Friday, February 02, 2007

So, now it is time for jeeeze's restaurant.

One thing she does not know is that three of my friends and I stopped in there a few weeks back on our way to an Indian Casino. The food was great. As much as she reads this blog, you would also think that she would or someone in there would recognize LG, but nope. Seriously, the food is great, and when we were there, the place was packed.

Here are jeeeze's own words

Just one thing I'd like you to mention, my pet cause is blood donorship, and we do have an all day, everyday, any day special - show us a donor receipt dated within the last four weeks, and our lunch special is free :) If just a fraction of your readers show up at my place for the Blood Donor freebie, wow, what a difference that would make in a lot of lives - I'd be thrilled! Thanks!Oh, our website is

This is radiohgirl. She has a website coming soon which will be posted on the message board.

Thanks so much for the plug! I'm in Houston and run Kelly Ryan Productions from my home studio. I do all types of commercial production, VO's, narration, character voices. I have a fully equiped studio with Pro Tools as my main editing software. In addition to my voice I have several other major market talent available.

My email address for Production is


Anonymous said...

D'oh! Jeeeze is gonna be killing herself that she missed you! You probably smiled right at her and she didn't even know it!

Mmm, now I'm hungry... how far is your delivery radius, Jeeeze??

Anonymous said...

so LG means "lawyer guy"? me confused

JeeezeLouise said...

Damn damn damn!! Was I there that day?? If it was a weekend 2-3 weeks ago, I probably was! If it was a week day evening any time, I know I was!


Thanks, EL, I'm glad you liked the food and I'm sure our staff treated you well, even if they didn't recognize "LG" ;)


And give blood!

Amber said...

Is LG lauren graham?

Anonymous said...

Yep LG would be Lauren Graham. They are friends.


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