Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Celebrity Fit Club is one of the few shows on television that I make a point to watch. I do this because I get a sick thrill of seeing all the F and G listers that I once represented and how their careers are in the toilet, thanks to my great representation. I also enjoy watching people that are fatter than me and how some think they are divas. Not counting Ant of course, because Ant is a diva.

Well it turns out this season of CFC is full of fights, dildos, Screech and Marcia Brady, not to mention Tiffany who once let me...(well twice, but it was not good for her either time. I really think I could have gone for three, but she was getting really annoyed that I kept humming her songs and asking her if she thought we were alone now.) and also Ant getting into a fight with Dr. Ian. It makes me wish for the calmer episodes with a Baldwin or the Snapple Lady. I guess Screech is running around with a video camera begging Marcia to sleep with him or da Brat or Tiffany or if all else fails, even Ant or Ross the Intern. Basically Screech is up for anything with anyone as long as his career continues for another six months. Kimberly Locke is going to be on there. I guess she must have started packing on the pounds after Clay Aiken moved out. Those breakups are tough. As usual there are some people on there that I really could care less about at first, but I will no doubt get sucked into their lives and whatever. Naaaah. It sounds good, but I am sure they will be boring.

I do also like to kiss VH1's ass because if you do it well enough they link you to The Best Week Ever and then some H lister will talk about you on television. Not that kind of H lister, although at least they would be famous for something.


Anonymous said...

that's freakin funny about Tiffany, humming her song. damn, now i'm hearing "i think we're alone now" over and over in my head. damn


Anonymous said...

this is definitely not the original writer. I am bummed....

JeeezeLouise said...

Wow, I didn't realize how much Tiffany looks like Julia Roberts.

Anonymous said...

I agree, 10:50. Something's rotten here. Tsk Tsk.

Anonymous said...

11:26, I smell the odor too. The new person is as lame as Perez.

And Tiffany looks nothing like Julia Roberts.

Anonymous said...

Oh God, that old canard?

What will it take to convince you folks that NO ONE writes this blog except for one person, the original Ent Lawyer, the same one who has always done so?

It seems like every week there's some (big surprise -- anonymous!)posters having conniptions because they think Ent has handed over the writing duties to someone else.

LET. IT. GO. That's not going to happen. Ent doesn't want that to happen. Even when he is busy, he makes special arrangements to post the blogs he's written on time for us.

I dunno about the rest of you folks, but I grow increasingly fatigued of comments like "it's not him, I can just TELL." Wake me up when Skeptic's Corner is over and we can get back to guessing the blinds like we all came here to do.

Yes, that came off as bitchy, but come on, how many times do we have to have this SAME conversation about this?? This is a party, people. No more pooping, please.

Anonymous said...

Hez Relax

I said this before and I will say it again. There is no way this guy is an attorney.

Skreech must be put down, that donkey dick.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 3:42, obviously we will have to agree to disagree. I have plenty of my own reasons to believe this blog author is who and what he claims to be, and I will not be swayed.

That being said, I am simply calling total and utter bullshit on all you doubters and haters, because for those of us who HAVE chosen to suspend our disbelief and enjoy this blog, it is unbelievably tiresome to hear the same 2 or 3 ANONYMOUS buzzkills whining that "heee's not a reeeeal lawyer" or "this blog has chaaaanged".

Somebody needs a waaa-mbulance! Sell your theories elsewhere, all of you. Or at least get real nicknames for yourselves and engage in a straightforward conversation about it, instead of just doing a candy-ass driveby diss like the ones earlier in this post.

I mean, here somebody uses their precious spare time to make a blog for your fkn entertainment, and all you can do when you show up there is sulk around like a teenager on summer vacation, trashing the guy and ripping holes in what he's done because he hasn't actually shown you his law school diploma yet.

Bloody ungrateful.

Until you jagoff doubters start your own fantastic daily blog crammed full of juicy blind items and entertaining stories... well, maybe you should just wait in the car.

Anonymous said...


You usually make me laugh. I guess something or someone must have struck a nerve. Although I am sure EL appreciates you sticking up for him, I happen to know he can handle whatever comes his way.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, LG.

As I told Ent, PMS is on the mic today, and it has quite the rock scream (Heart fans out there, anyone?).

That said, I probably just need to get me some laid. ;-)

ANT is Comedy said...

I LOVE your blog!!!!

Anonymous said...

Okay Okay you busted me again...I am addicted to your blog! Thanks for the Jorge pics! --ANT


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