Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Today's Blind Items - The Arrest

So much could have changed if the police had listened to this actor back in the day. I think the reason they didn't is he was still not quite legal when he was arrested. He also had a record. A few years earlier he had been arrested for coke and pot possession when he wasn't even old enough to drive. Even though he was not quite legal, his career was already headed down from its peak. He did movies and was in town filming a movie when he was arrested. 

Because our actor was on probation and couldn't use drugs or drink, he didn't talk a lot. His lawyer told him this charge would go away really easily because there was no real harm. They would treat it like a prank. It was more than that though. The actor, while filming had met some girls he was partying with. For the most part, they were all underage like him. Several of them said they were selling themselves for sex to earn a living because they had left home. Others were doing it while also in school. One of them said this guy owed her a bunch of money and he had been promising it to her all the while still forcing her to have sex with him two or three times a week. He would threaten to call the police, so she would go to his place. She said it was nothing like this other man who she would see who always paid and never really wanted sex. Several of the other girls knew who she was talking about and it was the billionaire pedophile. Anyway, our actor really liked the girl who had the client who wouldn't pay. She told him the guy owned a yacht and she wanted to take it until he paid her. Our actor, wasted out of his mind and his friend, tried to do just that and were arrested. Because they never said why they were doing it, the police never interviewed the girl who then could have told them about her client who didn't pay, but also the one who did.

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