Thursday, April 16, 2009

Random Photos Part One

Well, the pictures all got messed up so somehow Brooke Burns and Chris Masterson ended up on the top. I promise that won't happen again.
Drew Barrymore is really playing up the entire Grey Gardens look.
Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson do make a really nice looking couple.
Danni Minogue looks lovely.
Elle Macpherson in her Mrs. Roper dress.
This is Emma Watson on the way to her 19th birthday party. I guess the gift bags are just in case everyone stiffs her she will still have presents.
Congratulations to Heidi Klum on her pregnancy. I seem to recall that when I posted her photo the other day one of you made a comment she was pregnant. I'm too lazy to look it up, but congratulations, because you beat everyone to the punch by two days.
Hayden Pannetiere made an appearance last night and tried to play the perfect little angel. This is the first time she has shown up somewhere in awhile.
I'm guessing Olive wanted something to drink and didn't understand that 1 year old kids don't drink coffee.
Josh Hartnett said his stay in the hospital earlier this month was a result of him drinking water in a third world country. Uh huh. As far as I know he has only been in the UK and US the past six months. But, I will say that is one of the most creative excuses I have heard in sometime so he gets serious points for that.
Jamie King and Shannen Doherty.
Not a big change in wardrobe for Jack McBrayer from 30 Rock to appearing on Dave.
I have to stop posting these Real Housewives pictures. They are turning into the adult version of The Hills. They are just as useless and probably make more in appearance fees for doing nothing than most of us make in a year.
Kristen Bell's top makes my eyes hurt. It's kind of like carpets in Vegas. They make it so you want to look up and see all the bright lights and places to spend your money.
This is apparently the third annual Power Slide competition. It is kind of like sliding down the rail at your house but jacked up to four stories.
And this is how Kendra Wilkinson did. I'm going to go out on a limb and say she was the only one there wearing four inch heels.
This who was supposed to be on top before they all got messed up. Kristin Chenoweth looks great and it appears has a new book out about her life. It looks thin, but I love her anyway.
The Neeson family along with Aidan Quinn.
I really don't like the guy, but even I can admit Patrick Dempsey is a good looking guy and dresses really well.
I just like to check in on Taryn Manning once a year or so to make sure she is still alive.
The random porn stars of the day. Evan Seinfeld and Tera Patrick.


Pookie said...

eep, drew barrymore looks like a contortionist.

the little seal/heidi baby looks adorable!

lol @ "They are turning into the adult version of The Hills."!

the.princess.leia said...

Yes! I knew she looked pregnant! It was the first thing that stuck out in that picture from the other day.

Also, what is Emma Watson wearing? I'm sure she changed, but I'm also pretty sure that she knew she'd be photographed on her way to the party. Of course she still looks better than a lot of people when they are dressed up.

And I think sometimes the Hills gang is more mature than the "Real Housewives even though only 3 and a half of us are married" group.

jagerlilly said...

Yikes! That picture of Drew Barrymore is scary! It looks like someone pasted her head onto her shoulder!

the.princess.leia said...

Did you see her on Letterman? That's the outfit she was wearing and I swear I had to look at the TV about 4 times before I realized it was her. All I could see was that dress and red lipstick!

FrenchGirl said...

tera patrick&evan seinfeld:cool! i loved his music when he played music and i liked him in Oz! and i like to see a pair working together! but do they work together?

Kelli said...

The Neeson family "seems" to be doing well. I hope they genuinely are. Good thoughts and energy their way.

Anonymous said...

Taryn Manning looks very frail and sickly. Seeing someone look that is is sad.
Is there something up with her? Drugs? Eating disorder?

Linnea said...

the princess - what was it that tipped you off?

califblondy said...

Sorry, Ent, but I like the Housewives pix. It's a trainwreck, I can't help it.

I like Aidan Quinn's natural hair color, but I almost didn't recognize him.

Unknown said...

Aw man. I own those purple jeans the porn star's i have to veto them now?

Judi said...

Hartnett's spent quite a bit of time working outside the US the past couple of years. Not surprising at all that he got turista stomach.
This is NOT what Emma wore to her b'day party. Enty's being snide. There are plenty of photos elsewhere that show what she did wear.

Anonymous said...

I love Cheno, too.

Kristen Bell is looking different than she used to. Maybe it's just the lipstick, but more apple-cheeked? Please don't be pregnant with Dax Shepard's baby. ew. ew. ew.

Maja With a J said...

Holy bobble head, Taryn Manning!!! Girlfriend needs food, and soon!

Maja With a J said...

....she said whilst inhaling a giant chocolate muffin.


M. said...

Sorry, but everytime I see a picture of Josh Harnett, now, I can't help but think of how much Suri Cruise looks like him.

I don't know who they are but the guy in the pink scarf in the RH photo, I swear he could pass for a Katie Holmes look alike. Anyone else see it?

ladywish821 said...

that is NOT taryn manning is it? omg i need to google her or something. she looks nothing like she did...

Marna Palmer said...

tara821 I thought the SAME thing. Look closely and you can see traces of her but girlfriend DEFINITELY had some work done.

Oh and I am the only one who thinks Emily Blunt has done something to her face? She looks different in pics lately. Love her, so I hope I'm wrong, I'd be disappointed in her if she did.

Green Wave Gal said...

Evan Seinfeld looks half the size he used to be (loved him on Oz)! :)

the.princess.leia said...

She seems to have a slight bump. This same woman walked the red carpet like a week and a half after giving birth and was like back to her pre-preg size.

mooshki said...

"the pictures all got messed up"

Right-click, cut and paste. :)

Why, Elle? I just saw you on TMZ in a bikinki, and there's NO reason to cover that bod up!!!

Ooh, I would LOVE to party with Jamie and Shannen!!!

"I have to stop posting these Real Housewives pictures."

Yes, please. There's no point in paying any attention to them unless it's to laugh at how horridly they're behaving.

I love K.Bell to death, but she has the worst fashion sense. And really bad makeup in this pic.

Wow, when did Aidan Quinn turn 80?

Yikes, from the looks of her, you'd better start checking in on Taryn more often than that.

shakey said...

Drew looks like she needs an exorcist.

Okay. A "red carpet" for COFFEE? Really?

I see the Katie Holmes connection in Pink Scarf Man™.

Aidan Quinn - on of the most underrated actors ever. Love that man.

So does anyone in these photos have big connections that would make it bad for business?

mooshki said...

Shakey, Hollyweird would roll out a red carpet for the opening of an envelope.

BiscBayView said...

Jack McBrayer forgot to remove the tag on the sleeve of his new suit...or is that supposed to be there?


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