Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Random Photos Part One

At the top is Alfre Woodard because I'm not sure I can remember a picture of her with her husband Roderick Spencer. They have been married for like 25 years but it is a rare sight.
Not one of Andie MacDowell's better days.
How many people really believe that is Bobby Trendy's Bentley? Yeah, no one. You can tell that was a hurry up and jump on it kind of moment. Is he wearing Lindsay Lohan leggings?
So, if you only shave half your head does that mean you are only half as crazy as Britney?
A very lovely Christie Brinkley and some organic farmer guy who I'm guessing works at a mall at Christmas.
A first time appearance for Carol Higgins Clark.
I didn't even recognize Carol Kane.
OK, sorry people, but I'm getting tired of Hugh Jackman photos.
One of the few times I have seen Heidi in an one on situation with one of her kids.
Judging by the smile on Jessica Alba's face, I'm guessing Cash must not be there.
Jason Bateman looks like he is in some catalog photo. Great picture of he and his daughter.
Johnny Depp on the set of his movie.
Jennie Garth walking the streets or waiting for valet. I guess there is a difference. One implies you are trying to earn a living on the streets and one means you are just waiting for your car.
One of my favorite train wreck couples Andre and Katie Price.
Whether you like or dislike Kelly Ripa, one thing on which I think we all can agree is that if you hire her to promote a product she will sell the hell out of it.
Michael Jackson auction stuff to creep you out.

Yeah, let me know who buys the bed.
Looks like Beyonce stole a jacket from the auction already.
Oasis - Cape Town
Panic At The Disco - Cape Town
And they are back to statues, although look at the Prince. A little smirk. I think he might have got some last night. Either that or they opened a Tim Hortons in Spain.
Russell Crowe ignored every fan on his way in and out of David Letterman.
Rachel Dratch and a first time appearance for George Clooney's best friend and great actor Richard Kind.
Snow Patrol - Cape Town
Which Star Trek cast member or director is the one with whom you would you like to spend some alone time? From L to R JJ Abrams, Eric Bana, Zoe Saldana, Zachary Quinto or Chris Pine?
More casts. This time the cast of True Blood. Great show.
A first time appearance for a great actress, Tovah Feldshuh.
And a not so great actress, Tori Spelling.


mooshki said...

Give me Jason Bateman over Hugh & Johnny any day!

JJ. Nerds are hot.

amh.producer said...

JJ. Alias, Lost, the new Star Trek, he is AMAZING!

Little Miss Smoke and Mirrors said...

Clooney and Richard Kind are friends? If true, that's kind of fascinating.

Anonymous said...

I would do any man in the Star Trek cast/crew (including Simon Pegg), but I'm a man-whore.

Alexander Skarsgaard is also doable.

Enty, you must be tired of Hugh Jackman photos if you intentionally post one where he's flaunting his wedding ring!

It's a shame that Michael Jackson's bed has probably been cleaned of all DNA. It'd be interesting to see whose DNA would have been on it.

Jane Krakowski should either do the Carol Kane documentary, or look at that photo to see what she'll look like in 20 years.

Emobacca said...

Is that a reveal for Jennie Garth?

MontanaMarriott said...

It would have to be my fellow Latino Zoe Saldana, just love her!

I met Alfre with her husband in NYC and she was soooo nice, just a wonderful spirit!

I say put a bluelight on the bed and see how much dna you can find on it lol

Cassie is looking kinda butchy with that new look.

Bobby Trendy another asshole who took advantage of poor ANS, may she rest in peace

_ said...

jj abrahms for sure.
and i agree - no more hugh jackman!

Poor Kate said...

Look at the size of Tori's head. Good God.

Anonymous said...

I wish the lady that shaved her head did the whole thing. I also wish I could get away with the shaved head look.

LOVE Christie's ensemble.

Feel free to insert Javier where you would normally show Hugh.


I feel like the J. Garth comment is a clue to a reveal, too, but that's as far as my brain can go.

The creepiest item I see is that Little Boy Blue or Little Lord Fauntleroy-type painting. Shudddder....

Russell Crowe should work on the stage in Australia. He could pursue his art and he certainly wouldn't have to worry about that pesky world-wide fame.

Rachel Dratch is hysterical...what's she up to these days?

siwillia said...

The DNA on MJ's bed would be from Lisa Marie.

nunaurbiz said...

Thanks for the photo of Johnny Depp. Good to know he and Aaron are soldiering through the film in my absence! *smirk*

ureallyannoyme said...

Enty's comment re Kelly Ripa hit home for some reason. My single in the city life doesn't overlap with Kelly's market much but I have to hand it to someone who works as hard as she does and takes her responsibilities that seriously.

In that same vein, do other royals work as hard as these two?

Jason Bateman? Everything about him is hot.

Sinjin said...

AnnMarie, I know, that painting creeped me out too since all that furniture appears to be bedroom furniture, what was the painting's purpose? Inspiration? Eww, just ewww.

Eeny Beeny Meeny said...

Calling Tori Spelling an actress is an insult to the profession!!!!

I don't know what to call what she does, but it sure as shootin' ain't acting!

amazonblue said...

Andie McDowell needs to get bangs.

The gigantic trunk at the foot of the bed and the prayer stool(?) in front of the painting of the little boy, yikes! Who staged this?

Add me to the Jason Bateman fan club.

Anonymous said...

True Blood - Great Show!!

Tovah never heard of her.

Tori - Eeeewwwwww (It does not matter how much work she has done on herself she still is scary looking)

notvotingforsuckno said...

Too bad Ripa's ads are so sexist, "Look at me! I do laundry! I bake cupcakes (I DON'T eat them)! I do it all in heels!"

And seriously...Does anyone think Jennie Garth was ever a hooker? Did you SEE her on Dancing with the Stars? She is seriously inhibited.

Cheryl said...

Zachary Quinto is freaky looking. I can't get past Sylar.

sassenach said...

Where in the hell is Lafayette in the True Blood cast pic?? I will be crushed if he is not coming back.

notvotingforsuckno said...

It was strongly implied that Lafayette's body was found in the last episode. (the painted toenails). I was pretty crushed, too.

farmgirl said...

Aw True Blood! Thanks!

I want to gnaw on Jason Bateman's lips for about an hour. He has become irresistible to me.

selenakyle said...

Gyaaaahhh. One would think Tori Spelling couldn't GET any less attractive, yet here we are...

selenakyle said...

You're right on the money, notvotingforsuckno.

Kelly Ripa hasn't cooked, eaten or done laundry in ages.

And Jennie was practically a nun on DWTS.

califblondy said...

Isn't Zoe LatinA or are you trying to tell us something?

Tovah has beautiful hair. Pulling it all back is not flattering. I saw her at ABC studios in New York and she is teeny tiny.

Lil said...

JJ to ask him why he ruined Alias after the third season. Why, JJ, WHY?????

M. said...

I swear if Tori gets any skinnier, she'll fall into and disappear in the cracks in the sidewalk. If we were only so lucky...But you're right, DivaJulia, that large head will probably stop her from disappearing completely.

dejal said...

Of course it's not Bobby Trendys Bentley. It's not a Bentley.

shakey said...

Today's Random Photos is like playing Clue, with Coke Mom at the centre. I bet Heidi would be a good guess, too. Jessica was guessed. Jennie was guessed. Katie Price. Kelly. Tori - who looks like a Barbie in drag in that pic.

btw - I too will cry if Lafayette does not return. Maybe he'll be a werewolf. btw 2 - Jason Bateman's daughter looks like Auntie Justine.

ardleighstreet said...

I never get tired of Hugh Jackman.

Hands down I'd want to talk to JJ Abrams. He is a great writer. (I Loved REGARDING HENRY & LOST is my favorite show).

TRUE BLOOD without Lafayette NO! Say it's not so!

Russell ignored fans. Well heck at least he didn't throw phones at them.

I think the chest at the bottom of the bed creeps me out more then Mike's bed. How much you wanna bet he made them hide in there and they weren't allowed out unless they wanted to PLAY. ICK ICK ICK!

If you're tired of Hugh, Enty. I have to sat I'm tired of SCARY Spelling. That chick has more artificial parts then Barbie.

Jason Batemans little girl sort of looks like his sister Justine.

I wonder if Kelly Rippa fits in that dryer. (Come on you were thinking it too!)

the.princess.leia said...

Is it just me or does Heidi Klum look pregnant to anyone else?

Momster said...

From Star Trek: Eric Bana FTW!

I saw Tovah on a L&O repeat a few hours ago. She was defending a guy who now plays the lead on Burn Notice, Jeffrey Donovan.

Anyone notice how virtually all of Tori's dresses go across one shoulder, leaving the other bare? Probably to hide some of her skeletal bones.

Mexi said...

I haven't seen any true blood episodes,but they are based on the Charlaine Harris books...I'm reading them now. I seriously need to see the show!!!

jax said...

Tim Hortons? lol!

i thought Heidi looked knocked up too.


Unknown said...

re bobby trendy - as much as it pains me to say it, that IS his car. it's actually an aston martin, and i've seen him driving it several times around weho recently.

__-__=__ said...

Noooooooo! Not Electrolux! Never Electrolux - or Frigidaire. They're based out of Sweden. You can never get any support. They don't warranty their products. I bought a refrigerator that lasted only 1 1/2 years. Surprise! Just out of warranty - but we can fix it for = the entire cost! Bad Kelly! Bad!

bionic bunny! said...

seriously about the electrolux? i just want to wash AND dry in 26 minutes!!
justin looks hot, johnny not so much (i can't believe i just said that!). but, underneath those clothes, *L* the hotness is still there.
i'll give you my decision on ST after i see the movie. i am, after all, an old school trekkie.

bionic bunny! said...

oh, and the jackson auction was cancelled.
maybe there WAS some DNA!


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