Tuesday, January 30, 2007

In regards to the blind items and the message board, the blind items will stay on the blog exclusively for the first three days. After three days, most people have stopped guessing unless there are hints or some other clues. I also paid for some kind of gold membership which will eliminate the ads. There is nothing I can do about the one ad you are forced to click around when you sign up though.

Because Ms. Taylor seems to be litigation happy, let me be clear that this is satirical(yes, Ms. Taylor it is 4 syllables. Have someone work it out with you)

"Hi, I am Niki Taylor and I used to be famous. More of a Nicole Richie kind of famous rather than an actress kind of famous. Anyway, E came to my house and did a little one hour show on me. I thought it was going to show how I am so successful and have the greatest new husband and talk about all my current projects which no one really cares about anyway. Well, they made me look like I have had a tragic life. I am okay with that, but since they rejected my proposal about a reality show featuring me, me, me, I decided to sue them for slander. They still will not give me a reality show, but I got to be in the news for another day."


Anonymous said...

Oh good, I was hoping you would comment on this lawsuit.

Thank you.

Although in her favor I read she asked for no wedding gifts just donations to charity. That's classy in my book.

Anonymous said...

So, will the guesses on the blog be transferred to the message boards? Or will people be guessing on both?


Anonymous said...

'There is nothing I can do about the one ad you are forced to click around when you sign up though'

When I finally got frustrated trying to trick that sign up yest (won't take business addresses ie petsmart, fake addresses or fake phone #'s) I had decided to just forget it and exited out completely. What you guys will find though is that once you did that first page even though yes you are taken to another 'ad' page to sing up you really don't have too. Just close that window like I did and go to the email address you gave and your confirm will be waiting!! Easy and no signing up for mortage info or what have you ;)

as for the NTaylor silly suit... i'm betting she's really happy bcs at least this gets her in the light a bit and may generate some work too.

Anonymous said...

"This actress was always the goody goody. She has worked hard to change that image by doing less family friendly films and making sure to wear enough see through dresses on the red carpet. She wanted to lose the squeaky clean image to get better roles, but also to sell the idea that she was sexy and desirable to men. She has no desire for men, just wants the world to perceive her as a sex symbol. Everything was going according to plan until her last movie for which there were raves. There she met another actress and love was in the air. They were inseparable for the entire shoot and even got an apartment to share. Once filming ended, our actress decided to end the relationship for fear it would damage her career. The new lover who has been quietly out for sometime and is quite the scene stealer thinks our actress should get smart and stop pretending and start living."

They accredited wrongly at http://idontlikeyouinthatway.com. Excuse the grammar. I do think they may have the actress correct though. $ Anne Hathaway. $


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