Friday, November 27, 2020

Blind Items Revealed #2 - Anniversary Month

November 7, 2019

Part One

I have written about this kid show multiple times. It spawned a few names that all of you know still today. Here is a first hand account of someone that was close to the creator. I have lightly edited it, and made it "blind."

I am coming forward to let you know that I lived with the creator of (#1 & 2 - creator of a kid's show) and I was living with him while I was 16 years old at the time. I can confirm that he was drugging me and a rapist.

He raped one of my friends and slept with 4 underage girls I knew in the early 80's. I lived with him for those 2 years. I met him when he lived next to the beach in Marina Del Rey. He lured my teenage friends and I in with food & beer, and later hard drugs, like cocaine.

He groomed us all and built up our trust over time, then when I was alone with him and too wasted to defend myself, he forced himself on me. He had previously done the same to my 16 year old friend, and denied, saying "she was into it."

She was the daughter of an Oscar winning screenplay writer (#3) and before she moved away, she tried to drown herself by locking herself in the bathroom, drinking a fifth of vodka in a full bath tub until she was unconscious. I saved her life by breaking in before she slipped under the water. She was already unconscious.

Part Two

November 8, 2019

Once again, this is a first person account that I have lightly edited and made "blind." You can find the first part here.

I was broken after that and I just stayed with #1. Believing his lies that he would help me with an acting career and a successful future. While I was his housekeeper, chef & party favor, he was finishing up on his #4 (group of electronics stores) commercials with his pals who were also involved in finding underage girls.

The head of the production team was #5 (alliterate former voice over/television host/DJ) who I never saw with underage girls, but his co-workers did. After the company who was funding the commercials was bought out, there were no more commercials to be made. So, #5 closed down his production business and #1 started talking about his new brilliant plan: a kids show he spent long hours on the set there.. often working late ..I know because I was waiting for him to come home!

By this time, we had moved from Marina Del Rey to Studio City and we lived in a 5 bedroom home on top of a hill near Laurel Cyn.. that house was super creepy and I became very sick & depressed there. Anyways, I had NO IDEA who his associates were, or what the plan was with them, he kept his work very private from me, but he said certain things & he knew the show was gonna be a "hit" even in its infancy stages.. I would've really been sick if I knew that he was involved in molesting kids on the set of the show.

#1- Michael Hill

#2 - Kids Inc

#3 - (she didn't give permission)

#4 - Fred Rated

#5 - Shadoe Stevens

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