Wednesday, January 31, 2007

If you are bored this afternoon and want to watch Nicole Richie allegedly snorting and licking some coke in a video, then please do enjoy. Remember to share the coke, or Paris will get pissed. After all she did have to get it up the butt to get the coke.


Amber said...

I didn't see this on your blog yet.. but the 'up the butt for coke' part is from a song.. that she made up on the spot. It goes something like:

" I am a fat ugly Jewish bitch … I’m a little jap-y Jew … I am a little black whore, I got fucked in the butt for coke … I’m a nigger and I’ll (unintelligible) … I’m black and I steal shit, Yo I’m black and I steal… "

Yeah... wow. I only saw this video up here:

Anonymous said...

Watch for a major annoucement from Lindsay Lohan's camp soon!

who knows what's up said...

The last bit looks like it may be from a Heatherette show. I noticed she was calling out to Richie Rich the designer for Heatherette

Anonymous said...

It's no longer available... shoot!!!

Amber said...


I think you're right.. Didn't she walk the runway for a Heatherette show?

Anonymous said...

I tried to view and now it is no longer available!! I heard that stupid song she made up. Idiot. Why is she even getting exposure? She has no talent, she has a wonky eye. Nicole Richie, whose adopted father is black, should be offended by actions and by the song. I hear that the website is now shut down and Paris is trying to get the rest of the websites and blogs that are showing the footage shut down too!!! I see Perez Hilton has not mentioned one thing about the website, Paris, nothing.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ent. There was no way to email you with this but here it is anyway...

Paris Hilton, daughter of Rick & Kathy Hilton

Kathy's sister is the former child actress Kim Richards, Paris' aunt. Kim Richards was once married to Greg Davis, an uncle of Brandon Davis.
They had 2 children Whitney & Chad

Which means that Greg Davis is Brandon's uncle and was once Paris's uncle as well.

Greg & Kim's children Whitney & Chad are Paris' and Brandon's cousins.
(Paris' middle name is Whitney)

Brandon's uncle John Davis owns a production company, Davis Entertainment

Brandon's grandfather Marvin used to own 20th Century Fox, along with Marc Rich

Marc Rich is the commodities trader who fled to Switzerland in 1983 to avoid tax evasion charges & illegally making oil deals with Iran during the hostage crisis (1979)
He received a 'controversial' pardon from President Clinton in 2001

Marvin Davis:

John Davis:

quote: "She also singles out such career-enhancing perks as John's rent-free offices on the Fox lot even after Marvin sold the studio and access to ``Hollywood celebrities'' and a 50-seat private screening room at their parents' Beverly Hills estate, The Knoll."

Seems like John Davis is still very friendly with Rupert Murdoch, who owns the NY Post, and which might explain this:


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