Friday, November 27, 2020

Blind Items Revealed #9 - Anniversary Month

December 26, 2019

Nearly three decades ago there was a passionate love affair between an A+ list mafia member and a no name member of the gay mafia here in LA. It resulted in the deaths of both men, simply for being gay. Shortly after those murders the head of the gay mafia reached out to the head of a family, not involved in the killing. Arguably, the most important family. It seems as if there was going to be a problem. The head of the gay mafia had the ability to shut down movie and television productions that were using mob run unions and other contractors He could shut down concerts and tours which also were using the unions. Most of all though, he had the ability to shine a huge spotlight on all those phony movie financing companies that were nothing more than money laundering shell companies.

He wanted assurances this would never happen again. He was told that it was not a sanctioned killing and that someone took it upon himself to do it and would be dealt with (he never was). In addition to his demands, the head of the gay mafia wanted to be able to reach out to the crime families if they needed any heavy work done. Over the years, they have used these requests sparingly, but have done so. Over the years, a very good friend of the head of the gay mafia, who is quite a celebrity, and gay, became good friends with the crime family liaison. That person introduced our celebrity to a person in Europe who is extremely high on the mafia food chain in Europe. Incredibly high. The head of one of the richest crime families and the parent of a gay man. A friendship was formed. Opinions of the crime families in Europe towards being gay and in the mafia have changed. Our celebrity has used this friendship and these connections to his advantage. He has asked for favors twice. No one knows about the possible third time he may have asked. One of the things the celebrity did was to use the European crime family he knows and not involve anyone from the US who would leak everything in a second if it could make them a buck.

The only reason there is the indicator on two big favors is because of the foreign born alliterate model who has had a two year relationship with a hit man for this family. She says he wasn't involved in the two favors, but she knew about the and has a tough time keeping quiet. She likes to brag about him. It is really messed up she hooks up with him considering what he has done to someone from her past. Was there a third favor asked for or not? She has not mentioned it? Was her lover involved in any of the three? Is she covering for him? She sure was bragging to friends this week she saw for a holiday dinner.

John D'Amato/David Geffen/John Gotti/Kevin Spacey/Asia Argento/Anthony Bourdain

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