Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Random Photos Part One

Green Day - Oakland
Jessica Lange and her daughter Aleksandra Baryshnikov who looks just like her dad. Jessica will be 60 years old next week, so happy birthday to her.
I get the feeling that Amanda Bynes has about 30 of the same dresses in her closet, just with different colors. She wears the same thing every time she goes out. Club, red carpet it is always the same.
It appears that Adam Lambert has a tie growing out of his ear.
The one and only Beastie Boys. Love them.
Drew Barrymore looks very lovely.
Speaking of lovely, Diane Sawyer and her husband Mike Nichols swathed in velvet.
Elle Paris has 8 different covers this month. All of them have women with no makeup on and no airbrushing at all. Here are the three which have been leaked.

Monica Bellucci.
Eva Herzigova.
Sophie Marceau.
Eric Bana adjusting himself for Details Magazine.
Flight Of The Conchords - New York
I love Kristen Wiig on SNL.
"So, I told them hey, I'm not doing another damn boat movie."
I didn't know if was going to have enough pictures so I threw in Leslie Mann.
Lisa Rinna on the cover of Playboy. I have no desire to open the cover at all.
I would have a desire to see Melora Hardin in it though.
Meh, it's Michelle Trachtenberg. But, take a look at the tourists behind her. Trust me, they are tourists. Look how excited they are.
Not appearing excited, but with huge bags under his eyes is Matthew Perry.
Neko Case - New York
Orlando Bloom on the set of his new project.
If you couldn't get invited to the 17 Again premiere you ended up at the kid's table aka Into The Blue 2. I dislike posting Audrina Patridge pictures, but I do like posting pictures of her standing next to her sister because it makes you wonder why one decided to cover herself in tattoos and the other didn't.
Also at the kid's table was Holly Madison,
and Phoebe Price.
This is an audition for the tour Puppetry Of The Penis. Seriously.
Roma Downey looks great.
Rosario Dawson, not so much.
Is Reese coaching her daughter's softball team because this is the second time in a week she has been playing.
Seth Green from the front.
Seth Green from the side.


califblondy said...

Damnit, I wished Jessica would have left her face alone.

Has Roma had some work done too?

Carte Blanche said...

Love the Beastie Boys, even when they're middle-aged men.

Also love Drew's throwback outfit & hair. She looked like she was having a ball from some other pics I saw.

Michelle T looks scary she's so white. Beyond porcelain.

Poor Matthew P. Looks like he only did it for the buck. Why?

Can't stand Seth Green anymore. Blech!

shakey said...

I think Monica is wearing eyeliner and mascara. That's still makeup. But it's still nice to see women putting themselves out there.

I like Kristin Wiig, but I find she's beginning to get over-used.

I don't think the tourists are looking at pasty Michelle.

Pookie said...

eep. w/ the exception of eva herzalastname, i say bring on the airbrushing. kthxbai.

FrenchGirl said...

seth green becomes seth blue!(i'm ashamed)

Cheryl said...

Orlando Bloom looks likes he's auditioning for the Village People.

Miss(pdx) said...

I love tattooed girls! I think the sister is WAY hotter than Audrina.

Thisisridiculous said...

Those tourists aren't looking at Michele.

What's the point of these women not wearing any make up? I'm sure those photos have been touched up somewhat.

Goodgrief said...

What do syrup of ipicac and Lisa's playboy spread have in common? They both make you puke!!!!

juicy said...

I don't even know why I subscribe to Details. Oh, wait, now I remember, for ERIC BANA. Swoooooon...

Ice Angel said...

Message to the women on those covers sans makeup:


M. said...

Actually, the only reason to open the cover of this Playboy magazine is to get to the interview with Chuck Palahniuk. Love his work...

Murphy Brown 2020 said...


I'm incredibly jealous of the person who was THAT close to my beloved Neko Case. I've never seen her live, but I'm OBSESSED with her music. Her songs are ggggoooorgeous, and her voice is incomparable. Seriously, people -- if you haven't listened to her, CHECK. HER. OUT. You won't be disappointed.

Playboy's really scraping the absolute bottom of the skank barrel, huh?

Wow. I've never really thought that Monica Bellucci was all that stunning, but that Elle cover made me change my mind. She's pretty damned luminous without a bunch of cosmetic adornment.

JJ said...

Yay! I love FOTC. Thanks for sharing Enty.

Miss X said...

*snickers* at picture of Orlando Bloom. Enty, was that the reaction you were looking for?

nunaurbiz said...

The most fun thing about the Playboy covers are looking for the "planted" bunny ears. Pretty pathetic when you don't even have to enlarge the photo to see the bunny ears hiding beneath Mrs Blowfish Lips

WBotW said...

Seth Green is the sh!t. That's about the only thing worth saying about these pictures. Oh, and the ladies who posed with no makeup etc: beautiful :)

bionic bunny! said...

i'd like to have a blue mohawk.

sassafrass said...

Aleksandra Baryshnikov is very pretty.

I love Drew's dress.

mooshki said...

Wow, I'm glad Jessica Lange has recovered so well from her fall. It sounded bad, but she's just got a finger splint on as far as I can see.

The Beastie Boys make me feel ooooooooold.

Drew's dress is to die for. I heard Justin Long was at the premiere.

LOL at the Leo caption!

Two of my friends were at the Neko concert. Bitches. They said it was absolutely amazing.

They actually had a premiere for Into the Blue 2?

Okay, the dress is crap, but the rest of Rosario is gorgeous.

Seth Green may be the coolest person on the planet.

Babs said...

Love me some Jemaine and Bret. I wonder if they're wearing their "business socks"?

dbfreak said...

LOVE the color in Seth's hair. It's the same color as my highlights! I think it's such a PRETTY color lol.

B626 said...

Adam L is going to win Idol no matter what is 'coming' out of his ear.

redhotpepper said...

Puppetry of the Penis is hilarious! Saw it not too long ago on a rerun of Real Sex on HBO.

I went to school with Chuck Palahniuk. All the kids in his family are geniuses. And no, I'm not joking. Very, very smart.


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