat it?"

Prosecuting domestic violence with or without the victim's support is one of the best changes our law has made in recent times.

J said...

Its ok, Jax

I respect your opinions and ideas even if they are different from mines

We can agree to disagree :-)

Once again, I agree that he should be prosecuted for his crime


Moving on does not necessarily mean forgetting that something happened, it means that you are not dwelling on that which you cannot change, thats counter-productive, IMO :-p

J said...

thx Pookie

btw, Jax & Mooshki, I always enjoy you guys' posts

Thanks for being so witty, especially on one of those "days", lol

dbfreak said...

I agree with Mooshki & Jax - he WON'T change unless he "mans up" and OWNS what he did.

My soon-to-be-ex (tomorrow - yeah!) has had issues with feeling inferior and trying to cope using violence to obtain power and control over people since I've known him (20 years). When I finally married him a little over three years ago, I rationalized that these were childish aberrations that were in the past. Nope. Once he came upon a situation he could not deal with mentally, he became abusive to cope and gain control and power over me. He NEVER learned from the things in his past and now he is stalking me and acting like an insane child instead of a MAN in his late thirties.

Oh, and what does rape have to do with abuse? Quite a bit actually - rape is all about power and control and so was the type of abuse my ex dished out. I never was hit or I would have left right away. However, he did rape me in my sleep a couple of times and blame it on me, conducted a campaign of verbal and mental abuse that astounds me now, isolated me from my family and friends and tried to literally drive me crazy before I could figure out that I wasn't a shitty wife and horrible person and got the hell out.

So some of you might be able to see where this is a touchy subject for some of us.

mooshki said...

J, I see what you're saying, but I don't think they should move on until they face the reality of what happened, and I don't think either of them have even begun to do that.

mooshki said...

DB, congratulations, and I hope you have a safe place to be for the next couple of days - I worry about you and the crazy ex.

J said...

Im sorry to hear that dbfreak, I understand as you've stated, that this is a point of contention for you

I still don't think that all batterers are necessarily rapists and Im aware that they are both crimes of power and control

I hope that you have sought healing...I know so many women that DO tie their own situation into the CB-Rih ordeal and many have never healed

it's miley! said...

i just wanted to say that posts like this are the ones that make me want to come over here every day. As many of you said, this is a touchy subject for many of you, but you have proven that people can disagree and still be civil and respectful about it, even on the internet!

personally, i agree with what jax and mooshki are saying but i understand what J means.

& i agree with whoever it was that said that the phrase "once a _____, always a _______" is not true. I do believe people can change, but they have to own up to their mistakes and seek counseling but for real, not because they're trying to get the public's sympathy.

sorry for the long post

db, glad to hear you got out before it was too late.

it's miley! said...
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bionic bunny! said...

maybe the new girlfriend won't take his shit, and the first time he lays a finger on her, she'll stick up for herself.
no, violence is never the answer, but a woman with a healthy self-esteem who acts in self-defense..... said...

The only people I don't believe are capable of change are pedophiles.

dbfreak said...

Thanks everyone! And don't worry Mooshki, the cops (useless as they are being) have an open report on him, my lawyer is acting as our only source of contact and is fully aware of his brand of crazy now, my family and friends are all aware of the situation, I go to group at the local domestic violence center I plugged in last week's your turn and I have a safety plan in case he busts in the windows.

Also, after he made the threats with the gun, his father took it away and he still doesn't have it. So my thoughts are that if he does bust in here, I have some really heavy iron candlesticks that I'll be using to defend myself after I call 911. I swear the cops are USELESS around here with domestic violence : ( Point being is that I'm not scared of him anymore. Just REALLY pissed.

And I am going to counseling and I will get healing. I hope my ex doesn't become the cliche of "Once a violent, abusive person always a violent, abusive person", but he will if he doesn't own up to his underlying issues and correct them. And Chris Brown will have the same problem. If he can own up and correct his issues, he has a chance, just like my ex. He actually has MORE of a chance than my ex because he's so much younger. But you know, they say cliches become cliches because they are true so much of the time...

Nosey Parker said...

I don't forgive Chris Brown because he doesn't seem sorry. Remember that the photo of him on the jet ski at Diddy's house? He looked like he wanted to fight the photographer. I've read that he asked Rhianna to marry him. Even if it didn't work out, it's another slap in the face to move on to a new gf so fast!

I think Rhianna doesn't want to testify because of pressure from his record label to not ruin his career. He makes big bucks for them and they want this to go away so they can make more.

Nosey Parker said...
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