Friday, November 27, 2020

Blind Items Revealed #8 - Anniversary Month

December 6, 2019

English is not the first or second language for the source of this blind, so I did some editing, but wanted as much as possible to keep it in their voice.

Here is what I know.  A very insecure woman in her early 20's met ______________  foreign born permanent A list musician) because she was a huge _______________ (the group for which he played). She was in London and knew where he lived. She and her friend waited outside his house for a glimpse. He went outside gave them autographs and asked for her phone number. Later that day he took her out and they dated for almost a year. She was dealing with depression and insecurity which is what he looks for in the women he dates. He was very interested in her background and was planning a trip to come see her in her country. Until then all dates were in London. Suddenly he stopped calling her and blocked her number.

Why? He met another woman he liked. My friend was on a solo trip to London, and is a music fan in general and did not hesitate to say hello to _________ when she saw him walking on the street. He looked her up and down and asked her if she liked to have a cup of coffee with him. She agreed and after the coffee he asked her if she wanted diner with him. After dinner he invited her back to his house. During this he asked her if she was on social media. When she said yes, he told her not to tweet about him. She agreed. My friend who was in her mid thirties is a redheaded very pretty former model and dancer. She had a tough year. After struggling with mental illness she had just been diagnosed with Aspergers/Autism. A very difficult time for her. ___________ knew about Autism because of his youngest son and his grandchild. So they had a connection.

My friend was treated like a princess and they had a physical relationship too. He told her he was going to call her after his vacation. He did, after he went on a trip to Thailand where he indulged in his fetish for underage teens that are legal there. They started seeing each other more often. He'd buy her dinner, gifts, introduce her to his friends (including me) and he gave her a sense of confidence in a time she needed it the most. They made plans to keep seeing each other and he told her that he would come see her in her own country.

The die-hard fans started gossiping about them and pictures of them were going around. One day my friend went online and went on a _______________ fan website, that had mentioned her and ___________. Suddenly she saw paparazzi pictures of him with another redhead. Someone much younger but the same dress style, pale skin, tall and slim kind of girl like she is. She called him right away. He had no idea these pictures were taken (I have seen these pictures they are obviously staged and she looks into the camera.) And the girl, he said was nothing serious and they could still see each other. I am too old for that kind of BS, she said. Yes, I am aware was his reply. Hinting at her age being too old for his usual taste of women.

One day my friend went to London to see her friends and we ran into _________ and his other redhead who shares the same name as his daughter which isn't creepy at all  at a concert. Both _________ and the new girlfriend ignored my friend. It was an awkward moment. But she really did not want him back after she felt so misused and fooled.

Months later my friend messaged me. She had seen horrible messages online. Someone claiming that she had stalked ____________ and his new girlfriend. And that she was a bunny boiler in their relationship. Another website had more dirt about my friend, with someone clearly insulting her Autism and mental health. When someone asked this person about her source she wrote that it was another of my friends. I checked with him and he denied to be any source what so ever. He had stopped talking to ______________ when he started seeing the young girls he liked being with.

Long story short: the website hosts of two sites compared ip addresses and they were the same. They came from the same location as the one that hosted the website of the new girlfriend. She was trying to make a name for herself after a failed acting career and was now doing poetry. One website host who ran a blog on tumblr called her out on her online bullying. Guess what happened? Just hours later she tweeted that she was hacked and that if people see weird messages by her, it not her.

The harassment did stop after that.

Jimmy Page/Led Zeppelin/Scarlett Sabet

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