Monday, April 13, 2009

Random Photos Part One

Billy Idol & Debbie Harry deserve the top spot on their own, but put them together looking this good and it is guaranteed.
Anna Paquin looks a little shaky on that bike.
Christina Applegate enjoying a typical Hollywood breakfast. Coffee and cigarettes. You would think that being a breast cancer survivor, she really wouldn't want to push her luck by smoking.
I have not seen Danielle Fishel in a long time.
Donal Logue is always a favorite. He also updates his Facebook page constantly which is cool except he uploads photos and then takes them down and uploads new ones and takes them down. So, as a consequence, your home page can look like a Donal Logue photo spread at times.
Keane - Perth
Gilles Marini is always smiling. I wish other celebrities would be excited they are making big bucks and not doing any work. I hate when they are on the red carpet looking as if it is a chore.
I don't know how much Reebok is paying people like Holly Madison to come get photographed on their trapeze workout thingy, but I have noticed that with the exception of maybe one or two people, they have all been actresses who could probably use a few bucks.
The cast of one of the best shows ever, It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia.
Jimmy Jean Louis and a first time appearance for Costas Mandylor, at least in the photos.
God, I wish they were wearing shirts that said I'm with stupid. Look at the expressions on their face. Now, prior to going into the restaurant, Jessica had her hair braided. When she left, it looked like this, and take it from me, she left wearing absolutely no panties. Now, she could have just given them to her dad who was eating with her, or maybe she and Tony had a quickie in the bathroom. Of course judging by the horrified looks on their faces, they could have caught Joe and Tina in the bathroom.
An Easter Bunny dressed like Kate Beckinsale.
A very lovely Liv Tyler.
If you ever need a laugh, this is the photo that will do it. She thinks she looks good, doesn't she? I wonder if she is pregnant.
This is exactly how I imagine Melanie Griffith sitting at home every night. She looks like the witch in Sleeping Beauty.
"Hi Dug. Wear r u? :)"
"Hi PaRis, Im in Amsterdam. Where r u?"
"I'm in Hamsterdam 2"

"We should hook up Dug."
"Yeah, pot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
"Yeah, that's hot"
"PaRiS, I have a burning sensation when I pee, is that normal?"
The $25 million dollar home Michael Jackson is renting. I bet he blows all his London money before he even earns it, then he will cancel the shows and let people try and sue him.
Remind me to never go on vacation with Princess Eugenie. Last year she was in India when the terrorist attacks occurred and this year she is in Thailand while they are having riots.
No snark for once. It's the princess with the princesses.
Happy 30th birthday Rudi Huxtable.
Happy 50th birthday to Perry Farrell. Notice the teleprompter so as to not forget the lyrics. Hello Jessica Simpson.
If this were an actress instead of Rob Estes everyone would say she was pregnant because he is touching his stomach.
Your once a month Twilight photo from the set of New Moon. It's very interesting that Michael Sheen signed on to the movie to play the King of The Vampires as it were.
It has been a long time since Skeet Ulrich was in the photos.
On Friday in Los Angeles - "If that Hannah Montana movie beats us, I will do Pacifier 2"
I don't know that I have seen Will Arnett and Amy Poehler's baby before.


mooshki said...

Billy and Debbie both look great!

"I hate when they are on the red carpet looking as if it is a chore."

They should all be forced to work retail for a year.

I don't even want to know what blinds Costas is responsible for. He squicks me out.

LOL at the idiotexting.

You should've used the pics of Rudi shaking her ass and two-fisted drinking!

Goodgrief said...

"PaRiS, I have a burning sensation when I pee, is that normal?"

That is too funny!!!!

figgy said...

Melanie Griffith is SO disgusting. I have never understood why anyone ever thought her the least bit attractive, much less the delectable Antonio Banderas.

She'd never have had a movie career if she hadn't been the daughter of Tippi Hendren.

And that picture is truly worth 1000 words.

Pookie said...

eek, topanga and costas def have the chunk. they're both still cute tho.

aww, disappointing to see christina a. smoking. :(

liv tyler looks the gorge!

Sporky said...

Wow for a second there, I thought Billy Idol was David Bowie.

Tsk tsk, Christina. You beat that breast cancer but you know, you can get cancer of those things under your boobs, too.

Oh, Costas....maybe it was just an unfortunate fashion choice?

The Jessica/Tony post had me giggling and retching at the same time. At first I read Joe was eating her panties.

Rudi's 30? I'm officially ancient.

Aw, the Poehler-Arnett baby looks happy. I'd smile at having them as parents, too. However his noggin is HUGE! Made me think of Mike Meyer's character's dad in So I Married an Axe Murderer.

Carrie L. said...

Thanks for the pic of little Archie Arnett - how cute! said...

Oh my God, Mariah MUST be pregnant! Bless her heart, if she is, you can tell she will never look the same again.

Sinjin said...

Billy Idol looks fresh & fabulous!

LOL @ Parasitic texting

A big fat thank you for Gilles!

Melanie Griffith is a a twit and trying way too hard. Even the Spaniards aren't dressed like that. Antonio's family is probably embarrassed. Save it for the April Fairs Melanie; THATS when you dress up! I'll never understand why Antonio stays with you.

This is the only site I know of that shows that Spaniards also come in "blonde".

Unknown said...

Always Sunny = AMAZING

IndigoBlue said...

Billy Idol looks awesome! Yum!

ItsJustMe said...

The Arnetts are totally adorable. What a cute family.

Unknown said...

I think that Costas Mandylor is a reveal. The one from a while back, a character actor who consumed copious amounts of drugs -- would show up at parties as different characters (not movie characters, more like people he invented.) Am I remembering it right? It was one of those, "you probably don't know his name, but you'll know his face ..."

And I think there is a hint in the Michael Sheen comment ... but what?

littleoleme said...

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia.
I couldn't agree more - one of the most hysterical shows. I loved the ep where the guy died in the bar.

Unknown said...

This is the one I was thinking of:

On Saturday night I was supposed to go to this Young Hollywood party. However, I wasn't feeling really young, and so decided to not be the guy who goes to try and make himself feel young or to pick up women who are less than half your age. Hello Bill Maher. Yes, he was there. The oldest in the crowd by about a decade. At one point I had wanted to go because I had planned on playing a game that I really enjoy but had not played in awhile. I was going to go to the party as Hans. A portly banker from Germany complete with German accent and some German vocabulary thrown in for good measure. I was going to get drunk off my ass and introduce everyone to my exchange student companion. Lots of people play similar games when they go to bars or such, but in this game, you know in advance what you are going to do and stick with it no matter what. I used to play the game all the time. Back in the day, I was friends with an A lister. Not like best man at a wedding friends, but before he hit it big with one really huge movie, he would go out often and about a third of the time he would drag me along. To be dragged along you had to be committed to the game. Although our Academy Award nominated actor had not had the huge hit at the time, he was known and was recognized not so much by name, but as, "hey aren't you the guy who was in... you were so good." This actor is an incredible actor, and he felt that to enjoy going out, you needed to be able to truly let go which was not possible if you were trying to protect your brand such as it is, and so came up with these elaborate characters. This was truly method acting. When he decided to portray a stockbroker with a serious coke habit, he spent the entire party shoving coke up his nose like it was the last coke on earth. This party just happened to be right after he had just got some of the best reviews in his career, and I don't know if he consciously or unconsciously chose a character that would really allow him to forget for a night, or what. The thing is that even though he sucked up a ton of coke that night, it was the only time I ever saw him doing it. He just really got into these characters. There was one party where he looked someone who just walked off a 70's porn set down to the polyester pants, open shirt, gold medallion, and Tom Selleck mustache. It was like a Halloween costume, but he bet everyone he knew that he would find at least one woman who would actually go home with him. He did better than that and actually had two women almost coming to blows over this guy because they both wanted to go home with him. As he became more well known it was harder to get away with doing them because no matter what he did, or what role he took on, invariably someone would recognize him and ask him what he was doing and at that point he would just go home. I know when he had his huge blockbuster, he was professionally happy, but it effectively put an end to his theater within a party that he loved so much and didn't give him an outlet to really just let go and be whoever he wanted to be for just a night. Now, he just hangs out at home with a friend or two and his current girlfriend of the day, but whenever I am at a party and see someone who clearly does not belong or is way over the top, I always look really closely to see if maybe he has decided to give it one more shot.

Unknown said...

Oh forget it -- def not nominated!

ardleighstreet said...

Billy and Debbie look great.

Amy P's little family look so HAPPY. Good for them!

Skeet U. needs to take a page out of Gilles book.

If Miriah is Dr. Evil does that make him Mini Me?

Is Mel. Griffith the Blind about the botched face lift hitting the aging actress? I don't remem. where I read it but the woman is suppose to look worse then her actress mother ever did.

Enty maybe Dumb & Dumber tees for Jess & her man ? She does look REALLY miserable though. Dinner with Daddy Dearest must not agree with her.

farmgirl said...

Billy looks like someone I want to bang again - is it 1986??

that Amy/Will baby is so cute!

Wil said...

Hope Billy is doing well ...

Costas looks alittle .. uh .. well .. less like "Friar Fuck" than he used to ..

Will and Amy's baby .. HOLY COW!! Beyond Adorable!!

And Jessica looks very stoned to me .. or concussed. With her .. it is oh so very hard to tell!

nancer said...

aw, i love bald headed babies. he's precious.

and how do we know jessica was without undies, hmmmm?????

mariah carey's a pig and an ugly pig at that. why does anyone give a shit about her anyway?

mooshki said...

"If Miriah is Dr. Evil does that make him Mini Me?"

LOL, yes, it does!

"and how do we know jessica was without undies, hmmmm?????"

I was curious about that too. Was Enty crawling around on the pavement outside looking for a dropped chicken wing? ;)

thisoldbroad said...

Debbie & Billy look great.

Such a cute shot of Amy, Will & their little guy.

B626 said...

If that IS Debbie Harry she's had some serious work done, finally, not that there's anything wrong with that!!

If you're going to have a huge crush on a big goofy Irish American actor Donal Logue may as well be your man. Yes, Yes, Yes.

Melanie Griffith-stay away from all cameras at all costs!

Miss X said...

Archie Arnett looks like a happy baby.

Anonymous said...

Costas used to be totally hot (Picket Fences era), shame he's not anymore (between the hairline and the chunk).

Archie Arnett is not only got luck of the draw for cool parents, he's adorable too

jax said...

oh lil Archie is cute as hell and his name suits him to a t.

WTF happened to Costas?
why god why?

im sooo over Twilight, you can leave Vancouver now, and take your weird cougar aged fans.

Momster said...

I think it was Chris Rock who called Skeet Ulrich the poor man's Johnny Depp, lol.

Those little princesses are so adorable. And that baby's face when he sees his momma is priceless.

Maybe the Michael Sheen comment is in reference to the the movies where he was a werewolf, and now he's going to be a vampire. Or not.

Leah said...

Oh Donal, I have always had such a crush on you. :-))

PotPourri said...

Amy Poehler's kid has an adult sized head.

Trey said...


Apparently a pap had the same thought. She's wearing panties. Sorry, Enty :P I wish she was pantiless too!

mikey said...

Who is the princess and the princesses? Should I have an inkling since they follow Eugenie?

K said...

1. The captions for the Paris Hilton photos are hilarious!

2. I wonder if Mariah's disturbing frock and the tie on her valet/excuse me/I meant husband) are color-coordinated Easter outfits.

3. Thank you, Ent. Lawyer, for acknowledging It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, the funniest, most anarchic sitcom ever aired.

4. Apparently the formerly hot-hotty-hot Costas Mandylor is not all caught up in the Hollywood fitness craze.

mooshki said...

EWWWWWW, WHY did you have to give me that link, Trey? :)

merrick said...

Living and growing up in Philly, only makes me love Its Always Sunny even more. Thanks, Enty!

amazonblue said...


Enty is obsessed with the Spanish royal family, he enjoys ribbing them for always looking so stiff in official photos.

The photo is of Princess Letizia, who is married to King Juan Carlos' son Felipe, the heir, and the little ones are Princess Leonor and Princess Sofia.

I didn't know who they were either before seeing them on CDAN.

Maja With a J said...

That picture of Christina Applegate...just so wrong.

But little Archie! What a cutie! Thay all look so happy too. Nice to see.

mikey said...

amazonblue, thanks you! I'm not up to date on all the royals. The little one is a cutie!

Donna said...

Thank you for the Rob Pattinson pic! YUM!

Jillian S. said...

Billy Idol looks great and not like he's going blind.


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