Saturday, November 28, 2020

Blind Items Revealed #4 - Anniversary Month

May 13, 2020

Recently this indie film producer  got busted for sexually assaulting a child. Those associated with him naturally denounced his actions, but they aren't telling the truth. They knew exactly what he was doing.

The company that hired him has known his behavior for years. As far back as one of their first movies, a remake of a back in the day classic in the direct to video world.  He used to sexually harass women on film set after film set, and the owner of the company turned a blind eye.

So, for several years this producer got to harass women and sexually assault children while his bosses turned a blind eye. Now they are pretending to be aghast at his actions. In fact, he only got cut off because he assaulted a friend of the head of the company.

We should also talk about the B+ list director who recently worked with the permanent A+ legend  and loves to work with the Oscar winning/nominated A- list actor from an acting family who has his own history of harassing women. The director has never approved of the producer's actions, but always turned a blind eye because he was spineless.

Adam Christopher Donaghey/David Lowery/Robert Redford/Casey Affleck

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