Friday, April 17, 2009

One Year In Jail To Meet Tyra Banks

Most of the time when someone is arrested for stalking or doing some other scary thing towards an actor, they usually just plea bargain it down to no jail time and say stay the hell away from said actor and actress. At that point it is done and the stalker moves on to a new victim usually.

Every once in awhile though, the stalker wants to meet the celebrity they have been stalking and the only way to accomplish that is in a courtroom. The only way to get them in a courtroom is to not accept any of the plea deals, and thus have a trial.

Such is the case of Brady Green who, despite his name is not related to Seth Green, Brian Austin Green, or any of the Brady Bunch. Brady Green has been stalking Tyra Banks for a few months when he got arrested. He had the usual assortment of magazine cutouts he carried of her. Oh, and he went to LA and NYC to try and see her. Oh, and of course there were the flowers and things like that. When he was arrested he told the cops that he was being tracked by satellites at all times.

Yeah, it is kind of like that. Anyway, the prosecutors kept trying to get him to take all these plea deals and he kept saying no. So, today is his trial and Tyra Banks will be there. This will be his chance to meet her, and if he is convicted, he could be spending the next year in jail looking at lots of inmates trying to look just like her. She is a her right? Someone has established that conclusively?


stiffkittens said...

LOL Enty!

Christ, just think of all the stories we'll have to hear about how she's suffered...
I bet her ego's doing the hula. There's no way she's not enjoying the 'victim attention' from this.

Pookie said...

i couldn't get past the weird position of her wig (in the pic) to read the post. :O

stiffkittens said...

Her weave looks like an optical illusion - like there's a wig on top of a wig, on top of a wig (on top of a wig...)

mooshki said...

"She is a her right? Someone has established that conclusively?"

Yep, remember when she x-rayed her boobs on her show?

Anonymous said...

I have never watched her talk show always thought it was a waste.

J said...

Her lacefront is HORRIBLE!!

You can see it, the glue, ewww

My, what a big head you have, grandma!

I really detest her...Who would stalk her?

shakey said...

J - a paid publicist.


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