Friday, February 02, 2007

All of the plugs that I post today will be up on the message board sometime in the next few days I hope. As there become more of them, perhaps we will even organize them into categories and such, but for right now, I encourage everyone to click on the links when provided and to comment all you want, but since it is not me you are bashing, try to keep it to a minimum. When someone wrote me a few words about their plug, I have tried to use their words instead of mine.

This was the VERY first plug request I received on November 23 and therefore he gets a post all to himself. That was Thanksgiving so this guy must really love to work. There was nothing in the e-mail except the request and that he remixes artists. I clicked his link and here are his words.

About Silent Money Produktionz
We are for a lyric writer/vocal producer to join our team and round out our unit, if you want to hear more of our music, click on the banner directly below to go to our soundclick site with a lot more music. We have placed tracks with various artists from all over from LA to ATL and we have placed two tracks on the soundtrack of the independent film "Proud Mary" out of ATL. We are currently working with a group signed to Sony Records

There is some great music on his site and it is definitely worth a listen.

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