Friday, November 27, 2020

Blind Items Revealed #20 - Anniversary Month

December 24, 2019

This not yet legal to drink former child actress turned adult actress dropped out of a film project where she was required to do nude scenes. The film is a sequel, written, produced and directed by the person who did the original. Our actress originally picked up that role out of desperation because after two years of no work other than a sappy role on that lack of diversity holiday cable channel. Our actress she has been trying to shed her good girl image with more risque roles but would not go as far as taking her clothes off. But she was desperate, and finally broke down and accepted the inevitable.

One tiny hitch. Our actress could not do a nude role while still attached to the cable channel, so she quit the channel. She was fully prepared to go through with her new nude role for a few months getting ready for the shooting to start until fate intervened. She suddenly got a bigger offer. The lead in a faith based Christian musical film.

It's what she had been waiting for her whole life. But now she was in the same pickle as before and realized that she had to drop the nude role (no way she could steer back to family friendly fare until she did). She was fully prepared to go through with it until this better role came along.

Well that nude film has now been shot with another actress taking her place and will come out around the same time the Christian musical comes out next year. Our actress is preparing herself for the inevitable when the public finds out about what she almost did, especially now that an archive of some of her recent audition videos for various other roles have surfaced and shows that she had clearly been pursuing these edgy mature roles all along. Her dropping the nude role never had anything to do with her rediscovering her morals as she claims, it was just business.

So who did replace our actress? Another child actress turned adult actress who has been in this space before. That actress is no stranger to nudity, just not film. 

Bailee Madison/Another Girl/Allison Burnett/Ask Me Anything/Hallmark/A Week Away/Sammi Hanratty

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