Friday, April 17, 2009

Random Photos Part One

Carl Weathers gets the top spot today. You have to admire an actor who had all the success he did so early in his career, faded, but kept plugging away anyway. He is a very underrated actor.
Demi Moore cleaning Ashton Kutcher's face before he gets his picture taken after beating CNN in the race to 1M followers on Twitter.
Ali Larter isn't really trying to hide much here. I love Ali. All of you know that, but it pains me when I have to compare her to
Bai Ling who was at the same event and went for the same kind of look.
Calvin Harris - London
David Beckham in a new Motorola ad.
Drew Barrymore for the 85th time this week. Although she did get away from the hair up look. I picked this angle to show you because
this one isn't great at all.
I don't even recognize Debra Winger anymore.
Yes, I said no more Hugh Jackman for awhile, but I love this picture. It looks like he is standing in front of a green screen at a local shopping mall pretending he is in Paris.
One of my favorite people in the world, Josie Davis.
Happy Birthday Jennifer Garner.
I didn't even recognize Jenna Jameson. She had her implants removed and her hair has gone back to its natural color.
How many people are going to rent 91/2 Weeks tonight?
This is how they used to be.
And apparently Kim wants it to stay in the past because I think this is her reaction to Mickey asking her if she would like to head back to his place.
This is apparently an ad for Louis Vuitton. They are selling the shoes Kanye is wearing. So, what they are saying is that if I buy their shoes, I will have naked bald headed women resting their head in my lap. Well sure, I guess that is as good of a reason to buy shoes as any other I suppose.
I have not seen Lisa Kudrow anywhere for ages.
I know it is just the camera angle, but when I watch Liev Schreiber and Naomi Watts running, I keep looking at Liev's foot. To me it looks like it is about to snap in half.
Uh oh. Does Jake know that Austin Nichols is out with Lou Taylor Pucci?
Speaking of Jake, he was doing some kind of charity thing here in LA yesterday.
I don't understand the relationship between Michael Strahan and Nicole Murphy. I'm just waiting for it to be over so someone will tell all.
This pose is a good way to hide a baby bump.
Lloyd! I really have no other caption that I ever want to use when I see Rex Lee.
Some randomness of the day. Julianne Moore and Samuel L Jackson.
Oh, what the hell. The cast is in Spain so new city, new picture for your amusement.


Victoria said...

Oh, Mickey. It just breaks my heart whenever I see the before and after pictures. I just saw 9 1/2 weeks last week. Kim used to be really hot, too. Darn shame what age and plastic surgery do to beautiful people.

mooshki said...

You have a thing for the Charles in Charge cast, don't you, Enty? :)

It's too bad Jenna decided to go all natural (no pun intended) after she had the awful plastic surgery.

Rent? I own 9 1/2 Weeks, duh!

My BFF got preview tickets to Star Trek for the 29th! CANNOT WAIT!!!!

CDAN Mod said...

has carl weathers been ill? or he has not aged well? maybe i am being too harsh...

Wil said...

Dare I say Bai Ling looks ever so slightly less sleazy than Ali?? Damn .. never thought in a million years I would ever think that .. much less type it!

Anonymous said...

I think Ali wore that shirt on the cover of Esquire before she was an actress (they put together a mock profile of an up-and-coming actress used Ali's photo for the cover, and that's how she got her start).

Wtf is going on with Drew's hair?

Get a Life said...

Is Lisa Kudrow an answer to the cokehead BI? Enty says she hasn't been in the pics for ages.

MnGddess said...

Never understood Mickey Rourke. He has the sex appeal of a potato.

Demi and Ashton are STILL together!! Good for them.

Can't wait for Star Trek!!!

Anonymous said...

Is Drew Barrymore the answer to yesterday's BI about the actress auditioning for young parts?

Cooper's Mom said...

I thought Jenna Jameson was pregnant with twins....? Has she had them wile i was asleep or something cos she doesn't look too preggy to me :) She looks much, much better though.

FrenchGirl said...

is beckham the new Terminator?

palealebrew10 said...

Mickey Rourke freaks the HELL out of me.

Lisa Kudrow looks really really skinny.

Dare I say it..Nicole Richie looks amazing these days. Motherhood has really done wonders for her. :)

And Kim Basinger was a frickin' knockout back in the day. Of course, she still is.

Enty, I didn't recognize Jenna Jameson at all when I first saw the picture either. She looks completely different and..better. A lot better.

Another "dare I say it"..I actually think Drew looks pretty good here.

Anonymous said...

Weird seeing Carl Weathers right as I'm watching an Arrested Development marathon...

Unknown said...

How old is Kudrow's kid? She has one, right? Could she be cocaine swimming pool mom?

selenakyle said...

Today's RPs contain three black men I love and one I can't stand...

And the ones I love do NOT include Fishdicks...

J said...

Carl Weathers is in his sixties, I think he held up pretty well, I mean, look at leatherface, I mean Mickey Rourke...His skin looks like a Glad bag...

Always did love Kim...doesn't she suffer from agorophobia(sp?)..Being that close to Rourke would make me wanna stay in too..

Drew was on a roll with the glam look, she ran into a brick wall here...That's the Oscars hair again!

Debra Winger what the hell happened to you? I used to love her!

Why the hell is Jennifer Garner always so drab? You don't die when you have kids and marry...I'm sure its hard enough keeping the Benster interested..She needs a makeover

Jenna STILL looks great, and yes this pic is AFTER delivering twins(boys)

LOL@Enty solving Ted Casa-stanka's blind...Has Austin moved on, perhaps?

The answer is simple to the Strahan-Murphy mystery. She's already rich and can do as she pleases...Look at him...He should be so lucky to have her on his arm..He seems ok with "crumbs"

Gayfish still wants us to buy this sham? I think the attraction is that she has a boy's buzz cut...Those sneakers are ugly, who would pay 1k for that?

Go Zoe!!

ardleighstreet said...

I bet the Mickey/Kim conversation went like this:

KIM: Well Mickey it's been nice seeing you.

MICKEY: So Kimmy, a little bird told me you called me the human ashtray. Do you know I was a real boxer? How about we go talk about my little nickname in the alley over there.

Miss(pdx) said...

Jenna J had her twin 4 weeks ago. FOUR WEEKS?! And looks like that? It took me 5 months to lose the 28 lbs I gained from ONE kid.. and that can't be surgery.. ( I don't think ) but really good genes. Sheesh.. some people have all the luck! She looks great without the extra boobage as well.

I think Drew is trying to go for a slightly pilled/boozed out look lately to promote Gray Gardens. I can't imagine any other reason why someone of her Hollywood lineage would choose to look like that otherwise. She seems like a smart cookie who knows the game.

AND.. Lloyd! Reminds me of the episode when Ari saved him from the big bad gay writer in the club.. so cute :)

bionic bunny! said...

potatoes are much sexier!! i can gobble up a potato any old day!
mickey... uh... NO.

mooshki said...

Miss Syn, I'm sure she had a mommy tuck.

All those lonely nights
At the grocery store
In the frozen fish aisle
Feeling like a whore

Lapin said...

Sometimes-not always, but in the pics from this event definitely-Drew's teeth frighten me. Shape, lovely. Colour? Somewhere between yellow and gray? Ew!

shakey said...

Miss Syn, it's Drew's lineage that made her look that way.

That picture of Demi and Ashton creeps me out.

My husband wants to know if Ali Lartner is unable to afford a bra. Her skirt looks nice, though.

That's one bad pose Debra Winger is trying on. I wouldn't mind looking like Jennifer Garner. I think she looks good.

I thought that was a dummy on Kanye's lap. Or maybe it is ...

I think Jake is aging badly. I really do.

Audrey said...

Oh Mickey you're not so pretty, hey Mickey, hey Mickey!

Enty just outed Jake (yes, I know we all know, but every piece of evidence brings us closer to Toothy Tile)

Jenna looks good in that photo, hopefully she's getting her life back together

Linnea said...

shakey .- i swear to god, that was my first thought too. "Why is there a mannequin in Kanyes lap?"

monalisa999 said...

Debra Winger and Jennifer Garner look just fine. They look natural and healthy. If Ben had any problems with Jennifer, its because he was talked into it by some shallow idiot with a mental problem. Hope they stay together, because she is the best woman he could ever hope for, and not for the money.

Special MOM said...

Enty those three pics of Mickey and Kim just made my day. I loved Mickey in that movie...jeez how he ended up the way he did..who would guess. But damn he was fine back then.

Thanks for the Jakey out BTW!

Megan said...

I'm surprised Enty didn't point out Punky Brewster in the pic of Ashton and Demi!

lanasyogamama said...

Kanye is dating that model.

Nichole Fisher said...

The Julianne Moore/SLJ pic isn't so random. Weren't they in a movie together recently?

Miss(pdx) said...

Okay so I am REALLY ignorant here...but you can get a tummy tuck immediately after birth? For eff's sake why did I not hear about this miracle? OH .. thats right... I am not super rich. Crap. Foiled again.


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