Thursday, February 01, 2007

So why do you think Mike Tyson picked the same place to go to rehab as Lindsay Lohan? I myself am breathless with anticipation for the new love reports that will start to surface. "She did not expect to feel what she does for him." "They are in love, as you can see it in her eyes." "The first time he hit her, she knew she found her man." "They are always sneaking off together." Of course, if no other tabloid picks up on the story, we can do it for them. The picture below can be Mike and Lindsay instead of Mike and the unknown blond. Of course, after Lindsay and Mike get together, we can run this photo and say "Mike was seen on the beach with another woman." "They appeared close." "This could be the end for Mike and Lindsay."

Posh Spice has banned ultra-thin, size zero models from promoting her new fashion line. This straight from the mouth of the woman who has the waistline of a seven year old boy. However, she does expect them all to have huge fake breasts with extra large nipples and to never wear a bra.


Anonymous said...

yeah, really tough to figure out why Mike picked Wonderland......(rolling eyes)

I like Posh, but HYPOCRITE.

Anonymous said...

Hey ENTL!!! Thanks for the update on Mike Tyson. I had emailed you a while back as I heard that he has a cocaine addiction and all. My question is, who is paying for it? To my knowledge, isn't Mike broke?

Posh has an eating disorder and I would never wanna wear anything she designs anyway. Regardless of she has curvy models or not. this is the same chick who gave an interview not too long ago stating that model industry really did not have eating disorders and she knows lots of models who are just naturally thin. She also stated that there was nothing wrong with having a strict regimen when it comes to eating.


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