Wednesday, January 31, 2007

So one more day to get all your plugs in to me. I really want to try and make them into at least something reasonably coherent. So far people want me to mention everything from garage sales to dog shows to plays to charities to bands to CD's to comics to a wedding. Well, whatever makes people happy. So, please try and get them in by tomorrow afternoon.

Ummmm. Harry Potter is not wearing his robes. Actually he is not wearing much of anything. I knew he was going to get naked for a play, but I thought he would look like I did when I was 17. A permanent hangover and beer gut. After looking at his pics, I don;t know if I should go to the gym or just talk trash about him.

I think I just threw up in my mouth a little. No, not because Paris Hilton is on my mind. This time I threw up a little because Jean-Claude Van Damme is going around telling everyone how he bonked Kylie Minogue. Yes, I am sure she is ashamed and never whispers his name, but it happened. Of course it happened 12 years ago, but I am sure the memories are awful. Women did think he was sexy right?


Anonymous said...

What I say is that this site is the best - I'm hooked! I enjoy your blind items and can't wait to read them every day

Anonymous said...


"Street Fighter was corny to me," he told the magazine. "But there were nice things. I got to see the land of Australia and had a mini-affair with Kylie Minogue."

"If you ever see her, say hello for me to Kylie," he added.

Oh that just makes him look sad. I don't think this makes Kylie look bad though. He's "corny to me" but has a really nice body.

Anonymous said...

Wait--Isn't Jean-Claude STILL hot?? Of course, haven't seen him in awhile. But when he did those chair splits...yummmm said...

Well, he wasn't ALL THAT. He was fearless in spandex, though.

Anonymous said...

Oh Kylie! Well, she was young then. And yes, he is ultra fit in body.

As to Daniel Radcliffe: barely legal. I confess - I see those pics, I lust. dang!

Keep it up Ent, this site is an essential part of my day.

Anonymous said...

There's an hilarious video on Defamer from Jan 24 featuring Van Damme (a/k/a Van Dong) on a Portuguese TV show bumping and grinding with a bunch of skanky ladies and totally popping a few boners in the process.

Just search for Van Damme on Defamer and it's the most recent item.

Kind of like a car accident, you can't really look away.

Anonymous said...

Eww. Van Damme is such a whore. Kylie must have been drunk.

rakemama said...

It shames me that I think that Daniel Radcliffe is as hot as I do.

Anonymous said...

If anyone has seen Breakin, Jean Claude is the dude dancing in tights on the beach next to I think Turbo!!! Just a little movie trivia.

Isn't he blackballed from Hollywood because of his coke habit?


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