Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I bet you thought I was not going to talk about Pete Doherty and Kate Moss today. Well, why should I? I am really tired of both of them. Honestly, I do not even remember if I have a blind item about him out there or not. I need to go back and look. Is rehab together a good idea? Well, I do not think anything with these two together is a good idea. But, read the article, look at the photos and be glad you are not them.
Pete has been to rehab so many times he even has everything all packed including his guitar. "Clothes? check..Smokes? check...Drug dealer's phone number? check...Guitar for picking up the ladies? check....Guitar hiding places filled? check..."

Clicking this link will let you in on 30 photos of them going to rehab. I guess it was not a secret they were going.


Anonymous said...

He's not stopping until he dies.

brendalove@gmail.com said...

This guy must have the constitution of a buffalo.

Her too.

Anonymous said...

ugh. she has a child, for heaven's sake. how many chances does he get?

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