Friday, November 27, 2020

Blind Items Revealed #18 - Anniversary Month

March 26, 2018

This was kind of strange. This A list mostly movie actress who is getting that rating because of her past work. She never really acts now. She says that when she was starting out in the business and basically having sex for money with wealthy men who saw her in a magazine, she was taken to a party and introduced to this permanent A++ list celebrity. Apparently they enjoyed the same type party drug. Well, she was taking it to party and he was taking it to live or at least numb all his pain. To this day, his cause of death is listed as something other than what the real cause of death was. Anyway, he was fascinated by our now actress and also by the guy she was seeing from time to time who could get his hands on the drug. So, she started spending more time with our celebrity and she says he memorialized her, but when she saw it and didn't immediately say how much she loved it, he destroyed it in front of her and never did another. Apparently he was wasted when he destroyed it and she says she did love it but was shocked he did it. She also says that when the celebrity was dying, her first husband who was not quite her husband refused to meet the celebrity because he was afraid of catching something.

Demi Moore/Andy Warhol/Freddy Moore

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