Thursday, April 16, 2009

My Phone Numbers Always Belonged To Deadbeats

Don't you just love when you get a new phone number and you start getting calls from people looking for the old owner of the number? Everytime I get a new number it seems like it always belonged to either some guy who never paid his bills, or a guy who got a lot of calls from Spanish speakers at 3am. Nothing really exciting, although one number I got was because the guy who had it before me wanted to break up with his girlfriend. He felt the best way to do it would be to just disconnect his number. Judging by the text messages I got the first few days with that phone number, I hope that guy is living in a different country.

Anyway, last week Lil Jon got a new phone and the previous owner of the phone number was Miley Cyrus. Yep. That would be my dream come true. Lil Jon kept getting texts from people saying "Congratulations on Teen Vogue" and other similar sentiments. See, he ignored them or wrote back and said it didn't belong to Miley any longer. That isn't what I would do. This is what I would do.

"Can't talk now, I'm watching Brokeback Mountain with daddy and Justin."
"Did I ever tell you that Nick Jonas has a tiny d**k?"
"Don't tell anyone, but I got my boobs done."
"Zac Efron asked me to join in a 3some with he and Vanessa."
"I hate Disney."
"Daddy gives the best back rubs."

As you can see, the list is endless. The people getting these messages would actually believe they are coming from Miley. There would literally be hours of entertainment as new texts from different people came in.

Lil Jon says he is going to keep the number even though he does get calls and texts from people looking for Miley. He changed his tune from last week shen he said this on Twitter.


Now of course, with the resulting publicity, he is very happy about it and can't wait to see Miley and introduce his daughter to her.


Nosey Parker said...


Unknown said...

That is Hilarious!!!! I can just hear him saying a few choice words about having her old number.

Goodgrief said...
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Goodgrief said...

A few years ago I got a new land line. I was always getting phone calls from what appeared to be a drunk old lady chewing some guy out. She never really made a lot of sense. She loved to call in the middle of the night. Finally it did stop.

I can see where having Miley's old number would be very entertaining

Anonymous said...

Will their be an apology for that Twitter comment??

J said...

Will their be an apology for Enty's post?


She's ONLY 16, geesh!!

**pure sarcasm**

CDAN Mod said...

those little blurbs that enty wrote probably answered some BIs.

i do believe billy ray is at least bi...

Pookie said...

lil john is a publicity whore. you know he's loving this.

A Pimp Named DaveR said...

J: Beat me to it!

Ryan said...

What are the odds of that? Does that make any sense? Does the phone company keep a pool of number that are handed out to celebrities? It makes no damn sense.

notvotingforsuckno said...

Ryan, I'm with you. Why would Miley have her phone disconnected? It doesn't sound like LJ is getting any harrassing calls or anything.

bionic bunny! said...

we once had the ex phone number for the trailways bus station. people would argue with me when i told them it was NOT trailways they had reached!
finally the phone company changed it for free.
it's funny looking back on it......

ardleighstreet said...

A friend had the old phone # of a drug dealer. I have the old number of someone who must be getting their car repo'ed because I kept getting VERY angry messages to pay the bill.

Enty it could be worse with Miley.

" Daddy just rubbed lotion on my -"

" Daddy likes to watch me while I am on me stripper pole."

" Zac E just asked me if he was prettier then I am."

" Daddy told me he use to be Aunt Dolly's boytoy."

" Daddy says he knows how OJ feels."

mooshki said...

Oh my god, Enty, did you find a comedy genie bottle or something? You just keep cracking me up over and over again!

You too, Ardleigh! :)

J, it's all about context and intent.

shakey said...

A Your Turn on wrong numbers. Got a good story about my brother-in-law.


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