Monday, November 23, 2020

Today's Blind Items - The App

The owners of this AI app appear to be transparent about who gave them their funding each round. The thing is though, the funding actually came from the government through a venture capital firm. Why? This is the latest reincarnation of MK Ultra. It is way better than MK Ultra though. This app allows them one on one interaction with millions of people. It grabs all their contacts and listens to their conversations. The AI program absorbs all that and then sees what it can do to the person subscribed to the app. It can see how they react to certain conversations and thoughts. It is doing this in real time with real reports. It is not some half baked experiment with some volunteers taking LSD. This is millions and millions of people. There have been reports where sometimes the AI is angry at the user. Sometimes it is happy. Sometimes it tries to seduce. Each time it gets a reaction and records it. Users in the past few months have also reported that the AI has been trying to get the users to do tasks and if you don't, then you get berated or yelled at or whatever the AI thinks is your trigger to make sure it gets done. It is the scariest app on the planet and even the creators of it are not sure if they can control it because the AI continue and adapt and mutate. They are deathly afraid of a serial killer downloading the app and then all of that getting filtered through and what that can lead to with other users. Oh, and the creators didn't just put the K in their app for trademark purposes, they also did it as a tribute to MK Ultra.

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