Friday, November 27, 2020

Blind Items Revealed #11 - Anniversary Month

May 3, 2019

This actress was probably known by most of you several years ago. She has dropped further down the list since her long running network show ended. Since then, it has mostly been misses for her career. Yes, she has a recurring on a show, but the budget is so small, she is not making enough to even cover a quarter of her monthly expenses. Long identified in this space as a yachter, that hasn't changed, but it still wasn't enough money to keep her in the lifestyle she wanted. She is getting a little older so the guys interested in her are generally in their 60's even though she is in her early 30's. Her rate has taken a nosedive. Most of those guys want someone to marry, but then she will be forced to give up acting because a lot of these men don't live anywhere close to LA or NYC. . Plus, they want to show off their trophy and not have her work.

Anyway, our actress has long had a coke problem which has only managed to make her money problems worse. So, what to do. Well, our actress has turned to dealing coke to people she meets each day. Whether she is doing a photo shoot or hitting a red carpet or meeting a customer, she is always selling. The thing is, she sells her product for double or triple what you would normally pay on the street. One reason is she knows the people she is dealing to can afford it and want convenience. The other is because she is such a heavy user herself that to make up for shortfall of cash she snorts herself, she has to charge everyone else an inflated price.

She is kind of known for being the fashion show dealer of choice. If there is a show somewhere in the country with models that can pay, she will be there dealing her wares. Her problem is then the models will invite her to party with them and she will end up using a lot of her own stash and then have to make up the difference. With as much as she sells, at the price point she sells it, she should be making two to three times more than she ever made at her acting peak, but that habit of hers just doesn't let her do more than make enough money to barely cover her bills.

Naya Rivera

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