Friday, November 27, 2020

Blind Items Revealed #3 - Anniversary Month

November 26, 2019

Has anyone heard the truth about the heartless former network reality star who everyone believes just wants to dance and play their guitar but is actually a monster?

Well this married musician apparently has no boundaries when it comes to cheating or abuse and has no problem making it out alive because their significant other is either truly clueless while working hard for the money or just turns a blind eye because what can they do? After all they’re parents to some adorable kids and they have been married since their young love.

One of the musicians affairs lasted over the course of 2 years and 3 tours and actually began nice and slow one night during the network reality show while they were in LA for rehearsals with friendly conversation and discussing families and careers and general small talk. As you might have guessed things escalated quickly that night and the musician went to bed with a big smile on their face.

Over the course of the first tour the other person began falling slowly for the musician as they spoke to each other every day, several times a day, when the performer wasn’t on stage or doing promo and the musician assured the other person that to them they weren’t just another girl across the room. In between the playful banter and light talk their discussions were beautiful and wild and they had some deep meaningful conversations while of course sexting and disclosing secrets to one another they’d dare never tell anyone.

One of those secrets? The musician has a untreated porn and sex addiction and the other person found out they weren’t the musicians first extra-marital affair after all. None of that surprised the other person.

While the musician was on the road they kept in touch using a popular app that’s suppose to erase messages after they’ve been seen to make sure any proof of what was going on got lost but apparently the app didn’t do its job because the other person still has all the messages, photos and videos to prove it.

The musician eventually ‘confessed’ that although they loved their significant other and didn’t want to hurt them they were also in love with the other person and assured them there would never be anyone else because things were always better with them. Poor other person believed it blindfolded and the musician knew the other person saw a vision of love because it had become written all over their face.

During longer breaks in the tour schedule the musician would go home and completely ignore the other person except when telling them to leave them alone and that they loved them not. But then as soon as they would hit the road the musician would get in touch with the other person and in time things would start right back up between them because they just couldn’t stay away from each other and it continued this way for a while. But over the horizons were a few massive surprises for both of them.

The musician discovered they and their significant other were going to be parents again but they weren’t the only ones.

During that time a meeting between the musician and the other person took place in Vegas that resulted in something that didn’t stay in Vegas after the musician refused to obtain protection and it wasn’t an STD.

A pregnancy test revealed a baby was on the way for them as well and it was kept secret due to the musicians wholesome image and religious upbringing not to mention that whole pesky musician being married and already having a family thing.

Sadly there’s no sunshine in the rest of this story.

After a while the musicians goody two shoes persona began to come undone and the relationship became increasingly toxic as the mental and emotional abuse the musician inflicted upon the other person proved to be too much to take. So much so that the other person had a miscarriage and subsequently attempted suicide. The affair and aftermath left the other person broken and a shell of their former self and unable to turn the pages on the past while not being able to explain to family and friends what had actually spawned the downward spiral.

Recently the other person was diagnosed with a terminal form of cancer that is hereditary and they reached out to the musician in an attempt to seek closure and peace and maybe regain some of their humanity that was lost during the affair. The musician shamelessly blamed their porn addiction for their actions while claiming their significant other knew about everything.  But the significant other actually knows nothing of anything.

The musician attempted to apologize by offering the other person money “for treatment” of the cancer but it was actually an attempt at hush money because the other person didn’t need money for treatment. When the other person didn’t take the money because that’s not what they were after the musician blocked them on all social media and blocked them on iMessage and their number from calling their phone.

This devastated the other person more than anything else during the 2 year affair and it is when they resolved to let the truth be known about the musician and what happened between the two of them. 

Kris Allen

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